Tax Administration: What it is, functions, career and more

Tax administration what is it?

The concept of tax administration. It is defined as an organization delegated by the state of a nation. With the objective of performing functions related to the control, monitoring and compliance with tax laws. Therefore it handles everything related to the taxes of a state.

History of the tax administration


As of 1997, the tax administration service in Latin American countries such as Venezuela begins to be known. From its beginnings it is in charge of the processes of finance and public credit. The staff is responsible for determining and collecting state taxes.

Its objective is based on obtaining the resources and thus covering the state’s needs. To improve its conditions.

Objectives of the tax administration


  • Develop the collection processes
  • They carry out sanctioning processes of those who do not comply with the tax payments
  • Smuggling and informal trade decrease
  • They detail the registration processes and in turn ensure the reliability of this procedure.
  • They must make projections that monitor city obligations in reference to taxes
  • It is necessary that they constantly evolve and innovate their systems in order to improve the conditions of the tax administration
  • They should encourage their employees to perform honest processes. Quality and a commitment to the culture of the place where they operate. Attached to the legal processes of the state
  • They have practical and innovative computer systems. With safety and ease of handling
  • They should educate citizens, reward honest and responsible people, providing a premier service

Tax administration work processes

  • Due to their work, they have in their database the address of each citizen
  • They have high efficiency technological systems. It allows the services they offer to be valid for citizens
  • Its software detects citizens and businesses that try to evade taxes
  • Contribute with taxpayers of tax processes
  • They have knowledge and develop in accounting positions ( Civil engineering in biotechnology)
  • Plans that reduce the corruption of citizens and businesses
  • Try to reduce returns and errors that affect the taxpayer
  • Monitor the tax processes and responsibilities of citizens and businesses

Tax Administration Functions

The functions of the tax administration. They focus on processes related to projection, processing and development. Also the direction, surveillance and management of actions related to tax legal functions. With the objective of collecting all the financial processes that improve the fiscal conditions of the state.

Functions of the tax administration

  • They collect taxes and in turn punish and recommend citizens and businesses
  • They carry out processes that verify the fiscal processes that citizens and companies must comply with.
  • Pay taxes, regulations, penalties and processes related to the improvement of a society.
  • They perform procedures related to taxes. Its system focuses on complying with the legal sector.
  • Manage financial projects that favor by elements of the state
  • They register systems of applications to citizens. With the respective regulations related to tax methods.
  • They draw up plans related to the inspection of data related to taxpayers and debtors. They must comply with the laws and taxes and enforce them.
  • Establish and apply computer systems. They evaluate all logistic and tax processes. ( Tissue Engineering )
  • They make projections that allow to apply regulations in the tax system
  • They monitor public and private institutions, with the aim of making payments. They verify the statistical processes and notify the costs. Make plans that contribute to society through companies
  • They make treaties with national and international organizations in exchange for information. The information they collect is about tax processes

Specific functions that contribute to the tax administration

  • Ratify or discard projects related to transfer pricing and procedures linked to laws
  • Organizations with greater power have greater responsibilities than small businesses and individuals. They must pay their taxes through social systems and the tax administration must direct these systems
  • They must monitor payments made by taxpayers. They also execute procedures related to payment due. Make adjustments to the legal norms made
  • The prosecutors carry out surveillance projections towards companies that must make tax payments on the estimated dates. They control what goes in and out of organizations
  • They carry out inspections on activities carried out by officials in the institutions. They monitor the administrative processes of a company

Tax Administration career

Tax administration professionals have related skills in the advice of tax and statistical processes. With the purpose of processing all administrative processes of organizations. Evaluate and monitor data related to tax processes.

They are supported by technological systems related to tax procedures. They make innovative plans that improve the tax system and thus produce new legal systems. That improve tax matters.

The tax administration is responsible for taking powers related to the innovation of financial development in an industry. Make projections that allow taxpayers to invest more easily. Educate businessmen and citizens with reference to the tax payment before the expiration time.

They carry out projects that reduce the amount of debt. It benefits from the resources that have the taxes. Process legal proceedings and defense or against in cases of the tax system. It is responsible for managing the socio-economic process in the work environment and the state in general.

The tax administration has the primary objective of training a professional. That I made financial processes and in turn grow the economic system of a country. This institution has the backing of a nation because it is this that regulates the financial aspects.

