Eight foods to avoid during the winter and not to put on weight in the season

Just lower the temperature a little so that many people give up going to the gym and doing the physical activities they have been practicing during the last few months. As a consequence, winter ends in a desperate situation for those who would like to have maintained their desired weight and failed during the season.

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Even on the coldest days, make an effort not to abandon physical activity and look for options in closed places and that the temperature does not bring so much influence. Maintaining the exercise routine is already a great help for those who do not want to put on weight during the winter, in addition to allowing you to continue maintaining healthy habits throughout the year.

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In addition to motivating a sedentary lifestyle, winter also increases hunger due to increased energy expenditure and opens the door to excess. One of the pleasures of the season is undoubtedly eating hot sweets or spending afternoons under the covers, watching movies and eating freely.

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However, enjoying the winter intensely can be expensive at the end of the season and provoke a race against time to try to lose weight again. Some habits, such as not drinking liquids during meals, consuming nutritious juices and not abandoning salads in winter can help to keep friends with the balance.

Take advantage of the season to also invest in healthy foods that are ideal for cold days, such as soups and broths. You do not need to sacrifice yourself during the winter, but it is worth making some changes to your diet and disciplining yourself so as not to give up physical activity in the coming months. Here are eight foods to get away from during the season and keep your weight off :

1. Hot chocolate

It is high time to lose the habit of hot chocolate and replace the drink with something healthier. How about a cup of green tea ? In winter, try to enjoy hot drinks without exaggeration and excess, thinking mainly about what will be good for your health and will not leave you with extra pounds.

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Skimmed milk and a little coffee are also good options for cold days. Among teas, there are many options and you can diversify. Also try natural fruit juices and detox juices to keep your body hydrated and free of toxins.

2. Fried foods

Cooked and grilled foods are healthier and will help you stay in line during the winter. Avoid any type of frying, especially foods covered with fatty oils.

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If you can’t get rid of a potato chip, consider the possibility of purchasing an oil-free fryer to make healthier foods that don’t cause so much damage to your health. However, always bet on meals with different nutrients, including proteins, fibers and vitamins.

3. Sweets

Winter is usually an invitation to sweets and treats, especially homemade delicacies. Rain cookies on bad weather days, deny crazy on Sunday afternoons and other delights are tempting in the season, but contribute to the weight gain you want to avoid.

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When making a cake, make it in the healthiest way possible, without too much toppings. Avoid eating sweets all week and try fruit salads instead of desserts. This way, you probably won’t be scared by the scale hands later.

4. Industrialized snacks

Stuffed crackers and crackers should go away during the winter. Remember that this type of food is highly caloric, in addition to contributing mainly to the growth of love handles in the belly. Bet more on foods rich in fiber and varieties of fruits, remembering to eat every three hours to avoid exaggeration during meals.

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5. Alcoholic drink

A glass of wine a day is worth it, but don’t overdo it with alcohol. Alcohol only brings calories to the body and no nutrients, which helps a lot to increase measures in an uncontrolled way. If you don’t want to give up beer, at least discipline yourself so that the habit is not constant and not to drink too much.

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6. White bread

Swapping white bread for wholemeal bread is a habit that contributes a lot to weight loss, especially during the winter.

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A tip for the meal to get even better is to toast small pieces of brown bread and eat with a light margarine. In addition to bread, also try to replace refined sugar with brown sugar when necessary.

7. White rice

Rich in carbohydrates, white rice can also be replaced by brown rice for healthier meals. Whole foods have not undergone the changes that occur in the industrialization process, which makes them more beneficial to the body and have a greater composition of nutrients and fibers.

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Anything you can replace with a full version don’t think twice. Even if it doesn’t look very good at first, you should get used to it over time and will appreciate the consumption of whole foods more than the industrialized versions.

8. Heavy foods

Some social events can wipe out any diet during the winter. Feijoadas, birthdays in pizzerias, pastries, hamburgers and other caloric and low-nutritious foods end up being part of the routine of many people.

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When you receive an invitation to such a place, go celebrate the event, but with the awareness that you should eat in moderation. Eat something before you go so you don’t get to the place too hungry and see what are the healthiest options on the menu.


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