Marketing and advertising: What it is, career, outings and much more

When talking about marketing and advertising, reference is made to promoting a product or service as well as; the planning and execution of commercial activities aimed at a buyer or seller. Marketing and advertising keep a close bond of similarity but they are not the same; In this article you can find everything related to marketing and advertising that may be of interest to you.

Marketing and advertising what is it?

Advertising: Advertising are strategies used by a company to promote a certain product or service to the public; The main tool used to publicize the product or service to be promoted by companies dedicated to advertising are the means of communication through which they transmit advertising campaigns dedicated to said product to be sold or promoted.

Advertising is a technique implemented through radio, television, cinema, Internet, print media such as newspapers, magazines, flayer; also billboards whose sole purpose or objective is to inform the general public of the existence of a product or service to encourage their purchase, advertising is the way to make known to the public the amount of necessary information about said product; its benefits, its quality that distinguishes it from another brand.

Advertising is not only used for the promotion of a product or service but also to promote an event, important fact, a news this strategy is used to publish this information to society in general; If the message is striking, authentic and manages to capture all the attention of the public, it can be said that the advertising strategies used were effective and the message captivated the consumer.

Advertising can also be considered as a form of communication for the development of an advertising campaign through marketing strategies that are of fundamental support to transmit the information that is to be reflected and made available to the public and that is done efficiently and Its purpose is fulfilled with the greatest success that is to promote or publicize any product service or information in general.

Marketing: It is a word that comes from English whose meaning in Spanish is marketing or marketing; Marketing are strategies that help improve the sales of a company, its main objective is to bring benefits to the company and the study of the behavior and analysis of the market and consumers.

Marketing is characterized by being a technique in charge of the study of the markets with respect to the company that wishes to advertise a particular product or service in order to attract customers and meet their needs. Marketing specialists usually implement the use of the four P’s in their marketing strategies that are nothing more than: Product, Price, Place (distribution) and Advertising.

Marketing experts define it as a social and administrative process to meet the needs of a general public

Marketing is mostly used as a tool to make a business or company something profitable and viable, nowadays marketing is used directly or indirectly by a company. All entrepreneurs apply marketing for the benefit and improvement of their sales

Focusing on the study of the market with respect to the position of consumers.

Types of Marketing:

  • Digital marketing
  • Social Marketing
  • Viral Marketing
  • Relational marketing
  • Direct marketing
  • Guerrilla marketing

Marketing and advertising in what it consists

Marketing and advertising are activities carried out within a company specifically in an advertising or marketing department and consists of carrying out the activities necessary to carry out the launch of an advertising campaign in order to promote a new product or only advertise any service.

These activities are not only to advertise the product, marketing and advertising, they also involve the entire process of manufacturing and product development, market studies, analysis of supply and demand, inquiring about competition, taking care of the distribution and sale of the product, in addition to launching the product to the market as we know.

Importance of Marketing and Advertising

The importance of marketing and advertising lies in the action of satisfying the concerns and needs of society, in the marketing and advertising department in a company is the key piece since it is the main department for profitability and stability of a company from here emerges The importance of these strategies and techniques.

Marketing and advertising are responsible for promoting a good product or service as well as those responsible for the study and behavior of markets. Marketing and advertising to the company generate profitability for the company while the consumer covers or satisfies their different needs and concerns.

Advertising as well as marketing are of great importance for a company since these techniques and strategies are essential for both small and large companies because through them society makes the purchase of products, goods and services and this generates profitability The company and the customer or buyer are satisfied with what they obtained.

Advertising is to publicize the information of a new product or service, advertising all the necessary information about the product, its price, how to acquire it, payment method, where it can be found, its benefits, because the buyer should acquire it between a end of features that can be made known about the product as an advertising strategy.

From the past, advertising is a great help for the sale of a product, it brings a benefit to the company in the business world and through advertising there is a healthy competition between companies of the same branch that want to sell similar products .

The marketing and advertising departments are currently the most relevant and important since it is not only about making the product known but also about making information about an important event or event seeking to capture public through striking messages. and that captivate people who are interested in attending the promotion and creating the concern of wanting to know more if this happens means that these departments are successfully fulfilling their purpose.

