Public Relations: What it is, functions, career and more

Every human encounter is framed in a relationship between both individuals and the projected image. Hence the importance of Public Relations in any area of ​​daily life. Since the race is framed in positioning in the current competitive market those who use it. Let’s see.

Public Relations Introduction

In relation to Public Relations, we now have that the sector called business has undergone a series of changes quickly and constantly. This is why what were the formulas for previous years, are obsolete and do not apply to these new times. It is so that they do not work now to:

  • Make the approach to the market
  • Reach the public which is the goal
  • Find effective communication with all types of audiences

All this being what drives the use of Public Relations in a company to position and grow within the current competitive market. This is why new possibilities arise, which lead to the achievement of success that is recommended for entrepreneurial entrepreneurs, not to ignore.

Public relations

Public relations refers to professional activities. Being the Public Relations functions which are responsible for making the promotion and prestige of the public image of both a company and some person. All this through dealing personally with various people as well as with different entities. (See article Marketing and Advertising )

This is how we can say that Public Relations Definition is considered a discipline that is responsible for managing the communication between a company and key audiences, this being for the construction, administration and maintenance of its positive image.

This is how it is a directive function, which has the characteristic of helping in the establishment and maintenance of specific lines of communication of both parties where they stand out:

  • Understanding
  • Acceptance
  • Cooperation

That has to be generated between a company or organization and the public related to it. As well as creating sensitivity in relation to the importance of public opinion regarding the concern of asking Public Relations what it is .

Other functions of Public Relations

Among many others, it has the task of defining and emphasizing the responsibility inherent to managers to carry out the service of interest to the public. Similarly, as a Public Relations Concept, it is a function called directive which is responsible for establishing and maintaining mutual relations.

This being a beneficial way between a company or organization and all the public on which she depends to achieve success or failure. (See Customs Administration article )

What is public relations?

Public Relations are abbreviated as RR. PP To answer What Public Relations studies and we have that are a number of actions in relation to strategic communication.

Being which in a coordinated and sustained manner over time they are based primarily on strengthening ties with the diversity of audiences.

This is how it goes in search of the generation of a bond that is closer between the organization and its audiences. Like the communication and the parties that are interested. In the same way, try to convince and integrate in a positive way. (See article International Business Administration )

Being necessary for this the use of various strategies, as well as techniques and instruments.

Methods and Theories Used

Within the methods and theories that are used by the Public Relations of other branches and professions we have among others:

  • Advertising
  • Marketing
  • Design
  • Communication
  • Politics
  • Psychology
  • Sociology
  • Journalism

It must be borne in mind that the actions and decisions to be taken will be much more accurate if you have the highest quality and quantity of information. This is how the Public Relationship must be highly informed in relation to everything that happens.

Public Relations Plan

When a company does not contemplate all its audiences, which are external. It happens to be like a turtle that cloaks itself in what is the shell. This is why what refers to a relationship with the external that is practiced must be in a way:

  • Keep going
  • Fluid
  • Dialogue

It must be considered as a fundamental pillar in the construction of a solid business.

In order to create a plan related to public relations, it is necessary to have time, in addition to knowledge and something very important, the understanding of the company and customers. (See article Accounting and Finance )

Below are ten steps, which can be considered as basic when planning strategies. Being these with the purpose of carrying out the implementation of public relations. And that will be presented to the service of any organization, company, company, including small and medium industry. (See article Management and Public Administration )

Steps of the Plan to follow

1.- Have a broad knowledge of both the Organization and the Customers. In order to expand the perspectives on the organization. Therefore it is necessary:

  • Know where you are
  • Know where the company wants to go
  • Also have the knowledge of how it is seen
  • Know what the company’s market is
  • Know what address the company leads

2.- Know the Resources. It is essential to understand what the position of the organization and customers is. This is because it will be the best way to carry out public relations strategies and tactics of the limitations of both the organization and the clients. Being considered regarding:

  • Budgets
  • Weather
  • Other limited resources

3.- Become aware of the Objectives and Goals: It is vitally important to know what the organization’s course is for planning the objectives.

