Learn to sell online using your own virtual store

A few weeks ago, I started developing various online companies by creating a virtual shop. In this post, I want to see the tips on how to sell online with a virtual shop.

How to Sell Online 1. The system

I have tried several virtual store systems including WordPress, Mambo, Magento and Joomla. The one I found at the end is Joomla, using an extension called Virtuemart.

It is relatively easy to install them, however I found it difficult to customize it to offer various forms of payment at the time of purchase. But in the end, it is the best platform for online business.

How to Sell Online 2. Payments

Obviously, limiting yourself to a form of payment like PayPal only limits the opportunities to create sales.

Using the above system, it will allow you to install some extensions to provide more forms of payments, such as payment at Oxxo stores in Mexico, electronic deliveries, credit cards, bank deposits or money transfers from Western Union.

How to sell online 3. The product

The products you sell must be required, and you must calculate at least 20% profit for each product.

To find out what products are being bought online is the safest way to enter the free market and look for search trends or the most sought after products. This will give you essential information to know what products to sell and at what prices.

How to sell online 4. The supplier

In the United States, there is a very simple way to not buy inventory, but to be able to offer these products for sale.

This system is called dropshipping, and consists of a wholesale company that will ship the products directly to the next one, you are the intermediary of the purchase.

This is because the user is going to go into his virtual shop, he will buy, and the order will immediately reach his supplier, he will send it to the customer, and you win the difference between the cost and the price at which to place a product.

However, drip shipping It is not common in Latin America. There are almost no companies of this type, so in the end, you need to find your own supplier.

I recommend entering the alibaba website to find Chinese suppliers of your product and import them into your country. You can also read an article on how to do business with Chinese products.


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