Duties And Roles of Discharge Nurse For Discharging The Patient

Duties And Roles of Discharge Nurse For Discharging The Patient is being explained in this article.You can read our previous article about role of nurse after admitting patient in the hospital

Like admission of patient in ward, a nurse has some specific duties during discharge of a patient though the patient recovers from his illness for which he had been admitted, still the nursing guidance to patient will be much effective for proper following of doctor’s advise and present re-occurrence or for rapidly returning to normal condition. The details of nursing action discharge of a patient is described below ;

Discharge Nurse Responsibilities And Procedure You Must Know

  • Sound the patient regarding his time of discharge/leaving the bed well in advance. It is a wrong practice to tell the patient about his immediate discharge and ask him/her to vacate the bed as it causes great inconvenience to the patient to arrange for his/her transport or to inform his/her relatives to take him from the hospital.
  • Unless a discharge slip is made by the attending doctor and handed over to patient, a patient should never leave the hospital. The nurse should not allow the patient to leave. This has sometimes many more complicated medico-legal bearing involving both patient and the nurse.
  • If a paying bed is occupied by the patient and bill has to be made a ward staff or nurse should accompany the patient or relatives to make clear the bill.
  • The charts and records should be completed by the doctor/ nurse. Usually the investigation reports are furnished with discharge slip with further line of treatment/advice.
  • It is good to explain everything written in discharge slip by the nurse specially regarding diet, treatment and future attending the doctor for re-check up if any.
  • Ask the patient to bring the discharge slip when he visits next for re-check up.
  • All belongings and left over medicines should be explained to the patient.
  • The hospital kit issued to the patient is checked by nurse and deposited for cleaning and receipt to this effect is handed over to the patient for record. Any missing of patient’s kit is responsibility of nurse attending him.
  • When the patient leaves the ward, assist him if he is unable to walk or provide a stretcher with Nearer to carry him op to the transport.
  • Good bye him smilingly with wishing for quick recovery a normal health. Courtesy costs nothing.
  • Now return to the bed and remove bed linens for cleaning. The mattress should be put in sun for at least three hours.
  • It is the duty of the discharging nurse to make a fresh bed for a next patient. If she goes off the duty she should inform to in coming nurse to prepare the bed.
  • The history sheet and other hospital documents pertaining to the patient should be handed over to sister-in-charge of the ward for further deposit in record room.
  • The diet is discontinued by the nurse when the doctor signs the discharge slip.
  • A patient should not be discharged on Sunday.
  • On discharge register the time and date of discharge should be noted.

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