4.- Make the definition and know the target audience: Being of vital importance to issue the correct messages to the different audiences.

5.- List the messages and strategies: This being necessary for the establishment of relationships with other corporations and customers.

Rest of the steps of the Plan

6.- Make the definition of the tactics to be used: Which must be done before the implementation of strategies.

7.- In order to implement the plan create a timeline: In order to remember the actions to be performed.

8.- Proceed to the delegation of obligations and responsibilities: This step is of vital importance to follow up the PR Plan and its operation.

9.- Take the measurements of the results and the events: In order to know if the plan is effective.

10.- Review of the Plan: After implementing and concluding the Plan, it is necessary to review the successes and failures in order to improve more and more.

Public Relations Strategies

Because Public Relations are constantly under construction and change. And this is because the industry demands a constant dynamism.

It is therefore necessary to experiment constantly, with new strategies as well as tactical approaches. In order to make the adaptation in the best way to what are the requirements related to communication that are had.

Then, strategies such as:

  • Create Content

To consider a strategy in Public Relations as avant-garde, it must be based on content. It is necessary to stop thinking that in order to do the solid design and execution of RP we must do:

  • Public Relations event organization
  • Sending newsletters
  • Schedule interviews

From now on, what refers to content and storytelling has now become the fundamental basis, of which they are more effective in relation to the message communication of some brand.

  • Avoid rotation

Human relations are the fundamental basis of Public Relations. Thus, maintaining a base in relation to personnel that is stable as much as possible will be of great help for the construction of ties.

The other Strategies are:

  • Brand Reputation Construction

The agency or the Public Relations area is responsible for building the reputation of its clients. Reason why it is one of the responsibilities and a mission when working with organizations. As with Public Relations with the community.

  • Foster all relationships 1: 1

As for communication, what is done in a personalized way becomes a necessity of primary order in Public Relations.

Action within those that are implemented. In order to effectively convey the message that you want to communicate individually.

  • Innovation in Communication

It is necessary to review what methods are being used in communication. This is how the use of multimedia or storytelling can communicate effectively and become a more striking way for those involved.

Public Relations Tools

Listed below are some of the tools to be implemented in an organization in order to obtain the benefit of concretizing their ideas and exposing them at the market level. This being in search of the achievement of the goals of the organization. (See article human resources management )

The use of communication platforms is of utmost importance. Since any of them is suitable for the management of public relations.

Become a news

This in order to get the attention of the media, as well as the general public. As an example you can:

  • Invite important characters to serve customers one day
  • Perform charitable acts
  • Become part of the new business alliances

Make Various Events

Such can be as the product promotion parties doing Public Relations of a product . Events are a tool that increases empathy between the company and the client. In order to reduce costs, you can sponsor some foreign events.

Promote the Consent Client

Making lists with who have been loyal and frequent customers. To which they are rewarded by the preference towards the organization. Which will motivate you to continue with the company and find others who also want to be.

Other important tools

Advertising Content Generation

For the company to convey the vision of its business and keep up with changes at the market level. Is this tool one of the most versatile. Being that gifts can be made that reinforce the brand in its recognition. In addition to generating empathy with customers, such as:

  • Flannels
  • Hats
  • Pencils
  • Keychains

Assist NGOs

Being through social responsibility as it demonstrates which position assumes a company or organization. One of the ways to obtain public receptivity is through the social work that the company performs. (See article on Business Administration )

Do Employee Training

In any company or organization who are its main representatives will be the employees. Thus, the way in which they express their feelings about the company and the product in question will be of vital importance to attract customers.

In the same way that the position and the service they provide to the client will be vital for him to return and become a fixed and faithful client of that company. (See article Administrative Engineering )

Public Relations History

Since ancient times, Public Relations were already used, when they were used, in order to promote respect for the authority of the boss.

Discussion was encouraged at the public level in the agora or public square of Ancient Greece, where the public was persuaded through the use of theater.

Similarly in the Roman era, words that are considered proper to Public Relations such as the Republic referred to the “Public Thing” and also Vox Populi referred to the “voice of the people” were used.

