Tourism Business Administration: What it is, career, labor field and more

For those who enjoy attending a variety of audiences. Being also that they are cordial and outgoing. Also willing to achieve the enjoyment of visitors. They have in this divine career of Tourism Business Administration a great future. The invitation is to know more about her. Come on.

Tourism Business Administration What is it?

The Tourism Business Administration is responsible for relying on the ability to:

  • Understand
  • Describe
  • Analyze

Everything related to the so-called social and economic environment of the specific tourist activity of a country. Like a particular region. What responds to the concern Tourism Business Administration Definition. (See Photonics Engineering article )

Being that it is framed in the exercise of management to manage companies. Both tourist and hotel order. Which are related to recreation, leisure and also free time. (See article Water Resources Management )

This is how principles and values ​​of the ethical order are also taken as action framework. As well as moral and humanistic that are based on a critical sense and also reflectively. This is how all this responds to Tourism Business Administration, what does it consist of?

Professional Profile in Tourism Business Administration

Within the framework of the professional skills in Tourism Business Administration, they have to take care of:

    • Planning
    • Organization
    • Address

Of those plans. Which are aimed at forming and developing tourism businesses.

They are also responsible for:

  • Design of administrative structures and also of markets
  • Formulation, evaluation and administration of projects of the type of tourist investment.
  • Tourism business administration
  • Management of tourism marketing companies
  • Organization of events, whether national or international
  • Creation of entrepreneurship in own business

Professional Competencies in Tourism Business Administration

The Tourist Business Administrator is a professional who stands out for having capacity. For among other things:

  • Make the communication in written and oral form of tourist order. With proper grammar and different language annotations.
  • Make the application of procedures and techniques of recreational order. In addition to security, emergency, as well as guidance and knowledge in natural areas. Being according to the standards and norms related to adventure tourism.
  • Use the latest technology for your tourism management
  • Using quality procedures achieve the satisfaction of customer needs.
  • Design the products, in addition to the national and international tourist programs and services. Such as Panama Tourism Business Administrationbased on market needs. (See article Electronic Engineering )

Tourism Business Administration Occupational Field

This professional is in the capacity to perform within the administrative management. In the same way as the commercial one, also in the financial one. And also in the human resources of companies and also of the services that are associated with tourism.

Tourism Business Administration What is it about?

The Tourism Business Administration is about preparing professionals trained in the area of ​​Tourism and Tourism Services which are in the capacity to perform:

  • Investigation
  • Planning
  • Exploitation

Of all the potential that exists in the tourist area. All this in order to provide the best of services with excellent quality to the users of the area in this field. Which will be an adjunct to the capture of currencies. In addition to generating new jobs and increasing infrastructure with capital investment directed towards this sector.

This being what responds to Tourism Business Administration concept.

Occupational Area of ​​the Professional in Administration in Tourism Companies

Within the sectors where you can perform the Administrator in Tourism Companies, you can list among others:

  • Dependencies in tourism development
  • Event organization companies
  • Public Relations Companies
  • Hotels
  • Travel Agencies
  • Event organization
  • Tourist planning
  • Restaurants
  • Alternative tourism

Tourism Business Administration Career

The career of Tourism Business Administration is dedicated to the study of how companies in the tourism sector, get to obtain and use tourism resources. Being this with the purpose of being able to fulfill its objectives. As well as reaching the goals and also obtaining benefits, which are regularly economic. (See article human resources management )

At present it is a sector that became one of the main employment generators. In Tourism Business Administration work. Like economic development in virtually any country in the world.

This is why the professional in the Administration of Tourism Companies, will be responsible for everything related to the promotion of anything related to any tourist heritage of the nation, a state, a city or any special region. This is achieved through the execution of his knowledge in the administrative and planning area.

It is able to:

  • Develop new investment projects
  • Organize
  • Supervise

Functions of the Tourist Business Administration Professional

The professional in Tourism Business Administration is trained to perform among other functions:

  • Direct the companies framed in the tourism sector
  • Organize and execute the events that are of interest in the sector
  • Demonstrate knowledge related to the culture of the country where you are
  • Prepare and manage the budget related to the tourism company that directs
  • Maintain control of the quality of the processes and products of the organization
  • Apply cutting-edge information and communication technologies
  • Use the techniques related to marketing for the promotion of packages to offer in the tourist area
  • Demonstrate the appropriate knowledge related to tourist cultures from any part of the planet.

