What do you need to sell with credit cards?

Accepting Credit Cards as a means of payment can help your business ‘s sales , as the market reached could be significantly expanded. The basic thing has to be formalized to get into the system without any problems.

More and more consumers are using debit or credit cards for their purchases for the benefits this represents. For many users the great advantage of “plastic money” is that it reduces cash-flow treatments. From a business point of view, it conveys to the customer the need to buy on impulse.

In order for your company (restaurant, warehouse, etc.) to collect with credit cards, you must have a Point of Sale (POS).

Make sure you meet all the requirements when ordering this machine:

  1. You must have a formal business.
  2. Select the bank you want to work with.
  3. Extract an account to receive the sale.
  4. Complete the application form.
  5. Submit your business operating license and proof of address.
  6. To operate the Point of Sale Terminal, you must have a telephone line to connect the device.
  7. If you meet the requirements of the list and the approval of the commissioner, the last step is to pay the cost of the POS. The price varies depending on the bank of your choice.

The provider of this service is Visanet. Among the requirements to join this system is to have a valid ID and RUC.

Business friends who have this system tell us that the cost of this service changes around XNX% of the cost of each product sold (paid by card), both by Visa and Master Card, so you need to consider this one margin in the final sale.

Data :

– The telephone line needed to run the mail may be the same one you often use in your business.

– The cost of the terminals varies with each financial institution, some require a monthly fee plus a percentage for each sale, which is determined by the company’s sales volume. Others only pay a commission on sales and no monthly payment.

– When you contract a POS with a banking institution, they give you an “iron” so that in the event of a system failure, the shops can make their sale manually, as well as all the necessary paperwork.


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