The Meaning of Worship in Islam

Understanding Worship in Islam  – As a person who believes and fears Allah SWT, he will never miss a worship. There are always many opportunities for us to worship God in any situation, wherever and whenever we want to do so many opportunities.

Whether it is worship directly to God such as prayer, fasting, charity, pilgrimage, or to any fellow human being in the matter of helping, helping, keeping, keeping promises, speaking the truth, being kind to both parents, and so on.

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The Meaning of Worship in Islam

On this occasion, about  will explain about the meaning of worship itself both in language and terms. The following is the explanation.

Understanding Worship

Worship in language is submissive or humble. While in terms or terms’, worship is an act performed and performed according to His command, humbling to Allah SWT with a very high love and encompassing everything that Allah has done in the form of words or words or deeds done or baths. . The worship is divided into three parts: the worship of the heart, the worship of speech and the worship of limbs or deeds.

Worship of the heart (qalbiah) among others: having fear, love (mahabbah), expecting (king ‘), happy (raghbah), sincere, tawakkal.

Oral worship & hearts (lisaniyah wa qalbiyah) include: dhikr, tasbih, tahlil, tahmid, takbir, gratitude, prayer, recitation of Quranic verses.

Worship of physical and heart deeds (badaniyah wa qalbiyah) include: prayer, charity, pilgrimage, jihad, fasting.

There are many other examples of different types of worship. In knowing whether worship is acceptable or beloved by God we can know by his command that is found in the Holy Qur’an and the Prophet’s Hadith, all actions taken because of worship contain good for others. The requirements of true worship are sincere and ittiba ‘in accordance with the teachings and guidance of the Messenger of Allah.


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So it is clear that worship is a word that includes everything that Allah SWT loves and loves, whether it be words or deeds, things that are original or inward.

Thus the discussion this time about  Understanding Worship in Islam , may all of our worship be accepted and always spread positive values ​​in life so that life will always feel beautiful and peaceful. Hopefully this article can be useful, we can continue next time again. Thank you


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