How To Use credit or debit cards at Uber

If you are familiar with electronic transactions then you have an idea of ​​what CVV is on a credit or debit card . You even use it for your payments in Uber, but if you are not yet familiar with the term, here we give you a simple explanation.

When using a card to do banking operations, they ask you for various information and one of them is the CVV. This is done with the aim of reducing the margin of error for charging or rejecting your card due to an error .

What is CVV on a Credit or Debit Card in an Uber payment, Simple Explanation


  • What is CVV?
  • Using credit or debit cards at Uber

What is CVV?

The CVV (Card Verification Value) is also known as CVD (Card Verification Data), CCV (Card Security Code), CVN (Card Verification Number), CSC (Card Security Code) and CVVC Card Verification Value Code is a code of 3 or 4 digits. It is usually found on the back of the card .

It is a security method for bank transactions. Especially for digital transactions where the card cannot be physically used, such as online purchases. Some banks allow you to use the CVV to verify bank transactions, activate the card or block in case of theft.

The code is printed on the back of the card in a specific way to prevent it from being duplicated if the card is cloned. Digital cards also have a CVV code.

Currently there is a new version called dynamic CVV where a double verification is required to make a transaction. It is only necessary to have a smart terminal with Android or Apple OS.

Using credit or debit cards at Uber

Cards are the most used payment method at Uber because they are easy to use. However, other payment methods such as Paypal or cash can be used. When you register a card with Uber, it will ask you for the CVV code for security purposes.

You can place a card as the default means of payment so that it charges the cost of the trips automatically . To do this, you must have your card on hand to register.

  • Add credit card
  • Enter the applicationwith your data and if you do not have it installed download it from the Play Store or App Store.
  • Select the Payment option.
  • In the default paymentsoption select card.
  • Fill in the complete card details
    • Card owner’s full name
    • Card number
    • Due date
    • CVV number
    • Billing address zip code
  • Press the Save buttonto validate the information

Another way to register is by scanning the card. Enter the category of Payments / Default payment in the same way .

  • The application will request permission to use the camerato scan it. Accept all permissions to continue.
  • Center the card in the position indicated by the application.
  • When the edges where the card should be positioned are green, you should take the photo. Make sure the image is sharp and all the data can be seen clearly.
  • To finish, press the Save button.

The application will debit an amount from your card to validate it. The money will be replenished in your account immediately or several days later, depending on your bank.

Edit a card as the default payment method

  • Access the application
  • Choose the Payment option
  • Select the card you want to edit
  • Now choose the Edit option
  • Modify any of the fields on the card
  • When finished press the Save button

Delete a default payment method

  • Open the Uber app on your mobile device
  • Select the Payment option
  • Choose the card or payment method you want to delete
  • Choose the Delete optionand confirm the decision

If you only have one default payment method and you want to remove the card, you must add another payment method first . So that you have a way to charge Uber fees to a card or account.


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