Another important objective of the marketing department in a company is the study and analysis of the behavior of markets and consumers with the specific purpose of capturing, retaining and obtaining customer loyalty, as well as satisfying their needs, through strategies of the implemented marketing you can know more thoroughly the consumer. (see: pastry run ).

Marketing and advertising functions

Marketing Functions: The main functions for marketing strategies to be effective are the following:

  1. To propose strategies regarding the commercialization of products.
  2. Design marketing plans for the promotion of products, goods or services and follow up.
  3. Development of promotional material for the entire advertising campaign to be carried out.
  4. Identification, study, analysis and selection of the market to which you want to place the product.

Through these functions and applying the necessary strategies both the client or consumer and the businessmen will be satisfied each satisfying their various fields, on the other hand the entrepreneur is satisfied to sell the product and receive his profit and the consumer to acquire what he needed and cover their respective needs.

Functions of advertising: It is the most efficient way to publicize a product through various techniques below we will see some of those functions of advertising.

  • Economic function: The purpose of this function is to sell as many products as possible to consumers, as well as to try to increase production significantly.
  • Financing function: This function is about financing means of communication to transmit the publicity you want to publicize.
  • Substitute function: This function aims to replace the actual presentation of the product with a more elaborate and striking message that captures and captures the consumer.
  • Deproblematic function: This function has the purpose of showing a perfect world without any problem, seeks to show the beautiful side of life to counteract the negative aspects that affect society in general.
  • Stereotyping function: It is to disseminate advertising massively, to match tastes with respect to product consumption.
  • Creative function: This function is characterized by making the product known without any limitation, implementing as many resources as possible to make the product attractive to the consumer. (see: documentary maker).

Marketing and advertising strategies

The marketing strategies also known as marketing or marketing strategies are actions carried out by the marketing department of a company in order to carry out its main objective which is to make known the existence of a new product in the market, another objective in the application of marketing strategies is to increase sales.

Some of these strategies are:

  • Product strategy: The actions implemented are the commercialization of the product through advertising campaigns and marketing strategies.
  • Strategies for the price: This strategy is about launching a product with an adequate price to the market so that consumers can acquire it and be of their preference to other brands, and that in addition to the price imposed on the product the company recovers its investment In addition to perceiving the profit margin due.
  • Distribution strategy: Are the strategies implemented in relation to the distribution of the product as well as the place where the product will be sold or offered to consumers, it can also be the implementation of strategies to offer the product via the web or by phone calls .
  • Strategies for promotion or communication: This strategy is nothing more than to make known in the market the new product, as well as to motivate consumers to purchase the product.

The only purpose through the implementation of advertising strategies is to launch an advertising campaign to publicize a good product or service and motivate the consumer to make purchases from them. Below we will see some strategies used in advertising:

  • Comparative strategy
  • Financial strategies
  • Promotional strategies
  • Thrust strategies
  • Traction strategies
  • imitation strategies

How to do marketing and advertising

The study and analysis of the market with respect to the product or service that you want to advertise is one of the fundamental aspects when doing marketing, this in order to know which product has a more viable output at the time of sale, it it needs an exhaustive study of the market with this throw the following questions and also the most effective answer for these questions thrown by the study to the market; product, price, place and promotion.

At the time of marketing and advertising there are certain elements that intervene when performing this technique and implement the necessary strategies to achieve a good campaign which are:

  1. Transmitter
  2. Advertising Objective
  3. Advertising medium
  4. Advertising message
  5. receiver

To carry out an advertising campaign and the launch of the product to the market, it is necessary to learn how to do marketing and advertising, how to correctly implement the necessary strategies so that everything is carried out in the best possible way; Below is how to do marketing and advertising:

  • Stable advertising objectives: This tries to find the objective where the advertising campaign is going and establish that it is desired to achieve through these objectives; Most advertising objectives are usually related to: cer
  1. Present the new product
  2. Highlight the novel existence of the product
  3. Highlight the main benefits of the product
  4. Make the product characteristics known
  5. motivate the consumption and purchase of the product
  • Define the target audience: After the advertising objectives have already been established, the public to whom the product in question is to be directed should be searched and which will be the advertising medium through which this advertising will be transmitted since not all people have access to the same advertising media so they must implement several advertising strategies.
  • Analyze the target audience: Once the target audience is defined, the characteristics and strategies to be implemented when launching the advertising campaign must be analyzed.
  • Determine the advertising budget: This refers to how much the entrepreneur is willing to invest in the advertising campaign, this advertising budget must depend on certain factors involved in the how; advertising objectives, industry, market, competition, etc.
  • Select advertising media: Since it is intended how much money can be invested in the advertising campaign, through the advertising budget you must choose through which means of communication the advertising will be transmitted; The most effective media for advertising campaign are:
  1. TV
  2. Radio
  3. Press
  4. Internet
  • Compose advertising message: Once you have selected the means through which the advertising campaign will be transmitted, you must write a message, which is appealing to the consumer and that manages to catch and hook and want to acquire the service or product that is is advertising.
  • Make advertising effective: Once all the requirements are complete to carry out the advertising campaign, it becomes effective and the advertising campaign is launched.
  • evaluate the results: Once the advertising campaign is launched, the results obtained are evaluated, that is, if the campaign was effective and managed to reach consumers and capture them so that it is of benefit to the company in question.

How to make a marketing and advertising plan

The marketing and advertising plan is the most relevant factor to any company or business that is required to carry out since it is what allows customers to be captured, to create a relationship between the entrepreneur and the consumer, in addition to allowing the transmission of an advertising message through which can make sales and generate money for the company. Marketing and advertising plans are composed of certain features such as:

  1. Define the business, brand, good or service to advertise
  2. Study the market including the competition
  3. Set long-term goals and objectives
  4. Define proposals for sales
  5. Define traffic sources
  6. Take content marketing into account
  7. Advertising
  8. Tools you would need to carry out the marketing and advertising plan
  9. Sales funnel

These are some of the characteristics involved when creating a marketing and advertising plan for a company.

What studies Marketing and advertising

Advertising and marketing or also known as marketing as we know are a set of tools and techniques implemented through strategies whose purpose is to sell a certain product, good or service.

These strategies study the behavior on the market seeking to know which is the best option to launch a product to the market and obtain great profits, it also studies what is the best way to advertise which means of communication is more viable to launch advertising campaigns.

Whose purpose is to publicize a new product and be able to sell it massively and generate profits for the company that is launching that product. (see: announcer ).

Marketing, advertising and sales

Marketing, advertising and sales are the most important and important factors involved in the profitability and viability of a company, since these three elements depend on each other and bear great similarity and are linked by a narrow bond to ensure the Business success and prosperity.

Marketing and advertising consist of launching a product that meets the needs of society after having carried out a preliminary study of the market with respect to the needs of the consumer, who wish to cover and satisfy those needs and that both fields remain satisfied both the entrepreneur and society.

Marketing are strategies used to increase sales, the sales process is what makes the product in question be sold in order to obtain large profits and the high increase in sales. Marketing, advertising and sales all these elements together guarantee the success of the business and predict the prosperous and profitable activity of the company.

Differences between marketing, advertising and sales

It is very difficult to find a difference in terms of these elements since they keep a narrow bond and depend on each other that it is very difficult to be able to achieve some differences as for the other but we will name some that can be highlighted:

  • The results of sales are noticed in the short term, while the results produced by the strategies are noticed in the long term.
  • Sales are not only the result of the good work done by the seller but also the result of the great work done by the advertising campaigns, the marketing and advertising strategies applied are the ones that allow customers to be captured for the sales in question.
  • Advertising is characterized by publicizing the new product, while sales are the ones who provide the proceeds from the sales of the product.
  • Marketing through studies shows what the product to be developed to meet the needs of the consumer, while in sales the product is first made and then calculated as selling.
  • Sales are characterized by having an external influence, while marketing and advertising have an internal orientation on the part of the company.
  • Sales cover the needs of the company while marketing covers the needs of the consumer.