Tourism Business Administration Occupational Field

In the career of Tourism Business Administration, the professional of the same can perform his profession in various roles as among others:

  • Manager in the departments of tourism companies
  • Manager or Assistant in areas of operations, as well as management and control related to tourism business
  • Executive in:
    • Travel agency
    • Airlines
    • Restaurants
    • Franchises
    • Tourist developments
    • Entertainment centers
    • Other services related to Tourism
  • Manager as an entrepreneur of his own organization
  • Advisor and Consultant independently for the tourism sector

Graduated in turistic business administration

The Bachelor of Tourism Business Administration is a professional who prepares to develop various responsibilities. Being among others to advise and assist in a technical manner regarding managerial functions, it refers to:

  • Public organizations
  • Private
  • Mixed

In the same way it is qualified to perform:

  • study
  • Definition
  • Planning
  • Implementation

Other functions

Of the variety of policies regarding the administration of the functions inherent to the tourist area in the functions of:

  • Staff Administration
  • Production
  • Commercialization
  • Finance administration
  • Planning
  • Management and control

It also has the capacity to:

  • Prepare and evaluate projects related to investment
  • It acts as regards judicial interventions in its function as administrator. Regarding liquidations or tourist associations.

Objectives to be met by the Tourism Business Administrator

The professional with the Bachelor of Tourism Business Administration acts according to ethical, moral and humanistic values ​​and principles. Being that it is in the capacity to develop the objectives of:

  • Manage
  • Manage
  • Make decisions about resources:
    • Physicists
    • Humans
    • Financial
  • Create companies and projects related to tourism services
  • Provides excellent quality service in the tourism company

Field of Work for the Administrator of Tourist Companies

The Tourist Business Administrator has a wide field of work. Being that it can offer its services in a diversity of companies of the tourist area. You can also develop as an entrepreneur and create your own business in this area.

Within the field of work where he ventures he has among many others:

  • In the hotel sector
  • Travel agency
  • Cruise ships
  • Organizing tourist events
  • Museums
  • Government Order Offices
  • Travel consultant
  • Tour guide
  • Tour coordinator, also for trips and excursions
  • In Public Relations for events
  • Starting your own tourism business

Tourism Business Administration Technician

Tourism has become a sustainable activity for the development of any country. It also opens a range of possibilities in which to develop. This being due to the integration of several areas such as:

  • Culture
  • Sport
  • Leisure
  • Gastronomy
  • Service sector

This is why the Tourism Business Administration Technician is a professional with a great sense of service. Being able to develop the issue of providing attention to business administration, as well as business and tourism organizations.

Profile of the Tourism Business Administration Technician

This professional has been trained to develop his leadership attitude. He must also practice the ability to establish adequate communication and interpret the instructions he receives both written and verbal.

It is also able to analyze from the entrepreneurial point of view which factors and elements are fundamental and intervene both in productivity. As in the competitiveness of companies. (See article tax administration )

It must also identify the reference to social and humanistic knowledge that becomes the construction that is constantly transformed. So it applies the procedures inherent to the attention and service provided to guests. Like customers when operations are carried out in hotels and restaurants. This is how it places emphasis on service quality standards.

Field of work of the Tourist Business Administration Technician

This professional has a wide range of opportunities for the development of his work. Being that it can enter in the tourist companies so much of private order as public.

Among the areas where to develop are among others:

  • Travel agency
  • Airports
  • Hotels
  • Restaurants
  • Government Dependencies
  • Tourist Inns

Master in Tourism Business Administration

Who has completed the Master in Tourism Business Administration, is equipped with skills to perform analyzes and interpretations of financial budgets.

It also interprets reports in order to locate strategic environments to develop the tourist area both nationally and internationally. Being that they allow to increase productivity and develop competitiveness within the sector.

This is how the Professional with a Master in Tourism Business Administration, can develop his work in the areas of the tourism sector such as among others:

  • Airports
  • Advertising agencies
  • Travel agency
  • pubs
  • Camping
  • Holiday centers
  • Tourist Complexes
  • Consulting
  • Ecotourism

Other areas

  • Entrepreneur of own business in the area of ​​tourism
  • Companies organizing congresses and conventions
  • Companies and law enforcement agencies
  • Hotel
  • Museums
  • Tourism promoters
  • Resorts
  • Restaurants

Tourism Business Administration universities

Where you can study the  Administration of Tourism Companies and Hospitality Universities. And they can be located to study the Pensum Tourism and Hotel Business Administration. Information on ´ Tourism and Hotel Management Administration exterminated can be obtained. Also locate Tourism and Hotel Business Administration universities Bogotá.

