StraDeath Stranding Complete Guide: Tricks, Secrets and Tips

In this Death Stranding guide you will find a multitude of tutorials and tips on the different elements of the game, we will help you discover absolutely all the contents and we will guide you step by step through all its chapters , so that you can get the most out of Death Stranding and complete it to 100%. We anticipate that it will not be a short game, but we will try to make the experience as accessible to you as possible.

Death Stranding , the latest game from Hideo Kojima, is a new adventure from one of the biggest names in the world of video games. This time a very clear mission is proposed to us: to save the world, but not in the way we are used to. No, Sam Bridges will have to do everything possible to reconnect humanity to avoid being completely overwhelmed by a supernatural cataclysm.

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100% History and Walkthough

In a post-apocalyptic world, where the rules are clear but the solutions are not pleasant, Death Stranding puts us in control of Sam Bridges. A delivery man who, consciously or unconsciously, is the only bond of many of the surviving communities. The history of the game is divided into chapters and, throughout these posts, we will give you spoiler-free tips and recommendations so that you can overcome the game without major complications.


  • Prologue: Carrier: Sam circulates a devastated world with a single mission, to deliver orders.
  • Episode 1: Bridget: An old ally makes an impossible request to us.
  • Episode 2: Amelie:Bridges makes it clear to us what our duty is.
  • Episode 3: Fragile :We reach the central zone of the USA, exclusive territory of Fragile Express.
  • Episode 4: Unger :Sam has some kind of extrasensory experience.
  • Episode 5: Mama :Some lives are harder than others.
  • Episode 6: Deadman :Our journey makes a stop in the mountains.
  • Episode 7: Clifford :An echo from the past rises again.
  • Episode 8: Heartman :A scientist has a new theory.
  • Episode 9: Higgs :Edge Knot City is within reach of our Q-ask.
  • Episode 10: Die-Hardman : oneway trip.
  • Episode 11: Clifford Unger :Once again to the gap, dear friends.
  • Episode 12: Bridges :Fragile needs help.
  • Episode 13: Sam Strand :Everything is finally clear.
  • Episode 14: Lou : thewhole truth.
  • Episode 15: Tomorrow is in your hands :Sam is free at last.

Multiplayer and Bridge Links

The game has a particular asynchronous multiplayer system . Although you will never see other players, you can interact with other people indirectly . So you don’t miss anything about it, we will tell you what you need to know about:

  • Bridge links :how to create connection contracts with other players and what it is for.
  • Direct multiplayer features :How to order supplies.
  • I like :how the game’s “experience” system works.
  • Getting likes quickly :how to get the most likes in the shortest time possible.
  • Level and Attributes – Thisis not an RPG, but you can level up and improve Sam’s parameters.
  • Signs :Find out how signs work and how to use their special effects.
  • Holograms :find these decorations so particular to your structures.


Yes, although they say that the game is going to work, there is also combat in Death Stranding . Although it is a relatively simple system, there are things you should know to avoid problems during your games.

  • Weapons :how to get all the weapons in the game.
  • Facing EV :how to defeat the Stranded Entities that swarm the world.
  • Clear EV Zones Quickly –A little trick to free up a spectral zone in a minute.
  • Human :Learn to fight with MULAS and terrorists.
  • Using the Thread in combat :melee, your Thread is the best tool.

Terminals and rewards

The game is based on reconnecting the USA . This implies that Terminals have to be activated to expand the chiral network . So that you can do it, we tell you where all the Terminals are and the rewards for leveling them up .

Tricks and tips

The Death Stranding map is an extremely dangerous place. You will be at the mercy of the elements, the terrain orography the elements themselves during your trip. That is why we wanted to create this section with a few tricks, tips and recommendations when exploring. Here we want to explain what we see important about:

  • How to build bridges?: for some abysses it will not be enough to place stairs, and you have to build metal bridges.
  • How to keep balance? : Depending on where you are and the load you carry, it will be necessary to do uans things or others to avoid falling and damaging the load.
  • How to cross rivers?: Depending on the depth of the water, we may not be able to just walk by.
  • The decline (rain and snow) : the greatest threat to the environment is rain.
  • Explosions and craters : When a corpse goes too long without cremation, disastrous things can happen.
  • Repair boxes : You can fix the boxes where you carry your cargo to avoid spoiling it.
  • Stairs and climbing anchors : when you cannot get there on foot, you will have to find a support to climb or a point to hook and descend.
  • Build roads : the ultimate structure for traveling is asphalt.
  • Fast travel : Fragile DOOMS allow you to move between private rooms.
  • How to build shelters : You can build places to sleep in the middle of the map.
  • How to Build and Use Ziplines : The Ultimate Travel Structure. Connect two points to move in seconds.


There is plenty of equipment at our disposal beyond the weapons mentioned above. Knowing how it works will be key to surviving your trip:

  • BB :your tool to detect EV … if you don’t get sick.
  • CQP :the object that will allow you to create the majority of structures.
  • Supportobjects : some objects that can facilitate your trips.
  • Exoskeleton :An indispensable piece of equipment to carry more weight, run faster, or move more easily through rugged locations.
  • Odradek :the radar on your shoulder allows you to detect objects and enemies and prevent them from detecting you.
  • Backpack and improvements :The backpack has quite useful customization options.

Memory chips

The game features collectibles that unlock popular culture content . Little easter eggs about things that fascinate Kojima, such as toys, movies, soundtracks, music groups … In total there are 56 of them and we want to tell you how to get them all .


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