Tax institutions respect the rules related to tax processes. It carries out planning systems that improve the monetary conditions of the industry. It manages statistical and logistic processes that help improve tax payment processes.

Tax Administration Career Recognition Process

The profile of a tax administration professional is defined as a person with character and decision-making power. With great mastery of oratory. They are handled with efficiencies in the mathematical, statistical and logistic sciences. They carry out work with efficiencies related to numbers in the industries. They are autonomous and active professionals.

These traits allow them to solve problems in a certain period of time. The legal processes of a country are interested and managed. Tax administration professionals are born leaders. Which proceed to manage departments. They are professionals who value the work of others. They work as a team to improve economic processes in companies. Evaluate and execute systems that facilitate corporate tax payments ( . Human Resources Administration )

Tax Administration Career Development Sector

The tax administration professional executes his work in the public or private business sector. They are developed in specialized departments in the Ministry of Finance. In the same way they develop with skill in the service charge of a municipality. They carry out their work in legal services departments. They also work in consulting positions. Manage cost management available in companies.

Advantages and disadvantages of the tax administration career

  • They carry out work departures from the State tax sector department
  • They have influences related to knowledge and skills related to the tax sector
  • They operate in private and public departments
  • They add and apply legal regulations, dominate everything related to the tax sector. They make projections that improve the economic and legal conditions of a company
  • It is a profession made by people who know and master the numbers and sciences related to it

Disadvantages of the tax administration career in Venezuela

  • They have extensive competition in public companies, which sometimes do not allow them to stand out
  • They perform in a bureaucratic and corrupt environment, due to the type of work they do in State prosecutors
  • They have responsibilities that generate certain difficulties due to the decisions they must make as tax administrators
  • They must master the mathematical, logistic and statistical sciences. This is because their work is done in the fiscal and economic sector.
  • They make decrees related to available economic budgets. Everything in the legal framework

Customs and tax administration universities in Venezuela

Tax administration in Venezuela . Professionals who have knowledge related to mathematics, logistics and statistics. They develop in fiscal procedures that are implemented in the State. They develop their work in public and private institutions ( Information Systems Engineering )

Occupational area of ​​the tax administration in Venezuela

They operate in the government sector. They work within tax tax departments. They make plans related to the productive and commercial structure of a company. They carry out work in city halls and municipal councils. They work in legal departments and public and private institutions.

Careers related to the tax administration in Venezuela

  • Tax Tax Management
  • Fiscal sciences (technical)
  • Commercial administration
  • Tax sciences mention income, customs, foreign trade, public finances
  • Fiscal Science

In the tax administration in Peru . The professionals of this career in Peru, carry out economic processes and regulate tax rules. They carry out tax work. They are trained to work in work teams. They offer tax advice and help reduce fiscal problems. He has great knowledge of financial strategy.

Working world of the tax administration in Peru

The professionals who graduate from universities in Peru. They carry out financial work in public and private sectors. They have great knowledge in the tax sector and this allows them to advise large companies. ( Software Engineering   )

Tax administration of Costa Rica . It focuses on creating multidisciplinary professionals. With great knowledge in numerical areas. They carry out strategies that allow to expand knowledge related to business tax advice and commitments. They support accountants in tax processes. They operate in tax administration centers in positions of officials. They carry out private and public advice. They are based on tax rules. They develop economic processes in business sectors.

Students have legal knowledge in tax matters. In order to carry out its activities in a correct way. They make plans that allow tax evasion or quota expirations not to be made. He has knowledge of international tax regulations.

Labor profile of tax administration Costa Rica

  • The professionals of the tax administration career. They have attributes that describe them and are the following:
  • They work in management and management departments related to finance in public and private companies
  • They are business advisors in the tax sector. They can carry out their work in company or independently. They are business consultants in private companies
  • They occupy positions related to the prosecution in the Ministry of Finance
  • They handle economic processes in organizations of any kind
  • They hold management positions that focus on the economic sector of the industrial sector or public institution
  • They are tax sector consultants in offices that carry out tax processes. They support accountants in public and private sectors
  • They develop as university professors in matters related to the prosecution, tax and tax processes
  • They carry out research in study houses and offices. Related to the economic processes that must be carried out to have better conditions in a country
  • Control and advise companies regarding the taxes they must pay
  • They are responsible for monitoring debtors and punishing them
  • They carry out processes that allow taxpayers to pay before the deadline

The tax administration in Ecuador . This career aims to train professionals. Academically trained in numerical processes. It seeks that tax administration professionals carry out innovative activities that make their work easier. They are professionals who are trained to carry out investigations that favor tax payment processes.

