Tips for organizing a wedding that costs up to 1000$

When we talk about organizing a wedding, what is the first thing that comes to mind – right after the mood of romance, of course? High cost. Yeah. Spending on organizing wedding ceremonies generally exceeds 2 digits. This is because many things are involved in the process: decoration, ceremonialists, furniture, sound, video, food, drinks, etc. But did you know that it is possible to organize a wedding and spend much less?

In so-called mini weddings, costs can be around R $ 5,000, for an equally elegant and unforgettable party. Do you have any idea how to reduce these costs and have the dream wedding? Follow our reading and we will give you incredible tips.

How to organize a wedding of up to R $ 1,000?

Have you heard of mini-wedding? Unlike traditional weddings, mini-weddings are characterized by a slightly leaner guest list. In addition to saving considerably on the budget, more intimate weddings also make it possible to make better use of this very special moment: with fewer guests, the bride and groom can give more individualized attention.

But it does not mean that a mini-wedding is exactly cheaper than a traditional wedding. Despite the reduced number of guests, the cost can be even greater than an ordinary ceremony. The attention is in the details. So, you need to keep in mind that if you plan to hold a more economical ceremony, you will need to make some adjustments.

If you are sure that you need to organize a wedding that does not exceed R $ 5,000, follow our tips:

1. Don’t just choose “trendy” suppliers

Especially if you are getting married at the same time as your friends, certainly some of them will indicate you that wonderful dressmaker, who makes magazine covers or, still, that buffet that prepared the city ball. But remember: the more famous the suppliers, the higher the cost.

Before organizing a wedding, you can look around: if you have personal contacts from the area who can help you with making the dress, preparing food and drinks, sound, video and photo, it already results in great savings. A good tip is to try to exchange the services as a wedding gift.

2. In the religious ceremony, pay attention to the choice of the church

For the newlyweds who cherish the religious ceremony, there is also much to consider. This is because the amounts charged for conducting the wedding vary widely from one church to another. Usually, the larger and more traditional the church, the higher the fee for the ceremony.

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A good tip for saving in this regard is to opt for small chapels and churches located in neighborhoods. These tend to charge much less than the most sought after ones, which results in a reduction in spending on your budget.

To give you an idea, the most traditional churches in São Paulo can cost around R $ 2 thousand for the religious ceremony. In addition to the church fee, you need to know that, in addition to the party decoration, you will also need to pay for the church decoration. So it is good to assess the real need for the religious ceremony for the couple.

3. Assess the costs of civil marriage

In addition to the church ceremony, when desired by the bride and groom, the mini wedding also includes the process at the civil registry office. In this case, there are several options, the values ​​of which vary.

Low-income couples can request exemption from fees. In this case, it is necessary to contact the desired registry and find out which documents are necessary for this proof.

As with the church, fees also vary. In the registry offices in São Paulo, the average prices are R $ 395.00 for the wedding to take place in the registry office itself; R $ 395.00 for the religious ceremony, but with civil effect; R $ 1,300.00 for so-called due diligence weddings, which are those held outside the registry office and R $ 395.00 for couples who wish to revert to a marriage certificate.

4. Dimension the amount of food and alcoholic beverages

When it comes to organizing a wedding, it’s hard to think about saving on food and drinks. But it is worth knowing that drinks, especially alcoholic drinks, represent a large share of the budget.

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A great way to save and arrive at a maximum budget of R $ 5,000 is to reduce the options served, both for dishes and alcoholic beverages. Instead of closing large dinners or lunches, with full dishes, how about serving smaller portions? Finger foods, for example – those individual portions of stroganoff, soufflé or risotto – are the right choice for leaner menus.

There are still other options: how about getting your hands dirty and preparing your own wedding menu? Making the right calculation considering the number of guests – which is not even that high – it is possible to perform this step and dispense with hiring an external buffet. If the date is set in advance, even more time to organize.

As for alcoholic beverages, less is more. Choose one or two types of drinks, beer – which is the taste of almost all guests – and a more special drink. If you prefer to save even more, you can remove the beer from the menu and focus on drinks.

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5. Do the decoration yourself

One of the great highlights of wedding ceremonies is the decorations, especially when it comes to the cake table. There is no denying it, they stand out! But it is not because you intend to organize a wedding of up to R $ 5,000 that it is not possible to have an incredible decoration on this very special day.

Have you ever thought about making a DIY style decoration, the famous Do It Yourself? The first step is to search for references on the internet (on Pinterest there are hundreds of thousands of options). Then, just list the materials, find good suppliers and call the family and the team of sponsors to give that strength.

Organize a wedding of up to R $ 5,000: budget model

Now that you have some tips, here’s a practical example. Below is a budget for a mini-wedding of up to R $ 5,000, which you can use. It is a basic budget that can be customized. It is up to the bride and groom to know what they really want in their wedding. Look that:

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