Tips for selling more at events

Every opportunity to sell must be taken advantage of.

Even at events.

Inviting a customer to your event, can advance stages of the negotiation , since an appointment is being made. But also by bringing together people from different areas of the company, the client is able to communicate and answer questions that would take 4 or 5 meetings, in a single event.

An event can also be a great chance to attract new customers . So it is necessary to have a good posture and know how to behave in a way that attracts attention.

Thinking about it, this week’s Ringing Sales Bell has prepared a super cool content with some tips that can help you pump up the event.

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1. Look outside the Stand.

Being aware of what is happening outside your stand is crucial. By analyzing the movement, you can identify your potential customers .

Not to mention that looking outside gives the impression that you are waiting for your customer and are ready to receive you.

2. Do not sit on the stand.

As well as looking inside the stand, you can pass a negative image, sitting too.

Standing and showing willingness to answer, prints the image of competence and what you really want in that position.

Like in a store you arrive at a store and the saleswoman is sitting looking at her cell phone, there is no image of sympathy, neither is sitting at the stand.

3. Organize your cards.

The card is the most valuable asset of an event, it is where contacts are exchanged and responsibilities are assumed. Knowing how to identify and organize which contacts are good leads, and which are not, makes it easy to get in touch.

One tip is to put the good ones in the right pocket of your pants or shirt, and the bad ones on the left side. Or vice versa.

4. Smile when handing out the cards.

It is not enough to hand over the cards, as the first impression is what remains. Smiling and showing content to be making contact with that person makes you earn points when you really contact.

5. Watch your breath.

It sounds silly, but it must be an important care.

Talking for many hours can cause bad breath, so always have chewing gum and breath pads on hand.

Did you get the tips?

So be sure to apply them at the next event and prospect even more clients.

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