General characteristics of the tax administration in Ecuador

In this university school the studies are divided into phases. Related to the development of teachers and mastery of knowledge. The development of projects, research and thesis that favor the institution, career and professional, under the guidance of experts. Your study plan seeks to increase the theoretical and practical knowledge of the student.

The curriculum has subjects that specialize the professional in the tax sector. The university school offers international recognition in reference to the tax sector. They learn to manage the financial processes of a company or public institution.

Objectives of the tax administration in Ecuador

  • It provides the social sector to professionals with ethical values, respectful of the law. In relation to taxes. They make projections that increase tax knowledge. They design plans that allow the collection of theoretical and practical data of fiscal processes. This knowledge improves the business and state economic system.
  • They offer the necessary knowledge for professionals to evolve as experts. In the analysis and resolution of problems that include fiscal processes. They examine and contribute to improving fiscal conditions. They comply with the legal rules and regulations of the tax sector
  • They make plans that expand technological knowledge that facilitate financial processes. They carry out planning processes that improve the tax system. Through sophisticated tool. They must commit and certify that the legal rules are complied with. They must process through sanctions all sectors that do not comply with the tax law. They know how to solve the problems that occur in their working time
  • They carry out research that develops academic activities and practices their profession. With the aim of discovering new systems that improve tax conditions. To use innovative tools in the financial sector. They carry out evolution processes that contribute to the improvement of a company and mainly of a country

Exit profile of tax administration in Ecuador

Tax administration professionals have skills that improve the tax situation of a company. They have knowledge that allows them to improve administrative financial processes. They are held in positions that have great responsibility due to the rules and systems they must follow. In reference to tax fines and surveillance of companies in the economic aspect.

Academic content of the tax administration in Ecuador

Student programs related to the tax administration in Ecuador. They favor the sectors related to business law. They promote research that improves the financial conditions of an organization. Tranzan planes that allow the evolution of innovative processes in tax systems. They are constantly monitoring the new systems that improve and streamline tax processes.

It allows students to develop the ability to identify when a financial system is of quality or inefficient. Similarly, through their academic and practical knowledge, they are able to improve financial conditions. They handle the new globalization systems. They develop in management and leadership sectors that control the accounting, statistics and finance of a trade or company.

They carry out audit processes to monitor the financial systems that organizations carry out. Through imparted knowledge they develop developed tools that improve the technical aspects in the tax sector. They provide advice to institutions and specific natural persons. They advise and direct professionals who effectively carry out administrative processes in the tax sector. They assume responsibilities that relate to the economic system of an organization.

They carry out studies that allow them to develop tax systems that evolve the economy of a country. Your projection of ideas depends on the socio-economic situation of a country. Public organizations are responsible for regulating and punishing. To those companies and natural persons that do not meet the payment dates.

Likewise, they effect factors that improve the conditions of the state thanks to the financial contributions of taxpayers. Promotes state conditions at the economic level. It trains the human resource for the improvement of the financial conditions of a company or public institution.

Research lines of tax administration in Ecuador

  • They carry out investigations that allow the tax system to develop
  • Theoretical analysis and methodology of the elements that make up the tax system today
  • Evaluation of the innovative processes related to the new tax systems

Tax Administration Study Plan in Ecuador

The compulsory subjects that are taught in Ecuadorian universities in relation to tax administration systems are:

  • Foreign trade
  • Public finances
  • International taxation
  • Comparative analysis of tax systems
  • Tax management
  • Sectional taxation
  • Tax planning
  • Investigation methodology

The tax administration in Colombia . It is responsible for training professionals capable of working in management departments. Manage the financial processes of a private and public company.