In the times of the Middle Ages because of not being able to discuss ideas, what may have been the continuation of Public Relations in its development is suppressed.

From the Renaissance

At this time, the so-called freedom of expression arose, and ideas could be exchanged freely. This being what gives impetus to the profession of public relations. From there it was growing progressively.

Since from this period until the arrival of World War II the increase of this discipline was greatly favored. Especially for the United States.

It should be noted the period of 1900 where Ivy Lee makes his appearance who is known as the father in a practical way of Public Relations. Among what he contributed to them, we have among others:

  • The launch of free information which is the basis for the Public Relations seat
  • It is responsible for clarifying the confusion that emanates from advertising and Public Relations. Thus giving the seat to each in terms of their characteristics. Being thus clearly differentiated.
  • It makes possible the individuality of Public Relations as a modality autonomously.

Follow the appearance of Public Relations

It should be noted that all these advances in traditional Public Relations have their seat in the United States for the most part. This is due to the fact that in Europe the governments of totalitarian origin were managed which did not allow the free act, or think, to develop.

This being until 1946 where the regimes of this type fall in Europe and begin to emerge groups of professionals within those of Public Relations. So the first is done in the Netherlands. And this is how the different countries are subsequently annexed as:

Great Britain which creates a PR institute

  • Belgium
  • Switzerland
  • Italy
  • Spain

From 1955 onwards, different Organizations and Associations arise in charge of promoting and grouping professionals in the Public Relations area. Being every day more relevant and important in the development of society until today. (See article Engineering in Risk Prevention )

Public Relations Functions

The activity in terms of relationships refers to being designed to be based on strategic communication and based on:

  • Investigation
  • Planning
  • Communication
  • Evaluation

The Public Relations stand out, which fulfill a series of functions within which they are among others:

Manage what refers to internal type communications:

In order to be able to communicate what is known, it is vitally important that the personnel that integrate the human resources of the organization are aware of what the organization’s policies are. It is also necessary to know those human resources.

Do the Management of External Communications

It refers to the need of any company to make itself known as its flat shareholder. This being achieved by the relationship that is made with other institutions of different roles in society. Thus practicing External Public Relations.

Other functions

What refers to Humanistic Functions

Creation of reliability is of vital importance. This is how the transmission of information that is truthful is essential.

Analyze and understand what the public thinks

Be based on the Public Relations must be able to persuade more not to manipulate. That is why the understanding of public opinion is indispensable in order to act later.

Jointly perform the Work with other areas and disciplines

It should be clear that in Public Relations the Work that is done is related to people. This is why it must be based on humanism and relate to other sciences with this same formation such as psychology, sociology and human relations.

Public Relations Objectives

The main objective of Public Relations can be considered to be to strengthen the links that must be established with different audiences.

Public Relations professionals aim to achieve broad spectrum market coverage. In this way, the objectives related to Marketing must be based on the actions that are programmed and that are consistent.

Very important goals to achieve the objectives

In the same way with firm and concrete goals which give a greater understanding of the market in a medium and long term time.

Just as the realization of good strategies in Public Relations must be framed in some objectives such as among others:

  • Consolidate and project to the image of the company
  • Make public opinion generated
  • Achieve two-way communication with those who are involved
  • Execute the institutional type advertising of the organization
  • Promote the consolidation of everything related to the human factor
  • Support the area in charge of marketing
  • Conduct the Public Relations Campaignthat serve to promote and publicize the aspects of the company that you want to highlight
  • Practice dissemination in the media such as the press
  • Promote the ceremonial and protocol
  • Encourage respect for mutual respect and social responsibility.

Advertising and Public Relations Exits

The professional in Advertising and Public Relations is able to discover the system, reality and advertising order processes that are part of what refers to the advertising industry.

This is how his knowledge is framed in a serious and also rigorous way, in relation to Advertising Communication. This being in accordance with the rest of the disciplines related to communication. In the same way it is responsible for executing the work methods and procedures necessary to develop the activity of advertising order.

In this career you are trained to develop creativity at the time of creating the ads as well as the messages of persuasion to the public.

