Marriage of signs: how are the bride and groom of each sign?

Perhaps you are the type of person who is always attuned to issues related to the mystical world and in the quest to understand the meanings and revelations concerning what is said in the horoscopes, you live looking for information about your sign.

There are people who like to make decisions based on what the astrological world tells them. Other people are already unbelievers and don’t care about what is said about the signs they have according to their date of birth.

The right or wrong is not for us to judge, but for the bride and groom who believe and would like to know what is considered ideal for the marriages of each sign, we list below the main characteristics for you to know:


• Aries:

They are usually determined people who prefer weddings with personality, sensual, impactful dress and without fear of scandalizing. They want to make that day a remarkable moment, running away from the classic and the obvious, surprising all the guests.

• Bull:

Touros grooms are very calm people, who believe in the power of positive thinking and who always keep in mind that everything will work out in the end. For this reason, they are always confident about the realization of their long-awaited marriage. When it comes to clothes, bull grooms prefer comfortable clothes and are easy to make decisions when choosing the ideal clothes for the big day.

• Twins:

Gemini are undecided people and when it comes to an event as special as the wedding ceremony, they end up getting confused, insecure and very undecided. They are constantly questioning the opinions of others in order to help them decide on wedding preparations. Gemini grooms are sure to take the time to hit the hammer in deciding what the groom’s dress and attire will be for “yes” day.

• Cancer:

Cancer people are naturally emotional and this characteristic will not be lacking for every big decision to be made regarding their marriage. Cancer grooms are romantic, cry easily and exude romanticism. They will certainly seek to give a romantic, cozy and cheerful air to the event. As for the clothes, they will seek more for the traditional, not innovating or making eye-catching choices. They are more discreet and tasteful.

• Lion:

Leo is one of the signs that most seek to surprise everyone at any time. When it comes to their wedding, they will certainly look for an impactful party, making that day special and remarkable not only for them but for all the guests. They like sophistication, innovation and exuberance.

• Virgo:

He thought of Virgos, he thought of organization! Certainly the bride and groom of the signs of Virgo are always attentive to the work of the advisors, since they want to control and put their hands on everything. They observe every detail and lose sleep in the search for everything to be perfect. They are perfectionists and want to impress. They seek to make their costumes in haute couture, not caring about the amount spent to carry out an event that reflects the elegance and richness of details they dream of for their wedding.

• Lb:

Librans know very well what they want and seek glamor and beauty. They are attentive people and knowledgeable about the fashion world, they know what is current and will strive to carry out a wedding following what is a trend. He will certainly be one of those who will have the greatest number of guests, since they are very sociable people and will have difficulty making the guest list, because to celebrate with them, they will not want to leave out any acquaintances.

• Scorpion:

Scorpio couples have a very strong personality and will want this characteristic to be present in every party. Without caring too much for the opinion of others, they looked for a costume that surprises everyone and the bride often ends up opting for details in her dress that is out of the ordinary, even going to the most sensual side. They want to make the party an event with lots of excitement, energy and no time to end.

• Sagittarius:

When couples are Sagittarius, get excited! They want to be involved in every wedding planning and execution routine. However, this does not work out very well, since they are extremely disorganized by nature. They want to carry out, participate, they want to call friends and family to help with the decisions, but they end up getting involved because strategic planning is not with them. The ideal is to hire someone who is responsible for the total organization of the wedding, leaving the bride and groom more comfortable and relaxed for the moment of the ceremony.

• Capricorn:

Capricorn grooms are detailed, organized and very sophisticated people. They believe that it is better to meet people who are really close to them and offer everyone present an elegant, classic and intimate moment. They are adept at “less is more” and will want to be closely monitoring every detail of the organization for this event. After all, they hate that things go out of their way.

• Aquarium:

Aquarians are people who change their minds easily. They like freedom and are unlikely to keep the decision they initially made about any detail of the marriage until the end. They are adventurous, they like nature, freshness and the outdoors. They will give priority to the comfort and well-being of them and the guests. They don’t like freshness very much and prefer things as natural as possible. These characteristics will guide all the decisions of the bride and groom, from the menu to be served, the location of the party and the costumes they will wear on the big day, seeking beauty, but without excess vanity.

• Fish:

Piscean weddings often have details inspired by princess weddings. They want everything to be perfect as they always dreamed. They are emotional, supportive and dreamy people. They will fight until the end to make the wedding come out as in fairy tales. Princess dresses, groom like a prince, florists, pages and ladies: everything according to the costume. They seek a romantic, royal wedding marked by moments of general commotion.


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