How to earn $ 2,500 a month with autopilot just by joining Amazon

Although there is a wide variety of how to make money online, no doubt the Amazon Affiliate program has the ability to generate revenue with few visits, being a system you set up, and then forget about it, as Amazon takes care of the rest.

It is not necessary to have technical knowledge; The key is to make the right decisions. If you do it right, with a few hours of work a week it can provide you with a monthly salary.

If you want to start making money from Amazon Affiliates, in this article you will find everything you need to know about this money-generating system.

  • What are Amazon Affiliates

It’s an online system where you get customers for Amazon and the app pays you a commission for the purchase of those customers. In other words, you are responsible for sending people to an Amazon website, and if they buy, Amazon pays you a percentage of those sales.

This system requires very little initial investment and can become totally passive, you leave the site mounted and it works for you even while you sleep.

Similarly here we present some advantages and disadvantages that entail:

  • Advantages

1.- The economic investment is very low

To make money with Amazon Affiliates, you only need a website, which means spending between $ 10 and $ 20 a year on the domain, and if you want professional hosting, add about $ 5 a month.

Optionally you can buy professional design for your site although there is a lot of free, spend money for other sites to link to yours and get more visits, and even pay people to write the content for you.

2.- Requires little maintenance

Although initially you will have to spend many hours writing the contents of the site, once you have them you can practically leave it with an autopilot.

In addition to the updates needed to upgrade the products you recommend, it won’t require much more, and you can take advantage of this to start other new projects.

3.- Amazon is a vending machine

This is what makes this affiliate program a real money machine. Since more and is more people, who buy the Internet at Amazon.

4.- Amazon gives you a commission on everything the customer buys

Not only will you make money for the product you recommend, but also for the duration of the cookie, you will receive a commission for everything the customer buys.

In fact, it’s very common to earn commissions for products that have nothing in common with your recommendations, as people often take advantage of being on Amazon to buy more things.

  • Disadvantages

1.- The cookie only lasts 24 hours

Whenever someone clicks on one of your affiliate links, Amazon automatically installs a cookie on your browser. In this way, identify who you referred to as a customer.

In the case of Amazon that cookie disappears within 24 hours, so if the user visits Amazon but does not buy until after 24 hours, the sale will not count, Even so, Amazon remains profitable.

2.- Fees are low

Amazon commission rates move between 3 and 10%, slightly below other popular affiliate programs. A few years ago they were higher, but there was a limit to selling $ 10.

That’s why very few people have used Amazon affiliates to recommend expensive products.

3.- Amazon sends

Amazon may change its operating agreement at any time, lower commissions or even terminate your account due to malicious practices such as hiding links or misleading users by clicking on them.

But if you do well and your site gets traffic, there will always be other affiliate programs to monitor it in the unlikely event that Amazon has decided to discontinue its program.

  • Key points

Another important point to start making money on Amazon is knowing how to decide on your niche or multinational, you need to know what you will write and what products you will recommend.

Online stores usually do not offer this type of information, and you could create a website or section of your site to find it. There you will have visits from people looking for information, and if they convince them what you recommend, they will end up buying it on Amazon, and you will take the commission.

So you have three options:

1.- C back site focused only on analyzing a single kind of articles. This is called specializing in niche marketing.

2.- A general website where you analyze many types of products, from vacuums to video games. This is called multiniche, because it is not specialized in anything in particular.

3.- C back blog about something that really interests you, such as graphic design, and among the articles you have published, write one recommending graphic tablets or project software. This is called the authoritative website.

The third strategy is the one that works best. If you add value to your content and empathize with your readers, you will create a loyal audience, and your affiliate articles will be more visible on search engines like Google.

Amazon Affiliates is an amazing system for making money online, even for people without technical knowledge, although more and more people are making money from Amazon, but that doesn’t mean the opportunity is gone.

If you stop seeing that you can’t recommend products, don’t worry. In order to create your content, you need a lot of information, so in a few weeks, I assure you that you will know more than 95% of the population.

The best recommendation is that you start today and do not let time pass. Even if you ultimately do not achieve the goals you have set yourself, the knowledge you gain will be extraordinarily useful for success with the next project.


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