Parts of the hat

The hat is an article of clothing that is used to cover the head from the sun’s rays. Hats are different from caps in that they have a brim that surrounds the entire garment, while caps have only a brim.


A hat can be placed on top of the head or aligned to women’s hair, aided by clips when they are women’s hats.

The hat has been used for approximately more than two centuries, almost always on occasions of special celebrations. Although at present they are also used for protection. The manufacture of the hats is very varied with materials that include fur, wool, leather, felt and straw.

Another definition of the hat is that it is a garment that has wings and a cup, it is used to cover the head. It is considered to be a unisex piece, and can be used by women and men to defend against the sun or the cold, also as ornamentation. In some situations it indicates social distinctions, which can vary taking into account customs and the dignity of the user.


  • 1Parts of the Hat
    • 1Wing or edge
    • 2Cup or crown
    • 3Hat band, belt or hat
    • 4Soft band
    • 5Chinstrap or chin strap
    • 6Front wing or visor

Parts of the Hat

The parts of the hat can vary depending on different situations and uses, however the following parts are almost always present in all:

Wing or edge

Area of ​​the hat that is made up of a surface that surrounds the circumference of the hat, has the function of protection for the person from the sun.

The concept of brim is applied to the lateral portion of some hats such as the ushanka and the chullo, whose purpose is to cover or protect the part of the ears from the cold temperature.

Cup or crown

Top portion of the hat that conforms to the appearance of the skull, limits its circumference and can have different shapes. It is normally round but it can also be truncated or conical.


Hat band, belt or shawl

Ornament or ribbon that is located around the glass, just between the edge and the crown. It is used to give appearance and shape to the hat, preventing it from widening or being a simple decoration.

Soft band

Inner area of ​​the hat, normally known as chamois. It is made of soft materials, it has direct contact with the person’s skull. Its function is to correctly fit the hat to the head and prevent sweat from following its path.

Chinstrap or chin strap

The chinstrap is a strap that attaches to the hat, goes through the underside of the chin. Mostly used in military and work hats.

Another definition of this part of the hat responds to a strap or tape that ties the head garment, whether it is a hat, helmet or helmet under the chin.

Also called chinstrap. It is usually only used in garments that due to its constant application can fall due to vibration, wind, inertia, among other reasons.

It is adjusted to the head using insulating devices or buckles, metallic or sliding, or simply adjusting it to the neck by the knot. It can also be made of plastic or rubber and connects to the chin known as the chin guard.

There are other materials with which this part is manufactured, such as fabric, leather, rubber or plastic; needing that these are resistant and flexible. Some chinstraps have elasticity for a better fit on the user’s head. In some situations it is mandatory to use this part, such as in motorcycle helmets and in industrial areas.

Front wing or visor

Front surface of some kinds of hats that are used to prevent direct contact with sunlight. It is normally found as a very common item in baseball caps and military caps.


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