10 batsmen who never got out on zero

In the cricket world, where some batsmen have been dismissed for zero more than 30 times, there are some batsmen who have never been out on zero. You won’t believe it but there are many players who have never been out at 0. In this post, we are going to tell you about 10 such cricket batsmen. So let’s know, 10 cricket batsmen who have never been out on zero – 10 Cricket Batsman of World Who Never Get Out on Zero in Hindi .

Cricket is the most popular sport in the world. Many records are made and broken when cricketers hit the ground. There are exploits not believed by many players.

If someone makes a record of being consistently out at zero, then one never gets out at zero in his entire career. Whenever such players land in the field, they only run with their bat.

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The romance of the cricket game increases even more when a cricket team wins a losing match or loses the match won. There are many such acts in cricket.

Never getting out on zero in his entire cricket career is a big record in itself. So let us tell you today about the players who have never been out on 0.

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10 batsmen who never got out on zero in the history of cricket

In the history of cricket, no batsman has been dismissed for zero in his entire career. But it is true and there is not one but many batsmen to do so.

10 Batsman Who Never Get Out on Zero in Hindi:

1. Rahul Dravid

India’s legendary batsman Rahul Dravid tops the list. He is the first cricket player in the world who  despite playing 173 innings did not get out on zero.

2. Sachin Tendulkar

There are many records in the name of Sachin Tendulkar, considered to be the God of cricket. His name includes a unique record that he never got out for zero runs in 136 consecutive innings .

3. Alec Stewart

Former England player Alec Stewart was a legendary player of his time. He was the legendary batsman and wicketkeeper of his team. He is the third player in the world who did not get out on Zero in 135 consecutive innings .

4. Karl Hooper

West Indies cricket player Karl Hooper is at number four in this list. He is one of the great players of his time.  Despite his 122 consecutive innings, his record of getting out on zero is also recorded.

5. Jeremy Connie

Former New Zealand player Jeremy Cooney is also a great player who never got out on zero in his career. He played 117 innings without being dismissed at 0 , making him the 5th player in the world.

6. Kepler Vessels

Kepler Vessels is a player who played cricket matches for both South Africa and Australia, but was never dismissed for zero. He played a total of  109 ODIs and was never out on zero.

7. Samiullah Shenwari

Afghanistan’s batsman Samiullah Shenwari also holds the record for never being dismissed for zero in ODI cricket. Sameullah played 71 matches for Afghanistan but never got out for zero.

8. Jacques Rudolph

Jacques Rodluff of South Africa was a great batsman. Jacques played 45 ODIs and scored 1174 runs, but was never dismissed for zero.

9. Yashpal Sharma

The name of this former Indian batsman is also included in the list of batsmen who are out on zero. He played around 42 matches and scored 833 runs and was never dismissed for zero.

10. Brandon Paul Nesh

Brandon Poole of West Indies is the best cricketer in the world. From 2008 to 2011, he scored 1207 runs in 40 innings but never got out on zero.

These were the 10 batsmen who never got out on zero in the history of cricket and won their team victory on the strength of their strong batting.

In conclusion,

A batsman never getting out for zero in his entire cricket career is a huge record in itself. Otherwise there are also players who have been out for 0 more than five times in a row.

It is not that the batsman who gets out on zero is not great. Virat Kohli is the top batsman in the world but he has also been out on Zero several times in a row.


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