How marketing and advertising relate

On the other hand, marketing is known as a technique for planning various strategies to be implemented in the sales of the product or bins and services and advertising intervened in all these strategies so that through advertising it is known that product that It has the need to be placed in the market and sold for the satisfaction of both the consumer and the entrepreneur.

It can be deduced that advertising is within marketing so that advertising in a certain way depends on the decisions made through the marketing plans proposed for the production of the product or the distribution of the service that you want to make known .

Advertising seeks to capture and catch the general public to buy a particular product or service through the launch of advertising campaigns; All this after having carried out a previous study of the market in relation to the needs of the consumer so it can be said that the relationship of marketing and advertising is that without one there is no other, that is, without advertising there is no marketing and vice versa since both keep a narrow bond and depend on each other. (see: dressmaker ).

Marketing and Advertising Department

The marketing and advertising department of a company can be said to be the heart of that company since these departments depend on the success of sales and the prosperity, profitability and stability of a company; Below we show you how these departments are structured:

  1. Commercial Research Area
  2. Shopping area
  3. Image Area
  4. Sales area
  5. Design and Innovation Area
  6. Communication area

Marketing and digital advertising

Digital marketing and advertising also known as online marketing and advertising are a set of advertising and marketing techniques and strategies developed in digital media, all these techniques are implemented in the online world.

Digital marketing incorporates the use of new tools to implement them as strategies as they are; search engines, social networks, as well as digital profitability measurements.

Marketing and advertising are carried out through the Internet and fundamentally through web pages, search engines, commerce through emails, and also the so-called online advertising that for its part is also composed of advertising via telephone calls.

Marketing and digital or online advertising is a tool that has been implemented in the world of advertising and marketing since the 1990s, little by little the implementation of advertising techniques and strategies as well as marketing were added; as all this digital world of marketing and advertising is done through the Internet through: websites, blogs, social networks, video platforms, forums.

Tools used in marketing and digital advertising:

  1. Search engines
  2. Display advertising
  3. Email marketig
  4. social networks
  5. Websites
  6. Blogs

The most relevant characteristics of marketing and advertising that we can highlight in this article are the following:

  1. Measurement
  2. Personalization
  3. Brand Visibility
  4. Customer acquisition and loyalty
  5. Increase in sales
  6. Create community
  7. powerful channel
  8. Experimentation
  9. Low cost.

Marketing and advertising on social networks

Advertising and marketing through social networks has become a very important phase for advertising since 2013, the transmission of advertisements through social networks has been implemented as they are; Facebook, Twitter, Instagarm among other social networks existing in the digital world, instead of transmitting these advertisements through the press or other media.

The social network Facebook is the pioneer in the world of marketing and digital advertising, it is the leading social network company in the world of social media advertising, below we will read some tips to apply in a publication about the advertising of a product, good or service in a social network:

  1. Use freepublications to evaluate your paid ads
  2. Use tools and strategies that trap and captivate the public to massively buy the product or service offered
  3. Frequently change the commercials
  4. Test the message and images before publishing them on social networks and be sure that I will tie the consumer
  5. Make the advertising campaign for the sales process in the different existing social networks dedicated to marketing and advertising
  6. Design such advertising thinking about the innovation of social networks.

In the social network facebook there are various types of advertisements published below we will see the most relevant and used in this digital platform as a means of advertising and marketing:

  1. Photo ads
  2. Video ads
  3. Carousel

On the social network Twitter there are three types of ads used for advertising campaigns on social networks which are:

  1. Promote accounts: The purpose of this type of advertising is to get followers for different accounts and make outside users follow those accounts.
  2. Promote trends: The trends in the social network twittwer are the topics that lead the lists of the most important publications of the moment, this type of advertising what you are looking for is to trend some theme or advertising of a campaign launched by this social network .
  3. Promote the tuist: This type of advertisement seeks to promote the tweets and to appear in the starting bar and make them trends.

