The Outer Worlds guide, tips and tricks

Welcome to our guide to The Outer Worlds , the game with which Obsidian marks a new beginning for the study. Taking sagas like Fallout , in which the studio has already worked in New Vegas , as a reference , we have a great space adventure ahead. Old, well-known and proven mechanics, a very personal touch and above all, a lot of madness, will make this a unique trip.

Unlike the post-apocalyptic saga on which it is based, this time we will have to explore various planets and space stations . All while trying to find out the truth about Hope and looking for our place in this new society.

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Tips for beginners

  • Prioritize Stealth, Dialogue, and Technology: When you level up, you should focus, at least initially, on moving up those three skill blocks. The reason is pretty obvious:Stealth will allow you to hack computers, open doors, and steal objects; Dialogue will allow you to overcome conversations and get more XP and Technology to interact with certain objects. In the long run, it is more practical to start here than aggressive skills.
  • Use Stealth Outdoors:Enemies are morons, try to carry a sniper rifle with you when exploring the outer areas. If you manage to kill an enemy in stealth from a medium distance (it is not necessary to be extremely far), the enemies that are close to it will not even know it at first. Don’t forget to use DTT if it costs you. Be careful, because in the end they will realize that something is happening …
  • Choose your weapon well:in the entry on weapons we talk about the different types of damage and what they are effective against. If you see robots just coming out, and you have a corrosive weapon on hand, put it to good use.
  • Steal:if it’s not nailed to the ground, it’s yours. As soon as you learn how to steal , you can easily get a lot of objects. The best way to get supplies without spending a dough is to wait for nobody to look in your pocket.
  • Donot improve any part: there is no point in wasting money on improving anything. Wait until you get at least the upgraded versions of the weapons (they will appear when you level up and progress through the story) or, better, that you get unique weapons , which are the best to improve.


The Outer Worlds puts us in the shoes of a settler who has spent sixty years in suspended animation . Obviously, this was not planned, and throughout history we will meet the different factions that govern the system. Siding with one or the other will determine the fate of our character in three different endings . Well, okay, one is a stupid ending, but it’s an ending.


  • Prologue :Our journey begins with Stranger in a strange land , Let there be electricity , Passage to anywhere , Outstanding balance and Puppet masters .
  • Route of the Board :if you side with the Corporation, you will have to complete The Demolished Woman , Enemies at a distance , Space emission , Foundation , Hidden, but not forgotten and A happy world .
  • Phineas route :if you take the scientist’s side, things will be shorter and you will only have to complete Radio Monarch free , The city and the stars , Hidden, but not forgotten and A happy world .


The game features a huge amount of endings . When you get to the end of the game you will see several of them consecutively, depending on the requirements you meet: each character and important location in the game is likely to have its own ending:

  • Character Endings –Your story has three main endings, with lots of ramifications depending on your decisions.
  • Companionendings : all the members of your crew have several endings, up to 7 on average except for one specific exception.
  • Faction Endings :Cities, factions like SubLight and MSI, and even the people who run each of them also have their own endings.

Side quests

What would an RPG be without its side missions ? This time we have several worlds to go around and complete commissions, as well as various types of missions available . So that you do not have problems with them, in our guide we will indicate you where, when and how to complete each mission to get the best possible reward . Yes, there is more than one way to end the missions, and not all of them are positive or without consequences.

  • Side quests :The bulk of these namesake missions. The vast majority of orders fall into this category.
  • Tasks :minor side missions, usually multi-objective. There are no major differences with the previous ones.
  • Companion Missions :These are missions obviously related to our companions . There are two types: recruiting new members, and personal missions to deepen our relationship with them.
  • Faction missions :On each planet there are small territorial disputes between various groups. Here we will show you how to complete all these missions, so you do not have to get along with anyone and you can get all the rewards.


Our hero can count on several companions to avoid having to travel alone, because it’s dangerous to go alone . To this end, we have several characters that will come together to create groups of up to three explorers. Each character gives us improvements in our attributes and access to special attacks , unique to each of them. In addition, they have exclusive missions that will allow us to get to know them better and get exclusive small perks.

  • Parvati :an engineer who will help us improve our Persuasion, Locksmith and Engineering skills.
  • Max :this man of God of the Century … of the Century that is will help us to improve our Intimidation, Hacking and Science.
  • Felix :an elusive guy who lives in La Pionera, and will enhance our attributes of Persuasion, Locksmith and Stealth.
  • Ellie :Although I know about medicine, this dangerous holster will help us improve in Lying, Medicine and Engineering.
  • Nyoka :a hunter with which we will upload our parameters of Lying, Medicine and Intimidation.
  • SAM :a peculiar cleaning robot with which we will improve our Intimidation, Hacking and Science.


Obviously, exploring space is not easy. To protect ourselves from enemies we will have to use some of the many weapons at our fingertips. It is important to know the difference between one and other weapons, as well as how to get the most powerful and interesting:

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  • Weapon types and damage :not all weapons are handled the same. The type of elemental damage we do is also quite important, depending on the type of enemy.
  • Repair, upgrade-dismantle and modify weapons –you won’t get far if you don’t know that weapons require maintenance. Don’t worry, the basic mechanics are easy to understand.
  • Unique Weapons :There is a selection of named weapons, the best version of each weapon type, which also come with some special properties.
  • Tech Weapons –The rarest weapons in the game. Find out how to get hold of the Prismatic Hammer , Mandibular Reorganizer , Greasy Pistol , Mind Control Ray, and Reducing Ray .


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