Wedding guest list: learn how to organize

Did you and your fiancé decide to get married and have already thought about the wedding date? So it’s good to run to the next – and most feared – step. The list of wedding guests is one of the main points of the whole process. After all, it is based on this list that you will decide the style of wedding, buffet, location of the ceremony, among others.Photo: © Pixabay

It may seem daunting to say that this is the main step, as it is only about inviting those important people to the couple. But in practice, this is not quite how it works. Pull through the memory:

  • How many people does your family have?
    • Should all of them, distant or not, be invited to the ceremony?
    • What about friends?
    • Were all of them present in the couple’s life, yours or the fiance’s, to the point of being invited to participate in this very special moment? It is a time of great analysis and reflection.

To assist you in this arduous task, we have included in our article some tips on how to organize a list of wedding guests. Take a pen and paper, write down our tips and start thinking about names right now. Good reading!

What to consider on the wedding guest list?

  • Dream wedding:each couple has a dream for that special moment. While some draw large and luxurious ceremonies in their minds, others prefer more intimate celebrations, just with families and friends. Knowing what type of ceremony the bride and groom want to perform, you can already define the average number of guests. Mini-wedding weddings usually have an average of 50 guests. Large productions can bring 250, 300 and up to 500 people to the ceremony.

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  • Wedding date:ceremonies held on weekends usually have a higher number of confirmations, unlike weddings on weekdays. Before making your list, it is interesting to consider this information. Based on this, it will be easier to know who will be able to attend and who will not be able to attend and, thus, insert in the list those people who will actually be able to attend.
  • Place of the ceremony: there isno point in a complete list if the place of reception cannot accommodate the number of guests, is it not? So, before starting the list, do a search for accommodation capacity among the likely places that the ceremony and reception can be held. This goes for both the religious celebration and the feast. remember that small chapels and churches hold fewer guests than large cathedrals.
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Tips for organizing the wedding guest list

Now that you have the main features of the event, it’s time to get your hands dirty and start listing your guests. See the tips we’ve separated:

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1. General list

List, without restrictions, all the guests that you would like to attend this special date. Without analyzing. It is worth inserting from distant relatives to childhood friends that you barely see. The purpose of this general list is to serve as a basis for the adjustments that will result in the final list.

It is worth mentioning that they are not only the guests of the bride and groom, but also of their families. It is good tone to question the parents of the groom and the bride about whom they intend to invite to the ceremony and also to include them in this general list. The ideal is to separate the guests by family group, thus facilitating the visualization of names – and without running the risk of forgetting any.

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2. PLAN A list

With the general list in hand, the next step is to highlight, on this list, the people who cannot fail to participate in the celebration in any way. This includes family and closest friends, as well as godparents. Some people do not like to relate in this way, but it is necessary to prioritize the important people who will contribute to the costs of the wedding, as is the case with groomsmen.

3. PLAN B list

The rest of the general list will certainly bring guests who, even though the bride and groom opting for the presence, are not that close or may even create embarrassing relationships at the party. Imagine, for example, inviting an uncle who lives far away, but who left due to some uncomfortable situation with his ex-wife, who is a very present aunt in his life? This would be one of the names cut from the general list and would go on to list B.

  • This stand-by list also has another use:if any guest on the main list is unable to attend the wedding, it is possible to make a quick replacement with any of the names on list B.
  • Tip:many people forget, but for 1 year – the wedding planning period – the bride and groom can meet new friends who may become guests at the ceremony. The recommendation is to leave a small margin of emergency error on the final list, from 5 to 10 guests.
  • The big catch is:invite to your wedding those people who really witnessed the couple’s story or who have great importance in the life of one of the newlyweds.

4. List review

You now have three versions of your wedding guest list: the first gives you an overview of guests; the second brings priority guests and the third brings together names that can be invited but are not a priority.

Even with a well-defined list A, the couple may choose to reduce it further. In this case, some information such as:

  • Invitation for children;
    • Lovers of single guests;
    • Coworkers;
    • Coworkers and longtime friends, but who are not present and relatives who are in the habit of disrupting ceremonies, whether through drunkenness, arguments, violence, etc.

Once the review has been done and the final list has been defined, it is time to have the invitations produced and delivered. Organizing the list of wedding guests in advance is paramount, since invitations must be delivered at least two and a half months in advance.

We hope our tips help you in this very special moment. If you are not engaged, but have a friend who will say the famous ‘yes’ soon, share the article with her. We are sure she will love the information!


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