Differences between marketing and advertising

Advertising and marketing are techniques and strategies used by companies to launch a new product to the market, it is difficult to find differences between the two since these two tools keep a close bond of similarity between the two since in a way one depends on the other and vice versa; that is, advertising depends on marketing and marketing depends on advertising.

Marketing is involved in the product manufacturing process, in addition to a study of the market behavior in terms of the need of the consumer in order to meet and meet the needs of the consumer and the company generate profits for the company.

Advertising on the other hand is the process by which the new product, the good or service is made known in the market; The purpose of advertising is to inform consumers of the existence of the product and its market launch.

Marketing is responsible for convincing consumers that the product manufactured by the companies in question, is the one to meet their needs; while advertising is responsible through advertising campaigns to inform the existence of the product. (see: writer ).

Advertising are strategies developed through a creative process in order to launch an advertising campaign to the market that manages to capture public for the purchase of the product or service advertised; Marketing are strategies implemented with a fundamental objective and it is the study of potential markets for the manufacture and promotion of the product, marketing is related in every way to the product from market studies, demand and supply, behavior of competition, product manufacturing, packaging, distribution and market launch.

Marketing and advertising career

The marketing and advertising career seeks to train professionals with the ability to design techniques and strategies in marketing and advertising as well as to know each of the tools that should be applied in both advertising and marketing.

Studying both the marketing and advertising career will provide students with the knowledge necessary to carry out basic tasks of these careers such as; plan, design and execute an advertising campaign and all or what this implies, apply all marketing strategies and techniques in the same way.

Once the marketing and advertising careers are finished, the graduate of this career will have the ability to implement these functions:

  1. Design marketing and advertising strategies and techniques
  2. Identify the tools used in marketing and advertising
  3. Identify the functions of a marketing and advertising department in a company
  4. Implement the tasks of a specialist in this career
  5. Launch an advertising campaign and all this contains is to say; its planning, design and execution
  6. A marketing and advertising specialist will be able to conduct market studies with respect to consumers.

A graduate of the advertising and marketing career will study in depth how to take advantage of the market for the benefit of the state of the industry, can design advertising campaigns that will serve both companies and organizations and meet their industrial objectives. The graduate in marketing and advertising can develop professionally in these positions and functions:

  1. Marketing Manager
  2. Brand Manager
  3. Promotion and Distribution Manager
  4. Advertising manager
  5. Promotion Manager
  6. Market analyst
  7. Production assistant
  8. Administrative assistant
  9. Creative head of advertising agencies
  10. Advertising Account Executive

The marketing and advertising career aims to graduate professionals with sufficient capacity to perform the tasks of this area in a company or institution, implementing the techniques, tools, strategies learned throughout the career through theoretical and practical studies.

Marketing and advertising is a career that makes reference; to the study of the market and the need for expansion of the company, analysis of supply, demand and competition, strategies and techniques of advertising and marketing as well as the launch of advertising campaigns. (see article business administration )

Marketing and distance advertising

The marketing and advertising career can be taken remotely, through one of the houses of studies that are dedicated to teach the careers online, implementing technological resources such as computers.

That this career is not attended in person does not mean that less knowledge is going to be acquired, the preparation is the same, the same subject is studied and the professional graduated from this distance career is trained to perform the functions in a company perfectly of marketing and advertising.

Top grade marketing and advertising

The higher degree in marketing and advertising is a third level university study whose main objective is to provide students with the necessary knowledge and train professionals with the capacity and responsibility to assume positions in the marketing and advertising departments of a company.

