Destiny 2 guide, tips and tricks

Welcome to our Destiny 2 guide , the new installment of the action saga created by Bungie and Activision, which takes us to an exciting science fiction universe in which we can immerse ourselves for hundreds of hours, whether playing alone or in company from other players.

Throughout this guide that we have prepared for you in Vandal we are going to give you tips to get the best character possible and we will explain in great detail the contents of Destiny 2 , a huge game full of secrets.

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Destiny 2’s main campaigns are quite a few and with them we know the narrative of the game . Many players believe that this is one of the pillars of the experience, that’s why we have compiled all the available campaigns and ordered them in order of launch, so you know which ones you can enjoy. In addition, we also explain how to start them .


Weapons and Exceptional Weapons

The Weapons in Destiny 2 are the basis of the game. There are hundreds of them and it is important to know how they work , their classes, their types of elemental damage, or how you can get hold of the best in the title. Precisely, the best are the exceptional weapons , which will be quite difficult to obtain (although not so much with our help, of course).

Exceptional armor

We’ve also reserved a special slot in our guide for exceptional armor , the best gear with which you can defend against your enemies and look great against other players, right? Here we collect them all so you do not miss a single one.

Where is Xûr?

The Xûr vendor is one of the most interesting and elusive of the entire game as it only appears for a few days weekly , and brings items of great interest to all players. With this section we aim to show you a constant update of where this character is in the game with each new visit and what items he has for sale.

Reach Maximum Light

The power or Light in Destiny 2 can currently be exceeded by over 900, but that’s not an easy task for everyone. This power determines how strong you are and how capable you are to face all the challenges that lie ahead, so we want to help you to upload it easily and without complications with a few useful tips.

New light

Destiny 2 became free to play in October 2019 with a version titled Nueva Luz . Now every player in the world can enjoy the Bungie title without paying a penny. There is plenty of content from the first three years of the game totally free, although some things are also blocked. In this section we show you everything New Light brings .

  • What is the free content of Destiny 2 New Light? :we clarify what you can play without paying anything.
  • What content is NOT included for free in Nueva Luz? :Here we review what is exclusive to payment expansions.
  • How to download free Destiny 2 New Light? :If you don’t know how, we can easily show you.

Season Pass

Each Destiny 2 Season includes a separate Season Pass with which you will earn different rewards for playing and gaining experience in your games. Here we try to clarify all possible doubts regarding this system that is so common lately in online multiplayer games.

  • How to get the Season Pass :which must be purchased with Silver on the Eververse.
  • Contents that require the Season Pass :the contents of each Season that you will only have access to by purchasing the pass.
  • Is the Season Pass shared between the characters? :here we answer the question.
  • Contents that do not require a Pass :the completely free content of each Season.


Of course, in our guide we will also tell you everything you need to know about Destiny 2 Raids . These are missions that are carried out in squads of 6 players and pose some of the most difficult challenges that await you in the Bungie title. Here we answer the most common questions and bring you help for them.

  • All available Raids and how to start them :we list all the current ones.
  • Can I play Solo Raids? :no and yes … here we explain why.
  • How do I create a 6 player squad? :in case you don’t know how, it’s very simple.
  • What is the use of completing Raids? :We tell you the rewards for playing them.
  • Devourer of Worlds :A step-by-step guide to this raiding cubil.
  • Leviathan :we detail the tests and secrets of the first incursion of the game.

Get the different Destiny 2 coins

There are several different coins in Destiny 2 that you can accumulate to access the different merchants and vendors of the game. Each one has its own specific methods of obtaining and farming, so our task is to guide you in how you can get the most of each one.

  • Lumen :the basic currency of the game, it is obtained in many ways.
  • Silver Coins :the payment currency with real money.
  • Luminous Dust –A special currency to trade on the Eververse.
  • Fragments of Legend :A coin obtained by taking apart legendary and exotic equipment.

Frequent questions

For more information on everything Destiny 2 proposes, we have in our guide many dedicated sections that you can browse. Among them you will surely find an answer to the most common questions . Be sure to visit such important aspects as the following:

  • Exotic Engrams :Tips for getting the best engrams in the game.
  • Guardians and Subclasses :We guide you through the different classes and subclasses of characters to help you choose one.
  • Planets and activities :a list with the locations and zones and what we can do in them.
  • Crucible :how to play PvP mode, what types of games it offers and how to get the most loot possible.
  • Heroic Events :We explain how to turn a public event into a heroic one.
  • Assaults :We tell you how these types of missions work, including Sunset Assaults.
  • Account Migration from Destiny 1 :We detail how you can pass your account from the original title to Destiny 2 and everything that is transferred.
  • Explainedending : If you need it, here we clarify the end of the main campaign of The Red War.
  • Ritualrestarts : here we tell you which elements of the game are usually restarted and on what dates and times.

Initial advice

Finally, we are going to collect here below some of the useful tips that you can take if you are a beginner player starting in Destiny 2.

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  • The most recommended thing to start with is to overcome the Red War Campaign, the main story, since in this way you will go through the basic tutorials, you will know a little better the plot and the universe of the game, and you will adapt to the controls.
  • The Power(a statistic that always appears next to your username) is the average of the values of attack and defense of your current equipment. Greater Power improves the damage you do and your defense. In some of the activities of the game, such as the missions of the Campaign or the Adventures, they indicate the recommended level of Power to be able to face them with guarantees.
  • Power up to get better gear is one of Destiny’sbasics . The greater your Power, the objects that enemies will drop will be better . For this, it is best to overcome the campaign missions and carry out some adventures (side missions), although any activity in Destiny gives experience points, including Crucible multiplayer battles, public events, patrols, assaults, etc.
  • In Destiny 2, you don’t need to have weapons or equipment with a higher level of power(light) to drop the best objects. The game calculates at all times your maximum Power statistic possible, in relation to the equipment that you have equipped or not, even stored, and the loot that the enemies drop is consistent with this.
  • The Tower is the social center of the game, where you can trade different characters, accept many of the main adventures, or acquire contracts to improve your reputation and access better loot, among other things.
  • All missions Campaignof Destiny 2 being can play both solo and in the company , along with two other players, and the game will not penalize less experience points by playing this way (indeed, sometimes even rewards you with more points to play accompanied).
  • Don’t forget to equip the new weapons and armorthat you are getting, to increase your Power level. The equipment that no longer serves you can be disassembled and thus you will get money and materials, some very valuable in the case of disassembling legendary or exceptional weapons or armor.
  • In the Star Chart, the map menu, you can access the “Adventures” tab whenever you want to locate all the missions you have pending in your inventory, as well as the contracts. Remember that you can track up to 3 at the same time so you don’t get lost and know what to do next.


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