Also locate where you can obtain the Bachelor’s degree in Tourism and Hotel Business Administration

Plans / University country Title awarded
1 U. Atlántida Argentina Argentina lic. in Tourism
2 Autonomous University of Entre Ríos (Concepción del Uruguay and Paraná Headquarters) Argentina lic. in Tourism
3 U. Blas Pascal Argentina lic. in Tourism
4 University of Aconcagua Argentina lic. in Tourism
5 U Argentina of the Company Argentina lic. in Tourism
6 U. CAECE Argentina lic. in Tourism
7 U Catholic of Salta Argentina lic. in Tourism
8 U. Champagnat Argentina lic. in Tourism
9 U. of the Merchant Marine Argentina lic. in Tourism
10 U. University of Concepcion of Uruguay Argentina lic. in Tourism
11 U. From Palermo Argentina lic. in Tourism
12 U. of Congress Argentina lic. in Tourism
13 U. Of Morón Argentina lic. in Tourism
14 21st Century Business University Argentina lic. in Tourism Management
15 U. Maimonides Argentina lic. in Tourism
16 U. Del Norte Santo Tomás de Aquino Argentina lic. in Tourism
17 University of Salvador Argentina lic. in Tourism
18 U. National Missions Argentina lic. in Tourism
19 U. National of Mar del Plata Argentina lic. in Tourism
20 U. National of La Plata Argentina lic. in Tourism
21 U. Lanús National Argentina lic. in Tourism
22 U. De La Plata (Blue Regional Center) Argentina lic. in Tourism
23 U Open Inter-American Argentina lic. in Tourism
24 U. Comahue National Argentina lic. in Tourism
25 U. San Juan Bosco Argentina lic. in Tourism
26 U. Argentina JF Kennedy Argentina lic. in Demography and Tourism
27 U Open Inter-American Argentina lic. in Hospitality
28 University of the Argentine Social Museum. Argentina lic. in the Hospitality Industry.
29 U. Argentina JF Kennedy Argentina lic. in Hotel Adm.
30 U. Nac. Of San Martín Argentina lic. in Hospitality and Gastronomic Business Administration
31 U. of Belgrano Argentina lic. in Hospitality
30 U. Quilmes National Argentina lic. in Hospitality
31 University of Aconcagua Argentina lic. in Hotel Administration
32 University of Aconcagua Argentina lic. in Gastronomic Administration
(The plan was not included in the analysis)
33 XXI Century Business University Argentina lic. in Hotel Administration
34 University of the Latin American Educational Center Argentina lic. in Hotel Administration
35 U. Catholic of Bolivia Bolivia lic. in Tourism Administration
36 U Major of San Andrés Bolivia lic. in Tourism
37 U Nur Bolivia lic. in Tourism
38 U Private Valley Bolivia lic. in Tourism and Hospitality
39 U of St. Paul Brazil Bacharelado in Tourism
40 U Estacio de Sa Brazil lic. in Tourism
41 U Intregradas Helio Alonso Brazil lic. in Tourism
42 U Catarinense Planalto Brazil lic. in Tourism Administration and Management
43 U Regional of Blumenau Brazil Tourism and Lazer
44 U San Francisco Brazil lic. in Tourism
45 U Brock Canada Bachelor in tourism
46 U International of the Americas Costa Rica lic. in Tourism
47 U Latina Costa Rica lic. in Tourism with emphasis on Hotels and Restaurants
48 U Catholic of Manizales Colombia Tourist Administration Professional
49 U Pedagogical and Technological Colombia lic. in Tourism
50 U Autonomous of Bucaramanga Colombia lic. in Hotel and Tourism Adm.
51 U Externado of Colombia Colombia lic. in Tourism and Hotel Administration
52 U Austral Chile lic. in Tourism
53 U of La Serena Chile Tourist Administration
54 U of Holy Spirit Specialties Ecuador Tourism Management Engineer
55 U of Tourist Specialties Ecuador lic. in Administration of Tourism Marketing Companies
56 U of Tourist Specialties Ecuador lic. in Tourism Business PR
57 U Equinoctial Ecuador lic. in Tourism Business Administration
58 Equinoctial Technology Ecuador lic. in Adm. of Emp Hoteleras
59 U Specialties of the Holy Spirit Ecuador Tourism and Hotel Management Engineer
60 U of Azuay Ecuador lic. in Hospitality and Tourism
61 Boston University U.S Hospital and Administration
62 Florida International University U.S Graduate Hospitality Management
63 U of the Valley Guatemala lic. in Ecotourism
64 U Rafael Landívar Guatemala lic. in Tourism
65 U Technological of Honduras Honduras lic. in Tourism
66 U of Guanajuato Mexico lic. in Tourism Resource Management
67 U of Hermosillo Mexico lic. in Tourism Business Administration
68 U From San Miguel Mexico lic. in Tourism Administration
69 U Insurgents Mexico lic. in Tourism Business Administration
70 U Intercontinental Mexico lic. in Tourist Relations
71 U Just Sierra Mexico lic. in Tourism
72 U La Salle Mexico lic. in Tourism Business Administration
73 U Regiomontana Mexico lic. in Tourism Business Administration
74 U Veracruzana Mexico lic. in Tourism Business Administration
75 U Anahuac de Xalapa Mexico lic. in Tourism Business Administration
76 U Autonomous of Aguas Calientes Mexico lic. in Tourism
77 U Autonomous Guadalajara Mexico lic. in Tourism Administration
78 U Autonomous State of Mexico Mexico lic. in Tourism
79 U Autonomous of Nayarit Mexico lic. in Tourism
80 U Christopher Columbus Mexico Lic. In Adm. From Emp Tcas
81 U of the Americas Pueblas Mexico lic. in Hotel and Restaurant Administration
82 U of Tourism and Administrative Sciences Mexico lic. in Hotel Administration
83 U Latin American Mexico lic. in Hotel Administration
84 U Intercontinental Mexico lic. in Hotel Administration
85 U. American Nicaragua lic. in Tourism and Hotel Administration
86 U CIUM- BICU Nicaragua Degree in Tourism and Hotel Business Administration
87 U of Commercial Sciences Nicaragua lic. in Tourism and Hotel Business Administration
88 U Hispanic American Nicaragua lic. in Tourism and Hotel Business Administration
89 U Catholic Redemptoris Mater Nicaragua lic. in Tourism
90 U Catholic Santa Maria la Antigua Panama lic. in Tourism
91 U Columbia Paraguay lic. in Tourism and Hospitality
92 U Eastern National Paraguay lic. in Tourism
93 U Inca Gracilazo de la Vega Peru Tourism and Hospitality Professional
94 U Ricardo Palma Peru lic. in Hospitality and Tourism
95 U National of San Agustín Peru lic. in Tourism and Hospitality
96 U APEC Dominican Republic lic. in Tourism and Hotel Administration
97 Open for Adults (UAPA) Dominican Republic lic. in Tourism Business Administration
98 U Technological of Santiago Republic. Dominican lic. in Tourism Business Administration
99 U International P. Henríquez Ureña Dominican Republic lic. in Hospitality
100 Pontifical Catholic University Mother and Teacher Dominican Republic lic. in Hotel Adm.
101 O&M University Dominican Republic lic. in Tourism and Hotel Business Administration
102 U of Nueva Esparta Venezuela lic. in Tourism Business Administration
103 U of the East Venezuela lic. in Tourism