A student graduated from a higher degree in marketing and advertising is trained to assume and fulfill the following positions and functions within an advertising and marketing department in a company:

  1. Creative advertising
  2. Community Manager
  3. SEO expert
  4. Advertising Technician
  5. Marketing Event Organizer
  6. Media Assistant in Advertising Companies
  7. Sales manager
  8. Marketing technician
  9. Commercial Research Technician
  10. Junior consultant

Marketing and advertising subjects

Next we will see the subjects or subjects studied in the marketing and advertising career, it is worth noting that these subjects or subjects may vary depending on the university where we study the career or locality where we are:

First year

  1. Marketing
  2. Administration
  3. Communication Theories
  4. Social Trends
  5. Integration, Atmosphere and Communication
  6. Microeconomics
  7. Consumer behavior
  8. Human resources management
  9. Introduction to Audiovisual discourse
  10. Quantitative methods

Second year

  1. Trade and international business
  2. E-business
  3. Applied Statistics
  4. Accounting I
  5. Macroeconomy
  6. Right to
  7. Advertising
  8. Research and Innovation
  9. Cost analysis

Third year

  1. Leadership and negotiation
  2. Market research
  3. Product Policy
  4. Advertising II
  5. Brand Design and Image
  6. Pricing policy
  7. Marketing Service
  8. Right B
  9. Advertising III
  10. IV advertising
  11. Fundamentals of Strategy
  12. Distribution channels
  13. Business finance
  14. Integrated Marketing Communications

Fourth year

  1. Point of Sale Campaign
  2. Sales Address
  3. Advertising V
  4. Introduction to Finance
  5. Distribution channels
  6. Business to Business Marketing
  7. VI Advertising
  8. Professional Marketing Exercise
  9. E-business
  10. Production and Services
  11. Marketing Service
  12. Leadership and negotiation
  13. Research and Innovation

Higher degree in marketing and advertising Opinions

The higher degree in marketing and advertising has managed to position itself in the houses of studies as one of the careers with greater relevance and importance in recent times, this university career is not new but the momentum in the labor world and its importance in business matters They have added an important popularity to the career in question by increasing their school enrollment and turning it into a highly sought-after career in the different houses of studies worldwide.

The degree in advertising and marketing allows the person graduated from this career with adequate preparation to understand the consumer, analyze market behaviors, supply and demand and depending on the results of these analyzes, implement adjustments in the strategies and applied marketing and advertising techniques.

The marketing and advertising professional is trained to handle the public, position a product in the market, launch advertising campaigns through different media, conduct market studies, analysis of supply and demand, inquire about its competence, study the viability of the product to be manufactured and if it would generate profits for the company or otherwise generate losses.

Marketing is a branch of the social sciences which seeks the best way to meet the needs of the consumer, as every science is very difficult to understand exactly its history however there are indications that marketing and advertising from the 50s begins to be taught as a university career.

The degree is a third level university study that allows the student to possess the necessary knowledge to develop in the professional field and be a good publicist or a good marketing specialist.

Marketing and advertising universities

Next we will observe a list with the different universities where you can study the marketing and advertising career.

Universities that teach marketing and advertising in Venezuela both face-to-face and online:

  • Bicentennial University of Aragua
  • Rodolfo Loero Arismendi Industrial Technology University Institute
  • University Institute of Technology Américo Vespucio
  • University Institute of Industrial Administration Technology
  • Antonio Ricaurte University Institute of Technology
  • Las Mercedes University Institute of Design
  • Jesús Enrique Lossada University Institute
  • Gran Colombia University Institute
  • José María Carreño University Institute of Technology
  • Rufino Blanco Fombona University Institute of Technology
  • Alejandro de Humboldt University
  • University Institute of New Professions
  • Andres Bello Catholic University
  • Monteávila University
  • Antonio José de Sucre University Institute of Technology
  • READIC University Institute of Technology
  • Jesús Enrique Lossada University Institute
  • London School of Business & Finance Online
  • Yacambú University
  • Rafael Belloso Chacín University
  • Henry Pittier University Institute of Technology
  • University Institute of Marketing
  • Central University of Venezuela
  • Santa Maria College
  • University Institute of Specialized Education
  • Rafael Belloso Chacín University College
  • Alonso de Ojeda University
  • José Antonio Páez University
  • Technological University of the Center
  • university of Carabobo
  • University of the Andes
  • Catholic University of Táchira
  • Universidad Nororiental Privada Gran Mariscal de Ayacucho
  • Juan Pablo Pérez Alfonzo University Institute of Technology
  • Momboy Valley University
  • Interactive Online Courses and Masters Education
  • From Broc School of Business