Similarly, related to the design of the products and also to the management and planning of the so-called audiovisual media. Being that of the most requested at the moment it is the Race of Public Relations   and Publicity.

Some of the professional outings

The areas that give professional capacity for professional development in a large sector of companies and organizations related to communication and also with information are:

  • Marketing
  • Advertising
  • Public relations
  • Journalism

This is how you get access to a large number of related sectors. Therefore, work can be carried out in companies that are immersed in:

  • Market research
  • Advertising
  • Direct marketing
  • Commercial distribution

Which can be located within the private sector as well as in the public sector. In the same way there is the possibility of venturing into teaching by teaching both in institutes and in universities.

Public Relations and Advertising professionals, have a wide range of opportunities such as job opportunities in Public Relations employment since they are closely related to what is referred to contact the public directly.

Where Public Relations and Advertising professionals work

Their main function is to establish contact with who the public is. They also consolidate as the image that is seen by the company abroad.

Therefore they have as a labor field:

  • Media
  • Editorials
  • Press agencies
  • Tourism Companies
  • Travel agency
  • Marketing or advertising companies
  • Communication departments
  • Public organizations
  • Public or private institutions
  • Endless companies and organizations

Some other exits

Below are just a few of the professional outings. Which are the most common for those who have this profession to perform as:

  • Account Executives
  • Creative director
  • Strategic Planning Department in International Public RelationsMarketing
  • Director of Public Relations in the Department of Public Relations
  • Community Manager
  • Corporate Communication Manager

Surely this career has a wide field at work level and a guaranteed success. This is how a range of opportunities opens in the field of Public Relations and Marketing and advertising. (See article Electronic Engineering )

Public Relations Career

The Public Relations career is responsible for its professionals to carry out the management referred to strengthen the link between companies or public figures of importance, and public. Being that they can be both internal and external. What responds to the Public Relations concern what they do.

That is why they are trained to contribute within the organization to:

  • Develop policies
  • Plan strategies
  • Practice communication tactics

Being all this in any institution of all kinds, in both public and private sectors. This is how it manages to favor the permanence and success of companies. And in this way make the promotion of dialogue and agreements on a social scale.

What is the Professional Profile

The Public Relations professional is trained to assume the responsibilities in the directive order. This being related to the communication called relational with audiences that are considered of interest in any type of organization.

That is why it is in a position to carry out the establishment of policies, as well as strategies that are binding. Being that between the companies and the wide range of stakeholders or affected with the activities of the company.

All this in a broad framework related to the expansive complexity that raises the need to validate knowledge and expose the capacity for analysis. It is for this reason that the Public Relationship is able to make the distinction between the public of great importance.

In relation to the Labor Field

Within the spaces where you can enter as a Public Relations, there are those that are in both public and private companies and organizations. In the same way they can be those that work with or without profit. And also that they are at national or international level.

Likewise, he admits that entrepreneurship is developed in a particular way or in associations through activities that relate to external consultancies or consultancies.

This is how a wide range of opportunities are framed within the management areas, among which are among others:

  • Relations with journalists
  • Event planning and organization
  • Internal communication
  • Management of potential conflicts (issues management)
  • Social responsability
  • Crisis communication
  • Brand PR
  • Relationships with the community
  • Digital communication
  • Government relations
  • Financial communication

Public Relations and Communication

It is said that Public Relations are born by the foundation of 3 aspects which are:

  • Inform the company
  • Persuade
  • Integrate some people with others.

In this sense, the so-called corporate communication that derives from a number of activities must be established. And it is where the advertising is highlighted, which are combined with each other in order to make the projection inwards and also outwards of the image of the organization.

Communication within organizations

Currently, when a large number of organizations have emerged, a high degree of competitiveness in the market has developed. What has been the promoter of leading companies towards a radical improvement in terms of their communication relationship both internally and externally. And the use of modern Public Relations .

In this way new strategies arise to be used as well as new communication channels. This in order to keep the internal staff updated on the changes that are being made in the company. And in this way to strengthen the identity of the organization with its staff of employees and with its external public. (See article Petrochemical Engineering )

At present there is no company which does not require the use of different media to position itself. However, evaluation and selection in terms of messages and media that are to be used internally and to the public is of vital importance. It is necessary to take into account the profile of the organization.

