TOZO HT2 review: cheap ANC wireless headphones

The TOZO HT2 wireless headphones offer a wireless, active noise-canceling audio experience at an affordable price. We talk about it in this review.

Over the years, the TOZO company has established itself in the tech sector for wireless earphones , chargers , headphones , smartwatches and many other products with an excellent quality-price ratio with a design and functionality that should not be underestimated.

Among the most interesting products for 2024 there is certainly the series of wireless headphones , which thanks to dedicated functions, such as active noise cancellation , allow you to purchase excellent devices at an affordable price. Today we will review the TOZO HT2 model in detail , let’s see how it performs in our tests.

TOZO HT2 review: cheap ANC wireless headphones


  • TOZO HT2: the complete test
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    • Design and build quality
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    • Audio and ANC
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TOZO HT2: the complete test

TOZO HT2: the complete test

Our test for the TOZO HT2 over-ear wireless headphones took place on the white model, but within the catalogue, Amazon or TOZO , you can also choose the colours: black , blue , pink and khaki .



Before attempting the technical analysis of these headphones it is advisable to take a look at what is in the purchase package . The box depicting the headphones with technical specifications is completely made of cardboard and contains:

  • TOZO HT2 over-ear wireless Bluetooth headphones
  • USB-C charging cable
  • 3.5mm audio jack cable
  • Fast guide
  • User Manual

As you can see, the package includes everything you need both to charge the headphones and to connect them to an external source such as a PC or smartphone with the 3.5 mm jack . The inside of the package is well taken care of, both the small boxes to protect the cables and the cases to wrap the headphones are of quality and will give you a premium unboxing experience .

Design and build quality

Design and build quality

f the box guarantees a good unboxing experience, the biggest surprise comes when you remove the protective film from the headphones and take them in your hands.

Qualitatively, TOZO HT2 has nothing to envy of high-end models, thanks to a modern design characterized by resistant materials you can count on a long-lasting product that is unlikely to be subject to wear .

TOZO decided to develop a foldable design , particularly useful if you like to always carry wireless headphones with you; but we underline that there is no additional case , therefore, you will have to store them in your backpack, bag or buy a separate case.

The company has decided to place all the physical buttons on the right earphone , which are activated with a single touch. Thanks to the physical buttons you can change the noise cancellation mode by tapping the NC button twice . On the right earphone you will find: power button , AUX audio socket , Type-C charging port , switch for active noise cancellation and volume+/next song , volume-/previous song . By pressing the power button three times, you will also activate the voice assistant .

Being over-ear headphones , i.e. they are positioned over the ear, they are very comfortable, a condition also due to the combination with the memory foam pavilions which offer greater versatility even for those who need to wear them during long sessions of use .

The structure is light and adapts well to every head size, as do the pavilions that manage to cover the ears well. The internal materials of the upper arch are in sponge and externally in leather , offering an excellent sensation to the touch. We can consider them light headphones with a design very similar to the over-ear models of the competition , but with excellent materials taking into account the purchase price.

Features and controls

Features and controls of TOZO HT2

We have told you about some features in the previous lines, but let’s take a closer look at what they are and how they behave after several hours of use .

In addition to the physical button and touch controls on the earcups, the TOZO HT2 headphones have a good software section for connecting different devices.

The headphones integrate a Bluetooth v5.3 chip and support AAC and SBC codecs without any problem . When you turn it on for the first time, however, you will have to hold down the Power button for a few seconds until the LED light flashes, in this way the BT will be activated and you can synchronize it with your smartphone or PC.

By downloading the official TOZO application , available for Android and iOS, you will have the possibility to manage both the connection to the headphones via Bluetooth technology and set the equalization modes you prefer.

Another function is the playback of calls and videos , the three microphones allow you to start and receive clear calls even on the move. You can connect TOZO HT2 to your smartphone or PC without any problem, be it Android , iOS , Windows or macOS devices .

Audio and ANC

Among the most important functions is active noise cancellation ( ANC ). The TOZO HT2 headphones have a cancellation depth of 38 dB , which can be changed with 6 different modes . Specifically, the methods you can make the most of are:

  1. Adaptive mode
  2. Transparency mode
  3. Leisure mode
  4. Normal mode
  5. Wind noise reduction
  6. Noise cancellation

The cancellation of environmental noise is certainly among those that work best, the use experience is comfortable and you feel the need to activate it when you are away from home. We noticed, when using headphones at home, that some noises are not eliminated, such as those from the keyboard or loud bangs; therefore, if you need to listen to music while you are typing on the keyboard, it is better to focus on something else.

Particularly balanced is the transparency mode , with which you can have maximum control of everything around you without necessarily having to remove the headphones from your ears. The adaptive mode is also advisable and surprising , which adjusts the noise cancellation levels based on background noise. If you are always on the go this could be a very useful feature.

transparency mode  of TOZO HT2

The sound quality is managed by a 40 mm driver with TOZO ORIGX Acoustic 2.0 technology , which guarantees you high-resolution audio and powerful bass . You will be able to count on clear and balanced sound with both high and low frequencies. A factor not to be underestimated is the equalizer of the TOZO App , in fact, with a few minutes of modifications we found an excellent setup to personalize our listening experience. You can save your favorite profiles and activate them whenever you want.

Specifically, with the HT2 you can get bass with great gain, mids that are slightly lacking in body and very good highs that improve by fiddling with the equalizer.

Battery autonomy

When you buy headphones with active noise cancellation, the compromise is often less than excellent battery life. TOZO HT2 allows you to listen to music or make calls for approximately 60 hours with ANC deactivated , while with this function active you can go up to 40 hours of playback .

Considering that these are over-ear wireless headphones and that the purchase price is particularly low, the result is surprising .

Technical specifications

  • Headphone model: HT2
  • Type: Over-ear
  • Audio Driver: φ40mm dynamic driver
  • Frequency response range: 16Hz – 45kHz
  • Audio codec: AAC/SBC
  • Noise Control Mode: Noise Cancellation/Transparency Mode/
    Reduce Wind Noise/Leisure Mode/Normal Mode/Adaptive Mode
  • Call Noise Cancellation: Tri-Mic ENC
  • Bluetooth Version: 5.3
  • Effective Bluetooth range: 10 m
  • Battery capacity: 500 mAh
  • Playback time with ANC: 40 hours
  • Playback time without ANC: 60 hours
  • Cable charging time: 2h
  • Charging port: USB type C
  • Weight: 254.5 g

Conclusions and price

TOZO HT2 are lightweight headphones with an excellent quality-price ratio . The functions are versatile and the ANC stands out above all for its balance and reliability . The BT v5.3 and a very long battery life make it a very interesting product.


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