Universities that teach the marketing and advertising career in Colombia both face-to-face and online:

  • Cervantina San Agustín University Foundation
  • Konrad Lorenz University Foundation
  • Savannah College
  • University of Applied and Environmental Sciences UDCA
  • University of Bogotá Jorge Tadeo Lozano
  • University Corporation God’s Minute
  • Grancolombiano Polytechnic University Institution
  • Cooperative University of Colombia – Bogotá Headquarters
  • Iberoamerican University Corporation
  • central University
  • University Santo Tomas
  • University Augustinian UNIAGUSTINIANA
  • University Corporation of Science and Development
  • Los Libertadores University Foundation
  • School of Administration and Marketing of Quindío
  • Pan American University Foundation
  • Virtual University
  • Luis Amigó Catholic University
  • University Foundation of the Andean Area
  • Sergio Arboleda University
  • Unitec University Corporation
  • San Martin University Foundation
  • Autonomous Technological Foundation of Bogotá
  • School of Arts and Letters Corporation – University Institution
  • Santander University
  • Unilatin
  • San José – Higher Education Foundation Technological Institution
  • Pontifical Bolivarian University
  • CESDE Technical Training
  • University Foundation of Fine Arts
  • University Institution – Salazar y Herrera
  • Colombian tuition
  • ICESI University
  • Professional Drawing Academy Foundation
  • University Research and Development
  • Santander University
  • Catholic University of Manizales
  • Huila University Corporation
  • Comfanorte Higher Education Foundation
  • Meta University Corporation

Universities that teach marketing and advertising in Peru both in person and online:

  • National University of San Agustín
  • Lima University
  • Peruvian University of Applied Sciences
  • César Vallejo University
  • University of Piura
  • Federico Villarreal National University
  • Professional Schools
  • Leo Design – Advertising Institute
  • TOULOUSE LAUTREC Direction and Graphic Design
  • ITA Charles Chaplin
  • Peruvian Institute of Advertising
  • Inca Garcilaso de la Vega University
  • University of San Martín Porres
  • ESAN University
  • San Ignacio De Loyola University
  • Universidad Privada Del Norte (La Libertad)
  • Federico Villareal National University
  • Universidad Tecnológica Del Perú (Lima and Arequipa headquarters)
  • Peruvian Institute of Marketing
  • Peruvian University of the Americas
  • Idat Institute
  • Andean University Nestor Cáceres Velásquez
  • Union Peruvian University
  • National University of San Marcos
  • Scientific University of the South
  • Ricardo Palma University
  • Continental University – Graduate School – Huancayo
  • Continental University – Graduate School – Lima
  • Peruvian Institute of Marketing
  • Pacific university

Marketing and advertising outlets

The field of work for a professional in marketing and advertising is quite wide, once a student in marketing and advertising this graduate of this career can perform the following tasks, as well as perform in the functions that we will see below:

  • Marketing and / or advertising technician
  • Marketing and communication event organizer
  • Media Assistant in Advertising Companies
  • Market Research Technician
  • Surveyor inspector or survey and census agent
  • Data encoder for market research
  • Commercial Director
  • Marketing director
  • Sales manager
  • Advertising Director
  • Professor of advertising and marketing at university level
  • Design, plan and execute advertising campaigns
  • Market Research Technician
  • Community Manager
  • Digital analyst
  • Social media manager
  • Brand content specialist
  • SEO Specialist
  • Marketing Specialist
  • Digital media planning
  • Digital marketing manager

In this list we can show some of the functions and tasks performed by a professional in marketing and advertising, it should be noted that these are not all existing, it should also be noted that depending on the academic instruction of the person will depend on their position and function to occupy.

Marketing and advertising how much they earn

Marketing and advertising is a profession a bit complex and with many occupations but very well paid; in advertising and marketing as in each and every career there are hierarchies at the labor level, that is, the higher the hierarchy, the higher the pay is in return to their job performance.

How much do a publicist or marketing specialist earn ?; This will depend on the country where we are, exercising this profession and what the situation of the company.