This is how communication becomes an axis of utmost importance for an organization. This is motivated because it is from it that an effective communicative relationship is established between the employees. The benefit being reflected in a more special treatment towards the external public.

Constantly update in the area

Therefore, it is necessary the permanent update in this regard to stay within the market in the position that has been established by the company. It is there that the professional in Public Relations and Communication becomes the strategist framed at a high level, and specializes in the media.

In addition also in the management of creative processes. Being like that with the contribution of his talent, he becomes a transforming entity in society that needs solutions to his needs. As can be the inclusion of Public Relations in tourism .

Functions of the Professional in Public Relations and Communication

A large number of functions can be performed by this professional. Since it is in the ability to perform among other things:

  • To plan
  • Structure
  • Produce
  • Lead
  • Evaluate

What will be the projects and programs referred to Public Relations and Communications . In the same way as doing the development of studies of public opinion, as well as media analysis and messages. See article Engineering in Industrial Technologies )

It is also responsible for generating varied audiovisual content. And so do the production of various communiqués in different genres as well as topics that target various audiences.

Other functions

Likewise, it is responsible for implementing the culture related to communication in organizations. And also administer the organizations through groups in order to make the proposition of solutions considering with a critical spirit and use of the analysis. Further:

  • Develop social campaigns
  • It is responsible for propaganda and advertising
  • Solve problems with a sense of responsibility

Protocol and Public Relations

At present, the Protocol has become an indispensable use tool to collaborate with the correct operation for any company or organization. Since all areas of human relations are affected.

According to the above, it is important that all knowledge related to what they are, among others:

  • General rules
  • Domain of the precedents
  • Equivalence between hierarchies
  • Order to occupy places in pubic acts, ceremonies, other events
  • Updated knowledge how to face unforeseen events

Functions of the Professional in Protocol and Public Relations

Among the many functions of this professional specialized in Protocol and Public Relations, he is able to plan the campaigns to highlight the Corporate Image of the companies. (See article Telecommunications Engineering )

It also handles:

  • Maintain internal communication channels
  • Organize events such as:
    • conferences
    • Seminars
    • Releases
    • Business Advice

In addition, it is responsible for making use of the resources in the media in order to reach that external public outside its area of ​​action. Being careful of the transmission of messages that are suitable for each of the segments to get the information.

That is why he becomes a permanent advisor and consultant to highlight the corporate image inside and outside it. Similarly, he is able to start his own business in the area in question.

Labor Field

This professional has a wide range of opportunities to develop his career as a Public Relations and Protocol. This is because it can be performed in both the public and private sectors.

All this framed in the area referred to both internal and external communications in any company or organization. These being both national and international. Being prepared for handling referred to:

  • Protocol
  • Ceremonial
  • Order of Origin
  • Label
  • Relationship with the press

Digital Public Relations

For Public Relations, the generation of the link that must be established between a company and its potential consumers is considered of vital importance. The main thing being the generation of a completely positive image. This is how you get the good promotion that will be reflected in sales.

Thus, the so-called social networks have become the greatest allies of any organization, company, brand, personality etc. In the same way as blogs that give the possibility of engaging in conversations with the public and from there get their opinion about the company, brand, product etc.

Trends that help Public Relations

They can be listed among the most important:

The so-called Social Networks

Being the management of them a very important means in order to reach the public in order to achieve the so-called “engagement” which is the frequency and degree in which a consumer interacts with the product. (See article Seismic Engineering )

What refers to the Contents

For effective communication one of the most important factors is the creation of the contents. This is because they generate a desired impact on the public towards their commitment to the company.

The reference to the relationship with the Influencers

It refers to the relationship between the company and the so-called digital influencers who will be in charge of making everything related to the company more effectively, quickly and effectively to the public.

Other important options

Related to Press Releases

It is necessary that the evolution be carried out so that the press releases become a social experience.

What refers to the Storytelling

One of the novelties that are used today is referred to what is the use of storytelling. Since the audience has become increasingly demanding, it is time for companies to focus on telling stories interactively and for the consumer to become the protagonist and interact with the content.

