PUBG Mobile: Secret Places and Tips to Win on the Library Map

PUBG Mobile has introduced an exciting new Arena gun game to the Library map . This game mode requires your shooting skill and your weapons master. Also, you have to choose a good position to kill more enemies.

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Secret places on the library map

There are a few places in this library where you can camp to kill more enemies and quickly upgrade every last weapon.

→ The secret passage to the left of each end of the bridge. It can be seen when you make your way to the monument from the spawn room. Players can find the entrance to this passage in the corner of the hidden wall under the staircase.

→ Monument . You can go up to the monument, sit down and camp the enemies on the other side of the bridge.

→ Shelves standing on the floor . Hide behind these shelves, listen to the sound of footsteps and attack enemies suddenly.

→ Under the stairs . You can also camp under the ladder and kill the enemies that jump from the bridge.

Indispensable tips to win the gun game

You also need some tips to win this tense and exciting game mode in PUBG Mobile.

→ You will start with the SMGs . So, get into close combat on the ground and shoot to the hip with SMGs.

→ Stick with teammates and give them enough cover and support to win.


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→ When you hit fast action snipers like Kar98K, M24 and AWM, you have to camp to attack from home.

→ When a member of the enemy squad reaches the pan, his squad will go as well. Take cover and try to kill that player before he can throw a frying pan on one of you.

→ If one of your companions reaches the pan, give him enough cover and help him kill an enemy. You can deal significant damage to the enemy and help your teammate land a frying pan of death.

→ If you get the pan, choose the enemy who goes only with a gun to kill.

→ If you can’t kill enemies with the Fist, let the enemy kill you. When you reappear, you will return to the battlefield with a new weapon.


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