What are the 10 oldest languages ​​in the world?

What are the 10 oldest languages ​​in the world?.It is estimated that over 6,900 languages ​​are spoken on Earth. You might also know about it, but do you know which are the 10 oldest languages ​​in the world? If not, after reading this article, you will know about the 10 oldest languages ​​of the world, because in this article we are telling about the 10 oldest languages ​​of the world by origin.

We often consider our language, especially English as the most ancient, because it is the most popular language in the world. but it’s not like that.There are many languages, which we can trace back thousands of years. There are 6900 languages ​​spoken around the world but 90 percent of these languages ​​are spoken by less than 1 lakh.

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There are about 150-200 languages ​​which are spoken by more than 1 million people while there are 357 languages ​​which are spoken by only 50 people and only 46 languages ​​which are spoken by only 1.

Now the question arises that who are the oldest languages ​​of the world? Which language is the oldest? When we are giving you a description of the 10 oldest languages ​​of the world.

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World’s 10 most oldest languages ​​in the world

Linguists researched and discovered the oldest written language and found out which is the oldest language in the world. The following is the 10 oldest language in the world.

1. Sanskrit

Sanskrit is the ancient Indian language. Sanskrit language is called Dev Bhasha. The Sanskrit language was spoken 5000 years before Christ. All universities and educational institutions around the world considered Sanskrit to be the most ancient language.

Sanskrit language is the oldest language in the world. In the present day, Sanskrit is used in colloquial form but it is still used in worship and rituals.

2. Tamil

Tamil language is recognized as the oldest language in the world, it is the oldest language of the Dravidian family. The Tamil language is considered to be older than the Sanskrit language. It was in use about 5,000 years ago.

According to a survey, 1863 newspapers are published in Tamil language every day and currently the number of speakers of Tamil language is about 8 crores. Currently, it is spoken only in India, Sri Lanka, Singapore and Malaysia.

3. Latin

Latin Ancient Roman Empire was the official language of ancient Roman religion. Like Sanskrit, this language is also a classical language. This is why French, Italian, Spanish, Romanian, Portuguese and English are the most popular languages ​​of the present day.

It is currently the religious language of the Roman Catholic Church and the official language of the Vatican City. Due to the dominance of Christianity in Europe, the Latin language was the international language of almost all Europe in medieval and pre-modern times.

4. Egypt

The world is considered one of the oldest civilizations in the world. The Egyptian king is the oldest language in Egypt. This language belongs to the Afro-Asian linguistic family.

This language was spoken around 3400 BC. This language still survives its form in Egypt. Although only a handful of people use this language today.

5. Hebrew

The Hebrew language is about 3000 years old. Jews were the prevalent language, at present it is the official language of Israel. It was about to come to extinction but the Israeli people revived it.

Treats the Jewish community as “holy language” and the Old Testament of the Bible is written in it. This language is written in Hebrew script, separation soldier and read.

6. Greek

The Greek language is the oldest language in Europe, spoken in 1450 BC. The Greek language was spoken in Greece, Albania and Cyprus. More than 15 million people used this language.

At present, people who speak the Greek language are in Greece, Albania and Cyprus, as well as countries like the United States and Australia.

7. Chinese language

The Chinese language is the most spoken language in the world. This language is spoken in the country of China and East Asia. The Chinese language comes from the Chinese Tibet family, it is actually a group of several languages ​​and dialects.

Standardized Chinese is actually a language called “Mandarin”. This language is also around 1200 years before the arrival of Christ. Currently, approximately 1.2 billion people speak Chinese.

8. अरेमिक (Aramaic)

The Arabic language has been merged into Hebrew and Arabic languages ​​today. It is commonly referred to as the language of the Bible. Scholars believe that this language is the language spoken by the Lord Jesus and his disciples.

However, now this language is on the verge of extinction as most of the people who speak it are of retirement age. This language is still spoken by some people in Iraq, Iran, Syria, Israel and Lebanon.

9. Farsi

Persian is the prevalent language spoken in modern times in Iran, Afghanistan and Tajikistan. Joyful is a direct descendant of the old Persian language, which was the official language of the Persian Empire.

The modern Persian language was spoken around 800 CE and has changed considerably since then. From Shakespeare’s time an English speaker can read it with relatively less difficulties than a wife to an English speaker.

10. Arabic

The Arabic language can be traced back to the early 300s. Meaning old Arabic language was spoken at that time. Its address dates from the Namara inscription, which was discovered in 1901.

This language was a language spoken in Arab countries and parts of Asia, Africa and Europe. Even today, this language is prevalent, there are many people who speak and read it.

In conclusion,

It was the world’s 10 oldest languages ​​which was first spoken in the world. Apart from these, many other speeches which have been included in the list of Oldest Languages.

The oldest written language is believed to be Sumerian language, it dates back to 3500 BC but the time to speak it is only 2000 years.


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