Public Relations and Journalism

The Public Relations and Journalism professional is trained to do journalism in:

  • TV
  • Radio
  • Newspapers
  • Digital media

In the same way you will be ready to drive:

  • Information production processes
  • Information Dissemination
  • Interpretation and opinion

Preparation of journalistic order messages in formats of:

  • News
  • Reports
  • Interviews
  • Chronicles
  • critics
  • Opinion articles
  • Editorials

This is how he is prepared to provide the most appropriate solutions for those problems related to the communication of organizations. It also handles:

  • The creation of advertising messages
  • Selection of appropriate techniques
  • Use the media that are appropriate for each special moment.

Labor field

For all professionals in Public Relations and Journalism who want to develop in the areas of:

  • TV
  • Radio
  • Cinema
  • Newspapers
  • Digital media
  • Companies dedicated to advertising

Professional outings

In the area of ​​Journalism and Public Relations, you can work as:

  • Information editor in the journalistic area
  • Head and press editor
  • Institutional comunication
  • Investigation journalism
  • teacher
  • Communication consultant
  • Portal Manager
  • Content Editor
  • Advertising agencies

Public Relations vs. Advertising

One of the most frequent confusions regarding this area is related to the one that originates between Publicity and Public Relations . Being that in many occasions it has been believed that the same can be considered. And the truth is completely different both in their characteristics and in their functions.

This is how Public Relations are considered a series of actions of a communicational nature which strengthen the links to various audiences called objectives.

Being that Advertising, is composed of different tactics and strategies related to communication of the commercial type, and that are looking to increase the levels of remembrance or consumption of a special audience.

The important thing for Advertising and Public Relations

Without a doubt, selling will be considered the most important for advertising. While for Public Relations, information, education and knowledge creation is essential. Being that they are oriented towards a diversity of the public. While advertising is specifically directed towards a particular segment.

It is also considered another difference in that advertising usually becomes a space that requires payment. While in Public Relations the press is called and press releases or contents are published at the time the media makes the decision or that can be included in the agenda.

For advertising, the company is the one that assumes control over what will be announced and how the announcement will be made, given that they pay for it. As for Public Relations, the media is free to make changes to the information and not make the complete publication.

Other differences

In relation to the duration and validity, an advertisement will be made visible in accordance with the guideline and the budget thereof, the number of times desired. While in Public Relations the press release will be made public only once in the middle.

For the publication of advertising creativity is taken into account in relation to the campaign to advertise. Likewise, the contact for publication is made with an account executive. For Public Relations, the assessment is directed towards writing and how to express the information.

However, it should be noted that the most important thing in relation to the subject is that when making the decision about what has to be done, the importance of the public’s capture is considered. Thus, the intention is to perform persuasion in their behaviors.

Public Relations and Sociology

It should be noted that Public Relations are not considered a science as such that is autonomous. Since it is necessary to approach other sciences that assist you in order to reach solutions in an effective way about the problems that arise.

As for Sociology, it is necessary to study the behavior of human beings in relation to society. Being that two facts stand out in a basic way which are:

First: that human beings show regular patterns in their behavior.

Second: that human beings act on the basis of organized groups. It is said that they are social animals and that they are not considered isolated creatures. In this sense the coexistence is carried out in community.

And also the performance is framed within norms and values ​​that influence the performance. Being that it also allows the organization of actions in order to influence or modify the behaviors of human groups.

This is how Sociology marks its influence on Public Relations. Since it searches and finds structures and processes which emerge from the interactive relationship between individuals.

Being that Sociology is responsible for making the standards, and giving formulas and solutions in order to give the most appropriate channel to our communications with the rest of the public.

Public Relations Degree

The Bachelor of Public Relations is in the ability to anticipate changes. In the same way, carry out the management of communications between companies or organizations and people or public. This is how he hears the interest shown by audiences to proceed to act.

This is how he performs the monitoring of the opinions in the groups and forms an image in a positive way, both to people and to organizations influencing them.

