MK12 Rifle – Stats, damage and how to use it

The PUBG Mobile 0.19.0 update has been released with many interesting features. Aside from PUBG Mobile’s mind-blowing Livik map that unfolds the chaotic world with more enemies and less time, the new updated version of PUBG Mobile also offers players amazing weapons and the MK12 is without a doubt the most special. He is one of the best snipers that can be found in the game.

Today, we’re going to take a look at the detailed stats of the MK12 , its unique features , as well as the best way to get the most out of it.

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MK12 Weapon Specifications

  • Semiautomatic
  • 20 round capacity, expandable to 30
  • High power – low recoil

Being a marksman rifle, the MK12 is several times more powerful than other weapons in the same class. Using an expansive base .556 magazine with 20 rounds that can be extended up to 30, the weapon will impress with its amazingly powerful damage and excellent range. In fact, this marksman rifle is not only ideal for attacking your enemies from long range , but also works in close combat thanks to its large magazine.

MK12 is a weapon that hardly has recoil

On top of that, with an attached grip , you’ll have extremely low recoil when using the MK12. This feature makes the MK12 stand out from other PUBG Mobile weapons in general and from sniper rifles in the game in particular, not to mention this star weapon that requires no compensation to take down your enemies with a good shot.


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Apart from the MK12 weapon, PUBG Mobile also brings another new weapon which is the highly anticipated P90 .

Better performance of the MK12 rifle

Although MK12 is flexible when it comes to facing your enemies, it offers the best performance in medium and long range combat thanks to its precision, minimal bullet drop and recoil. Do not hesitate to take the MK12 if you find it, especially when you only have a nearby star like P90 or UZI.

However, the MK12 is not recommended for those who have already carried a blast or semi-automatic weapon. On top of that, it’s also not a good idea to pick it up while you have an SMG or AR by your side.

Once you get yourself a MK12, higher ground like the hill is the ideal place to hold onto. Remember to turn your back on the safe zone as Livik is a very crazy, fast and chaotic map. On top of that, it is crucial to draw your weapon while moving .


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