The presence of customers is the determinant of our business will continue to survive or not. Without customers, our business might not even work, or even be able to attend. Unfortunately, attracting new customers is not as easy as eating a plate of chocolate cake hehe.


Although difficult, we have summarized 5 innovations and creativity that we can maximize to attract new customers into our business. Are your fellow readers curious? Let us consider the following explanation.


1. Create a Business Group or Forum from All Groups.

One business person with another business person must try to strengthen and provide support, especially for those in different industrial fields. Because the digital era is growing, millennials are increasingly scattered, we also need to adjust to the times. In this case, we must change ourselves to become individuals who like to innovate and be full of creativity .


Try to create or join a business group or forum that consists of all groups and various different fields of industry. In the group or forum, our minds will be more open to think as creatively as possible. Maybe what we used to be is too rigid in running a business, now we become more exciting and innovative people in dealing with all existing business changes.


In addition to honing creativity and innovation, other group members from different industry fields can also help us find new customers. At the very least, they can open up other opportunities for us to look for other potential customers. Conversely, we can also help them to attract new customers. In other words, this group or forum was formed to generate profits for each party.


2. Finding New Customers on All Social Media.

Although maybe the target consumers we have are mostly on Facebook. However, that does not mean promotions and advertisements distributed on other social media will not succeed. Because finding new customers is not as easy as we imagine, we need to ‘spread the net’ to all sides of the sea as much as possible in order to get new fish.


We need to reach new customers wherever they are, including television, radio, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Email, Flyer, and all other search engines (social media). That way, our opportunities to get new customers will increase.


Social media is a platform that is often loved by users who come from various age categories. From the children who have been allowed by their parents to hold gadgets, the big new children (ABG), the adults who have started working, to the elderly parents. Social media has become one of the most innovative ways to attract new customers. Eits, don’t forget to display creative content too so that they are increasingly curious about the products and services we offer.


3. Data Never Lies.

Another way to attract new customers is to trust the data completely. We are sure that the data will never lie. Through data, we can review how many visitors come to our website and how many potential customers ultimately decide to buy and use our products or services.


We can also understand and know what tools are most effective in attracting the attention of new customers. Is that a search from Google, affiliates, paid advertising, or social media? This makes us very dependent on data collection and analysis. This method is included in a very creative and innovative method, because before this method was not as popular as it is now.


4. Become a Good Listener.

Another best way to attract new customers is to try to be a good listener . Why is this a creative and innovative way? Previously, producers could not hear complaints or opinions directly from their customers, as well as opinions from new customers.


Have your fellow readers ever watched a vlog from beauty vloggers who review a certain beauty product on YouTube? Well, this is one of the innovative and creative ways we mean. Starting with a suggestion from YouTube users who suggested the vlogger to review one of the products due to their skin complaints, then the vlogger began to review it, if suitable they would also recommend the beauty product to the visitors of the video.


Well, because this has become very popular, producers have begun sending their beauty products to the beauty vloggers. The goal is that vloggers can provide a review of their products, and of course promote it to an audience on YouTube. So, being a good listener today can be interpreted very broadly, not just listening to complaints from the telephone and e-mail.


5. Sell cheaply to get many benefits through business connections.

We will get more profit if we sell one product at a price of Rp. 100,000 but sold by 10,000 new customers. Instead of installing a price of Rp. 900,000, but only 100 new customers are interested. To make this method more innovative, we apply low prices like the example above to our business connections.


With an affordable price and good service, this will make it easier for us to increase product popularity, so that people who are satisfied with our products will recommend it to their business partners, coworkers, relatives and other people closest to them.


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