This professional is trained to develop innovations and communication. Being that it demonstrates creative attitude in order to generate the vision in a holistic way regarding Public Relations.

This is how the study of Public Relations is framed in the evaluation of the results that emerge from communication strategies. Similarly for:

  • Make the optimization regarding Internal and External Public Relations
  • Contribute to strengthening the interests of companies
  • Collaborate with the achievement of the proposed objectives successfully
  • Participation in the planning, negotiation and management of the objectives

Public Relations Degree Profile

The Bachelor of Public Relations is trained to:

Carry out the elaboration of a Plan referring to the communication at the institutional level of the company or organization in all the required stages.

Similarly, define the guidelines in order to monitor and control the objectives set. Like the times, resources and those that are availability budgets. It is also responsible for diagnosing the situation related to the communication of a company.

Being that it selects the methodologies and techniques that are the most appropriate. Thus, its base will always be the information considered reliable.

It also manages its own methodologies and techniques to analyze the results obtained from the Institutional communication plan. Being that it meets the objectives and also the criteria that were set by the company or organization.

Other functions

It also prepares the messages that are key at the institutional level aimed at different audiences which are considered strategic in a particular organization. All this based on the objectives that were set, with the use of means and the most convenient supports.

It also handles, among other things, what is referred to:

  • Development of messages that are key for different audiences considered strategic.
  • Design the audit for the institutional image with specific methodologies
  • Prepare reports communicating the conclusions about the diagnoses made
  • It makes the development of programs related to structuring, projection and also about evaluation about the image of companies, organizations or people considering the results coming from the audits
  • Make programs related to social responsibility for companies based on analysis of context needs and also taking into account the objectives of the organization

Public Relations Diploma

At present the so-called business sector has undergone a great change. This is how those formulas that were used in past times are no longer fully applicable at present times. Since the ways of:

  • Tackle the market
  • Reach the desired audience
  • Find effective communication with all audiences

All of which is aimed at generating a positioning and growth of the organization. This is how new and different possibilities appear as formulas that have to be taken into account. This is how Public Relations arise as a tool to conquer the desired lands and position themselves in the market.

Public Relations since its creation have become a tool that is increasingly taken as elementary within organizations and companies. In addition to entrepreneurs and famous people.


Those who wish to take the diploma in Public Relations are all those professionals who have graduated from related careers in addition to those who are interested in expanding their areas and who can be:

  • Communication graduates
  • Businessmen
  • Public workers
  • Executives

Assistants from private organizations that are linked to areas of:

  • Address
  • Events
  • Public relations
  • Institutional Relations
  • Marquetin
  • In Commercial Relations
  • Protocol
  • Press
  • Communication and Image

Fields of Action

Among the areas where you can perform those who do the Diploma in Public Relations are among others:

  • Communication Department
  • Department of Public Relations in Marketing –Advertising
  • Management
  • Directors
  • Consultants
  • Public Relations Managers
  • Event organizers
  • Protocol Managers
  • Sales
  • Teaching
  • People in image areas
  • Media
  • Strategies

Diploma Objectives

With the diploma in Public Relations, the following objectives are sought:

Achieve the development of tools and instruments that allow the management of Public Relations to improve the corporate image of the organization.

Have full knowledge of the corporation and customers in order to manage all human resources in order to make them effective for communication plans

Obtain knowledge of the objectives and goals of the organization. The understanding of where the company is going is very important in order to plan objectives and create results measurements.

Public Relations Universities

Below is the list of the best universities in Latin America. To answer about Public Relations Where to study

Rank College name
one University of São Paulo, USP
two State University of Campinas (UNICAMP)
3 Pontifical Catholic University of Chile
4 National Autonomous University of Mexico, UNAM
5 Federal University of Rio de Janeiro
6 University of Chile
7 Tecnológico de Monterrey (ITESM)
8 University of the Andes Colombia
9 University of Brasília
10 National university of Colombia
eleven Buenos Aires’ University
12 Paulista State University «Júlio de Mesquita Filho»
13 University of Concepcion
14 Federal University of Minas Gerais
fifteen Pontifical Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro
16 Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul
17 University of Santiago de Chile (USACH)
18 Central University of Venezuela (UCV)
18 Costa Rica university
twenty National University of La Plata

Public Relations Techniques

As for Public Relations Techniques, they respond to a previous definition referring to one or several strategies and which are their implementation.

