Timekettle WT2 Edge:earphones;It Can translation of up to 40 languages

Timekettle WT2 Edge Noise Canceling Simultaneous Translation Earphones Review . It translates up to 40 languages ​​and we have tested them.

The company Timekettle , a pioneer in the field of translation headsets, has achieved significant results in multilingual communication since 2016. Over the years it has obtained several awards, such as the CES Innovation Award , the Japan Good Design Award or the IF Design Award , effectively making it an industry leader in the production of innovative solutions for real-time translations .

Timekettle WT2 Edge:earphones;It Can translation of up to 40 languages

The company is now a brand known throughout the world and holds a particularly large market share on Amazon , offering more than 170 countries around the world the possibility of communicating easily at not excessive prices. Today we will analyze the earphones with simultaneous translation that could expand more in Europe and that replace the manual translator very well: the Timekettle WT2 Edge earphones with simultaneous translation .


  • WT2 Edge earphones: the complete test
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WT2 Edge earphones: the complete test

Timekettle WT2 Edge: earphones with simultaneous translation of up to 40 languages

Freelancers and companies are increasingly relying on headsets with simultaneous translation to communicate effectively with other people. You could use a device of this kind when you are outside Italy or simply in our country to interact in real time with users who do not know Italian . This technology allows you to replace a manual translator very well , optimizing times and limiting linguistic constraints. What do the WT2 Edge earphones offer over competing products?

Packaging and Unboxing

The unboxing experience offered by the WT2 Edge is certainly among the best, the package is made of resistant cardboard and inside contains the case and the two earphones . Timekettle focuses a lot on the quality of the product, but also on the packaging of the box, in fact, there are various useful accessories to guarantee those who use them greater comfort and hygiene . The instruction manual inside is completely in Italian and allows you to use the product with extreme ease.

Items in the box:

  • WT2 Edge earphones
  • Instruction manual
  • Installation manual
  • Silicone eartips
  • USB-C charging cable
  • Supports for attaching earphones to your ears
  • A card worth 30 Fish ( offline translator dictionaries can be purchased for five Fish each).

Design and build quality

Design and build quality of Timekettle WT2 Edge

One of the most interesting features of the new series of Timekettle simultaneous translation earphones is the design , in fact, unlike previous models, WT2 Edge are very close to the aesthetics of the most common earphones on the market. You can choose between the black and white colors and we tell you right away that, although they are very similar to in-ear headphones, they are not headphones for listening to music , but only for translating.

The case has an almost spherical shape unlike previous models, and the dimensions are also significantly reduced, ensuring greater portability .

At the bottom of the case there are four LEDs that highlight the battery and connection status and on the back a USB-C port for charging .

The earphones are lightweight and offer excellent comfort , the semi in-ear design fits very well in all ear types. This condition is further improved with the additional silicone rubbers that are positioned on the earpiece and which allow quick replacement to improve hygiene when changing interlocutor .

The dimensions are comparable to those of the Apple AirPods and we can also compare them for the elegant and sober design , especially in the black version. The materials are of quality and do not present creaks, especially the earphones, while you will have to pay a little attention to the cover of the case, which does not give the same feeling of solidity.

You can purchase the WT2 Edge earphones with simultaneous translation on the official Timekettle Store or on Amazon . In the first case the price is 349.99 dollars , while on Amazon you can take them home for 299.99 euros . On both platforms the colors available are: black and white .


Although they may seem like normal wireless BT headphones, the WT2 Edge earphones have technical specifications that are very different from that type of product. In addition to not being suitable for music playback, their purpose is to simultaneously translate the voices of the interlocutors who use them . Specifically, the device can translate up to 40 languages ​​and 93 different accents , downloading the data packages for the country you need .

Unlike competing products, the Timekettle WT2 Edge features background noise cancellation , which is excellent for use in noisy environments where multiple people are present.

Timekettle’s noise-canceling earphones perform two-way translation with artificial intelligence . Thanks to the four functions: automatic translation , manual translation , speaker translation and listening translation , you will have the possibility to adapt the device to the context.

For the simultaneous translation earphones to work, however, you will need to download the free official app for Android or iPhone . Currently the languages ​​you can use offline are: French , German , English , Chinese , Japanese , Spanish , Russian , and Korean . While for the others you will have to download the data package and use them online . As you may have deduced, the Italian language only works online . To use the product you will therefore need a mobile data connection or Wi-Fi , at least for Italian and languages ​​not available offline.

How do they work

You must be wondering how a product of this type works, right? If you have already purchased a simultaneous translator in the past, the process for starting the translation does not change much even in the WT2 Edge model; while if you have never approached a device for simultaneous translation it is worth underlining that the operation is extremely simple , given that it is designed to be reactive and ready to use.

Launch the downloaded app and enter a valid email with password to register . Enter an alias and press Complete . Select the WT2 Edge product , press Allow, activate geolocation and Buletooth  on the phone.

