10 Best Internet Browsers for Android Mobile

You must have used a lot of internet browsers in your Android phone. But do you know what are the Top 10 Internet Browser for Android Phone? If not, you will get the answer to this question in this post. In this post we will tell you in detail about the 10 Best Internet Browsers for Android Mobile . Let’s know, 10 best internet browsers for mobile phones – 10 Best Internet Browser for Android in Hindi .

Chrome browser with Google account is available by default in Android Mobile. But it is not the best, many people do not like it and use other internet browsers.

There is a wealth of Internet browsers on the Google Play Store. From where you can download your favorite Internet browser and use it in your Android phone.

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But despite having an Android browser, only a few of these browsers are good. Which we are going to tell you here.

Let’s know, what is the best internet browser for Android Phone?

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Android Phone के लिए Top 10 Internet Browsers

What is the best internet browser for mobile phone, best internet browser for smartphone. Mobile phone ke liye sabse achha internet browser konsa hai, Smartphone users ke liye top 10 best internet browsers in hindi.

1. Google Chrome

Whether mobile or laptop, for the device most users prefer the Google Chrome browser. People trust Chrome browser more than other internet browsers.

The Chrome browser has been downloaded 1.4 billion times on Android phones so far. Despite this, it is rated 4.3. From which we can guess how much better this browser is.

The Chrome browser is the best Android browser for most users. But one of its biggest drawbacks is that you cannot add extensions to it.

2. Mozilla Firefox

Mozilla Firefox is the best browser for privacy and security. Most users use Mozilla Firefox browser for privacy except on Google Chrome and Opera browser.

If you are the type of person who wants to decide how the tabs display in your browser, what the color of everything should be and you need more convenience, then the Firefox browser is for you.

3. Opera Browser

Opera browser’s data saver feature sets it apart from the rebel browser. If you want to save your internet data, then this browser is for you.

Opera browser is one of the fastest internet browsers. It offers a free VPN but has one problem, its interface is hard compared to the rebel browser.

4. Microsoft Edge

It is Microsoft’s official Internet browser. It is the best browser for Windows computer, its mobile version also provides better service.

This browser also provides services like ad blocker, translation service, password manager and news guard. It also has a 4.3 rating like the Chrome browser on the Google Play Store.

5. DuckDuckGo

DuckDuckGo is the best search engine in terms of privacy. But it does not have all kinds of services and products like its rivals. But its Android Browser is excellent.

Its Android browser has been given the highest rating by users on the Google Play Store. Despite being downloaded more than 5 million times, it still has a rating of 4.7, which is very high.

Many users believe that DuckDuckGo is better than Google. It eliminates all types of advertisements. If you just want to give over your wifi network then this browser is for you.

6. CM Browser

CM Browser is very Fast & Secure Browser. It does not track the activities you do. This browser automatically deletes all the data after offline.

If you are concerned about internet security then you should use this browser. Along with being educated, the speed of this browser is very good.

7. Dolphin Web Browser

The Android device Apache has been successful in Dolphin Browser. It gets a good set of features. Which features thimming, flash support, ad-block and many more.

The best thing is that this browser supports Add on Extension. Yes it is not very attractive as an option but it is a very good internet browser.

8. Brave Browser

Brave Browser is one of the  new and best Internet Browsers. Which is mainly designed for security. It is an ad blocking browser, it has many features.

It can block ads and all types of cookies, block malware scripts. This browser opens every website with HTTPS.

Here are the information about the benefits of using Brave Browser,

  • What are the benefits of using Brave Browser?

This browser does not truck the quarry searched by news, you can use this browser if you do not want anyone to see your browser activity.

9. UC Browser

UC Browser is the most used Internet browser by mobile users. It provides more features than all other internet browsers. Also provides fast downloading service.

But one of its biggest drawbacks is that UC Browser has been promoting adult content for quite some time, which is dangerous for children under 18.

That’s why UC Browser is the best in terms of features, but due to the adult content, a very useless browser, only use it if you are 18+.

10. Samsung Internet Browser

You may find it strange to see this browser in this list, but even more strange you will feel when you know that this browser has a rating of 4.4, despite being downloaded more than 1 billion times.

Yes, this browser has been downloaded 10 thousand million times, despite it has a 4.4 rating. This browser may be best for Samsung mobile owners.

In conclusion,

Here a question arises that how did we create this list of Best Internet Browsers for Android Phone? So I want to tell you that to make this list, we took into consideration the Android browser apps creation and downloading.

We have been included in this list according to the downloaded numbers and ratings. You may have already used many of these browsers, but do not use them, try using them.



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