Nursing Care of Dead Body:How A Dead Body Should Be Nursed

Nursing Care of Dead Body:How A Dead Body Should Be Nursed is being explored in this article.The heading ‘Nursing a Dead’ sounds absurd. How and why a dead body should be nursed. But in practical sense it means the nursing procedure adopted for persons who die on hospital bed. There are certainly some specific duties of a nurse towards a dead body. The main aim is to protect other patients from the sight of dead which might frighten them and also to prepare for removal of dead body.

Details of Nursing Duties And Care of A Body After Death

  • If a patient dies on bed immediately cover the patient by a cloth from head to toe.
  • Arrange to remove the body to a separate room or corridor with bed sheet lying on it.
  • This is done when the doctor declares him dead. But if the patient dies before a doctor reaches to attend him, keep the dead body till the doctor attends on him and signs a death certificate. Before the certificate or before the doctor attends, never shift or remove the dead body.
  • Report the time of death to sister-in-charge, if available.
  • Remove all apparatus and equipment before removing from ward to a separate place.
  • Close the eyes with tip of finger
  • Never be irritated on mourning relatives. Console them, request them to be silent so that other patients are not dis­turbed.
  • If the relatives have not reached, wait till their arrival to do other righteous procedures.
  • If they are present take their permission to do certain righteous procedures.
  • If the relatives wishes to take the body give them a copy of the death certificate. In official crematorium a death certifi­cate is always required for cremation.
  • When the relatives take away the dead body keep a note with signature of relatives taking the dead body in death note-book or dead body register. This has medicolegal import­ance. It should never be forgotten.
  • Hand over all personal belongings or jewellery or money or documents to the relatives.
  • If the relatives allows to do certain rights then do it carefully and gently as if he is living. Put on a gown and remove patients clothes, wash face, neck and ears. Pack the nostrils and mouth with cotton or gauze. Tie a bandage under chin to keep mouth closed. Close the eyelids if open. Give a cold sponging over body and face. Pack the rectum and anus with cotton. If there is wounded or operation incision cover it with clean dressing or gauze, and apply adhesive plaster to fix it.
  • Put on patients clothes as given by relatives Fold sheet tidy around body. Hand over body and remove gown.Clean hands with soap.

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