In the app, press +Connect , remove the earphones from the case and bring them closer to the phone. When you see the green LED on both earphones, the app will give you the option to connect them. In case of problems, check the charging status, if the LED is red it means that the earphones are discharged.

To use WT2 Edge all you have to do is choose the language and put on one headset yourself and one headset on the other person and start having a conversation . Bidirectional simultaneous translation, i.e. capable of translating the sentences of both interlocutors at the same time, will proceed automatically by applying a delay of 0.5 seconds for the response .

This model also features a mode for canceling ambient noise , a feature that you will hardly find in other simultaneous translators.

Translation methods

We told you that Timekettle’s simultaneous translator has four translation modes .

  • Automatic translation: This mode, also called simultaneous hands-free (one-to-one conversation), allows you to speak freely and read or listen to the translation on your smartphone. You can use your phone as a hub to view the translation and split the screen for you and the other person. Support conversations with up to six people simultaneously by pairing two pairs of earphones.
  • Manual translation: This touch mode is the ideal solution to have your hands free and decide for yourself when to start the translation. Tapping the earphones will start or stop the translation.
  • Translation with speaker: by activating this mode, only you will be wearing the earphones, while the other person will have your smartphone to read the translation. It is usually the most used when traveling abroad .
  • Listening translation: if you want a mode in which the translation takes place in real time without communicating with the interlocutor, then listening translation is perfect for you. If you’re taking a lesson in a language you don’t know, the software will translate the audio and send it to your smartphone or the headset itself .

Audio quality and battery life

The simultaneous translator designed by Timekettle offers good audio quality in the WT2 Edge model, the sounds are clear and for both the user and the interlocutor the voice is easy to understand . The company points out that there is 95% accuracy for translation detection , more than good considering the real-time conversion.

Activating the cancellation of environmental fear certainly has a major impact on the overall quality, in fact, you will get a less annoying background buzz, but consequently a slightly muffled response in the earphones. Therefore, don’t expect the same ANC quality as a pair of high-end wireless headphones for music playback, this product is developed for a different type of user.

If the audio quality is more than good, it is interesting to test the battery life to understand how many hours the device can be used. Timekettle, with the WT2 Edge model, pushes the battery life up to 5 hours of talk time per single charge . While the case goes up to 16 hours of additional battery life . By activating the noise canceling mode, the time is reduced by up to 3 hours per single charge .

A fair amount of autonomy, but we remind you that you will also have to take into account the charge of your smartphone for online language translation. So, don’t forget to have your phone charged to make the most of your Timekettle earphones.

Other features

The four translation modes aren’t the only features you can make the most of along with ambient noise cancellation. WT2 Edge also allows you to export recorded conversations in listening modes in order to create notes , memos , reports or reports .

The moment you start a translation, the software will automatically store it in the cloud and you can download it later. You have the ability to download , copy and share translations at any time.

We also point out the group chat system integrated into the Timekettle app . Specifically, the chat allows you to converse with up to 40 people in 40 languages, translate messages in real time and integrate a very precise text translator . If you are organizing an event with multiple people from all over the world, or you are simply on Erasmus and need to better understand the chats of your new friends, the Timekettle App can be an important resource for optimizing understanding and above all communication .

Finally, Imparovunque will help you practice speaking English independently and make conversation.

Technical specifications

  • Manufacturer: TimeKettle
  • Model: WT2 Edge
  • Case dimensions: 58 x 58 x 27 millimeters
  • Case weight: 53 grams with earphones
  • Earphone length: 35mm
  • Earphone battery life: 3 hours
  • Total operating time: 12 hours (charged using the case)
  • Earphone microphones: dual beamforming microphones and directional voice recognition
  • Noise reduction: Yes
  • Application: Yes
  • OS Compatibility: iOS ≥12 and Android ≥7
  • Translatable languages: 40 plus 93 regional accents
  • Offline translation: available
  • Online translation: via Wi-Fi or cellular network
  • Modes: Simultaneous, touch, speaker, listening and group chat
  • Two-way simultaneous translation: in Simul mode
  • Translation engines: DeepL, Google, Microsoft, iFlytek, AmiVoive, Hoya and Timekettle.

Conclusions and price

Testing Timekettle’s simultaneous translator earphones we interfaced with excellent software . The integration of artificial intelligence and a multitude of languages ​​make the WT2 Edge earphones a valid solution for those who are looking for a complete and versatile translator that can replace the manual one.

The translation methods , the cancellation of environmental noise and a modern design make it a useful product for both companies and private individuals .

You can purchase the WT2 Edge earphones with simultaneous translation on the official Timekettle Store or on Amazon . In the first case the price is 349.99 dollars , while on Amazon you can take them home for 299.99 euros . On both platforms the colors available are: black and white .


  • Construction materials and design
  • Effectively translates 40 languages
  • Works offline for an additional fee
  • Perfect for group conferences


  • Expensive
  • You cannot use them as a music player


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