There are many factors that intervene to really know how much a publicist or marketing specialist earns but as mentioned before this will depend on the country where we are exercising this profession and also which function and position we perform within the company or marketing department or advertising.

Marketing and Advertising Company

A marketing and advertising company is an organization or commercial institution composed of professional people and specialized in advertising and marketing such as; creative, publicists, technical marketing specialists in market studies among others.

An advertising and marketing company is that organization or commercial institution responsible for creating strategies for launching an advertising campaign, creating content for digital platforms, this is better known as marketing and digital advertising (see article administration of tourism companies )

Advertising and marketing companies are organizations specialized in the creation, development and execution of an advertising campaign with the aim of launching a new product to the market and making it known or simply advertising and promoting a good or service.

A company marketing and advertising company is composed of the departments of; media department, creative department and account department, each of these departments fulfills a specific function in the company and all together perform all the advertising work and each of them depends on the success and effectiveness of the advertising campaign.

What are public relations?

As public relations is known to science whose main purpose or objective is to deal with communication between a company and society in general, in order to increase sales, give a good image of the company, establish good relationships between company and consumers, identify policies and procedures of a company with respect to public interest.

Public relations or PR as abbreviated is a discipline that, through strategies, is responsible for developing communicative actions based on the strengthening of communication between the company and the public to whom the message is addressed; in public relations communication tools are implemented through which it seeks to create and maintain a good reputation of a company in the eyes of consumers, public relations is a discipline that not only aims to create a good image in front of consumers, but also that the workers of said company always have a good image of it.

Public relations in marketing and advertising plays a fundamental role since public relations encompasses all the actions carried out in a company and all this is fundamental for the viability and sustenance of the company, since the company depends on positive, transparent, Clear and concise to reflect before the consumer so that their trust and credibility are their strength and there is never any doubt about their good image

Business aspects that must be kept in mind for a good positioning of the company and always provide a good image:

  • Identity: Identity is what differentiates the company from the rest, characterizes the company, is the heart of everything, so it is known from the first moment what I can make the consumer get hooked.
  • Philosophy: the philosophy, the vision, the objectives that the businessmen raise and which they try to achieve so that the company has a good positioning.
  • Culture: This business aspect refers to the values ​​that are present from the beginning in the company and are always maintained.
  • Image: This business aspect refers to the public opinion they have about said company whose main objective of public relations is to be the best at all times.
  • Reputation: Reputation is the concept the idea that consumers have about the company in question which should be the best, so to say that the objectives have been met with the greatest success.

Differences between marketing, advertising and public relations

Both marketing and advertising are closely connected with public relations so much that it is quite difficult to find some differences between these disciplines, but even if some differences are rescued that we will name below:

  • Marketing studies markets in relation to consumers
  • Public relations is a discipline that aims to create a link between the company and the consumer
  • Advertising refers to the market launch of a new product through an advertising campaign
  • Through public relations you can identify by which means of communication is the most frequented by consumers and thus launch advertising campaign
  • Marketing through the implementation of its techniques and strategies aims to meet the needs of consumers but also conquer the markets
  • Public relations are involved in all the actions of the company both outside and within it.

Double degree marketing, advertising and public relations

Studies of a double degree of marketing, advertising and public relations; They are third level university studies, that is, postgraduate level and that is nothing more than the simultaneous study of these two disciplines. Its fundamental objective is to acquire the necessary knowledge of both careers or study to apply them in the labor field.

The purpose of a wearable degree of marketing. publicity and public relations, is to train highly trained professionals to perform the tasks assigned to each function or position that a graduate of these careers can perform and perform them effectively and successfully.

A professional graduated from a double degree in marketing, advertising and public relations will be able to assume the following positions:

  • Advertising Director
  • Marketing director
  • Marketing analyst
  • Director of communication
  • Corporate Communication Manager
  • Creative directors
  • Art directors
  • Account Executives

The positions and functions reflected in these lists are only a few options that a professional in advertising and public relations marketing can perform in the labor field, it should be noted that there are many more options.

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