We have that the strategy is characterized by being a concept considered as abstract. Being that they are directed by the objectives of the company or organization and that they define in a broad way what are lines of action related to techniques and tactics.

This is how the techniques have to be the way in which the proposed strategies will be carried out. That is, the way they are going to be materialized. And after that they become tactics after developing at a specific time and depending on the immediate circumstances, that is, they become specific initiatives.

In this sense, a series of techniques are presented below in conjunction with the resources considered important and that are used in Public Relations. The basis of the strategies should always be taken into account in order for the techniques to be effective.

Regarding the relations to maintain with the Press

  • Pre-written articles and advertising reports
  • Meals and visits for journalists
  • Release and video release
  • Press conference
  • Email
  • Dossier
  • Photographs
  • Press release
  • Online press room

In relation to internal communication

  • Suggestions mailbox
  • Internal mail
  • Intranet
  • Corporate audiovisual material
  • Electronic messaging
  • Organization of meetings, study seminars and other events.
  • Internal newspaper
  • Reception Processes
  • Ethical signal and CSR)
  • Bulletin board

For customer relations

  • Fairs
  • Ordinary and electronic messaging
  • Sponsorship
  • Press Relations
  • Advertising techniques

The financial PR

  • Financial notes
  • Annual report and assembly
  • Relations with analysts, shareholders and investors and financial entities.
  • Press Relations

Corporate visual communication

  • Design of buildings, environments, transport …
  • Graphic identity
  • Logo and its graphic applications
  • Packaging

In relation to Sponsorship and patronage

  • Event organization
  • Event Advertising
  • Advertising techniques

Lobbing Techniques

  • Popular mobilization
  • Denial and argumentation
  • Press Relations

Relationships with the community

  • Community involvement
  • Donations or grants
  • Events

Online tools

  • Corporate blog
  • RRSS (corporate use)
  • Corporate web

The above techniques must be valid according to which audience they are directed to and the function of the objectives and strategies set. Being that it seems like anyone is able to write a press release or any other technique.

It is required that the same actions must be carried out by PR professionals. This is because they are trained by their training to perform them.

Public Relations Thesis

It can be said that what concerns the areas of action for the Public Relations Theses is actually quite broad. However, some titles that could be developed as theses for this profession can be seen as examples.

Within the areas of action are among others:

  • Advertising
  • Marketing
  • Design
  • Communication
  • Politics
  • Psychology
  • Sociology
  • Journalistic research

Regarding the variables more specifically and as an example, theses such as:

Management of internal communications as well as external of a legal entity.

Human functions, analysis and understanding of public opinion

Another group of options to take as a basis in the elaboration of thesis can be worked on the topics as among many others:

  • Relations in the Financial Sector
  • Ethnography in Public Relations and organizational communication
  • Commercial Ethnography
  • Neo Cognitive Conductism
  • Commercial Psychosemiology
  • Economic relations through new technologies

Winners of the Cocoa Prize for their thesis project “No more, no less, we can all dream”

Famous Public Relations

For the present world of the present century, people became brands. This is how multinationals strive to fight daily for the creation and maintenance of an identity and positioning.

It is known to everyone that now the exposure to the world has been globalized with the use of social networks which makes criticism the order of the day given that we are observed all the time.

Hence, celebrities such as artistic, political, sports personalities, etc. are constantly in the box of the accused for any action that has happened at some time in their lives.

This is how various types of Public Relations are present that are responsible for helping those celebrities in the formation of the image that they have to project to those around them and their public in particular.

And surely they are the ones that help the positioning of these celebrities in the social and public sphere as the most loved ones or not within their field of action.

Among those celebrities we can list:

  • Angelina Jolie
  • Paris Hilton
  • The Kardashians
  • Cristiano Ronaldo
  • Miguel Cabrera
  • Babe ruth
  • Barack Obama
  • Pope Francisco


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