Professional profile of tax administration in Colombia

  • They examine studies of tax systems. They monitor financial standards. They develop the processes of legislation. They advise organizations in reference to the economy
  • They carry out tax audit systems through their knowledge and skills. They look for ways to reduce financial problems and resolve tax payment duties.
  • They handle all the business, statistical, logistic and accounting data of the organization. They plan the improvement of financial systems through management efforts. Make strategic plans in the economic factor

In Spain the tax administration . They are professionals who make plans related to the problems of tax activities. They work in management departments to improve the elements related to the payment of taxes. They manage the human and business resources at a financial level. ( mention marketing and advertising )

Functions of the tax administration in Spain

  • Advise officials, natural persons and companies in the tax administrative sector
  • They monitor and cooperate with the projection of financial and tax management in an organization
  • Evaluate and manage financial processes in tax systems
  • They monitor private and public companies through systems that improve and control fiscal factors. In this way they provide advice
  • Project and analyze plans and systems that improve tax elements
  • They make and plan the tax management systems in the business world
  • They are able to manage and reduce problems related to the tax system of a company
  • Cooperate and monitor the control of tax payments in private companies. Organize the tax and fiscal factors of a country
  • They study and proceed to execute legal norms related to the tax system

Tax administration work fields in Spain

Professionals in tax administration specialization can perform in the following work areas:

  • Ministry for the Popular Power of Infrastructure, Production and Commerce.
  • City Halls
  • Municipal Councils
  • Legal Desk
  • Public and Private Companies.
  • Ministry for Popular Power for Economy and Finance

Tax Administration Thesis

  • Title

Analysis of the tax regime of the municipalities and their autonomy as established in current legal regulations

  • Author

Ortiz Romero, Carmen Elvira Molina, Daysi. tutor

  • Title

Application of the Organic Tax Code and the Organic Customs Law in defense of the customs taxpayer

  • Author

Guillen Morlet, Jesus Alberto Muci Borjas, José Antonio. Tutor

  • Title

Tax harmonization in Venezuela as a tax principle aimed at achieving tax justice

  • Author

Corrales M, Julio Francisco, tutor Ramírez Basin, Nelly

  • Title

The scope of taxes on economic activities of industry, commerce, services, or similar, in accordance with current legal regulations

  • Author

Dellán M, Miroslava Del Valle Belisario Rincón, José Rafael. Tutor

Thesis from 2004 to the present

  • Title

Constitutionality and legality of the exchange regime established in accordance with decree 2032 dated 05/02/03, published in Official Gazette No. 37,625 of the same date

  • Author

Malavé Yelitza, tutor José A., Martínez V.

  • Title

Tax effects of the migration of operating agreements to joint ventures

  • Author

Peralta Sánchez, Karenia Garatón B, Juan Carlos. Tutor

  • Title

The municipal tax on advertising and commercial propaganda

  • Author

Ríos Chávez, Orlando, tutor Márquez, Ronald Evans

  • Title

Merger of companies, causes and legal consequences

  • Author

Silva Hernández, Adriana, tutor Luciani Gutiérrez, Jorge

Tax administration and its powers

The tax administration is administered by the laws that regulate the finances of where they are located. Its powers, are the legal norms assigned to them by citizens or organizations, are obliged to comply. The articles of the tax code specify the obligations and powers of tax collection. In the same way they express the payment processes, terms, inspections and penalties. ( Molecular Engineering )

Tax administration policy and regulations

The rules and policies of the tax administration are focused on the organization of services related to the supervision of finance. Similarly verify public credits. They must regulate the legislative processes of the prosecution. They develop systems that control public spending. They must handle processes that sanction organizations and individuals who do not comply with the payment period. They make plans that favor taxpayers.

Pensum tax administration

First semester

  • Theory of des. Social and economic
  • Economic theory
  • Math
  • Accounting I
  • Computing
  • Communication techniques

Second semester

  • Physical education and health
  • Fundamentals of admr.
  • Financial mathematics
  • Accounting II
  • Budget
  • Report writing

Third semester

  • Baby alc, cig, and rc tax
  • Planning theory
  • Complementary activities
  • Cost accounting
  • Inv techniques Documentary film
  • Statistics
  • Fourth semester
  • Consumption tax
  • Theory and fiscal policy
  • About events and Don.
  • Fiscal control
  • Financial statement analysis
  • Investigation methodology.

Fifth semester

  • Municipal taxes
  • Theory and politics mon. And financial
  • Inflation adjustment
  • Tax audit
  • Tax Administration
  • Work project is.

Sixth semester

  • Degree work
  • Internships


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