Each is the University Tourism Business Administration. To take the race

According to the location of each one, they can choose the most appropriate university where they will obtain information on:

The Tourism Business Administration Curriculum. And also about:

  • The topic of Online Business Administration
  • Also Administration of Tourism Companies in English

Tourism Business Administration pensum

Below you can get information about the career  Tourism Business Administration subjects

Tourism Business Administration Labor Field

The labor field for professionals in the Tourism Business Administration employment is quite broad and diverse in many areas that are related to tourism and its development. Thus, the following are some of the options where this professional ventures and which may be among others:

  • Airports
  • Advertising Agencies and Tourism Promotion
  • and Travel Agencies
  • Camping
  • Tourism Research Centers
  • Holiday and recreation centers
  • Tourist Complexes
  • Teaching in higher education

Other options

  • Free exercise of the profession as a consultant and / or advisor in the private sector or in the public sector.
  • Tourism services companies
  • and Tourism Transportation Companies
  • Specialize in Tourism and Hotel Business Administration
  • Institutions and government agencies of the tourism sector
  • Airlines
  • Municipalities
  • Museums
  • Convention and Convention Offices
  • Resorts
  • Restaurants and bars

Which responds to the concern of If I study Tourism Business Administration in what I can work. (See article on Business Administration )

Tourism Business Administration how much they earn

Listed below are the salaries earned by the Tourism Business Administrators in some countries of the world for doing the Tourism Business Administration.

  • Argentina: $ 21,000 pesos per month approximately
  • Bolivia: 6,200 Bolivians per month
  • Chile: $ 750,000 pesos per month entering
  • Colombia: $ 2,600,000 pesos per month
  • Ecuador: $ 900 dollars per month starting
  • Spain: 1,300 Euros per month entering
  • Guatemala: 6,000 Quetzales per month
  • Mexico: $ 23,000 pesos per month. In  Tourism Business Administration in Mexico
  • Paraguay: 4,600,000 Guarani per month
  • Peru: $ 2,300 Peruvian soles per month
  • Uruguay: $ 25,000 Pesos month at start

Why study Tourism Business Administration?

The Tourism Business Administration could be defined as a way of managing the natural and artificial resources that could be contained in an optimal place. Since due care is given and its natural balance is maintained.

And also that this activity provides economic benefits to those who are involved in that process. As are the workers as well as the businessmen and of course the visitors, who are rewarded with the knowledge and good attention for their visit to the place.

What is the importance of the Tourism Business Administration

The Importance of the Tourism Business Administration is based on the use of those tourist resources and their due conservation is foreseen.

Since this has to be done with the application of established methodologies. In addition to the contribution of our intuition as administrators. Which will lead us to the achievement of the objectives set. (See article Agroforestry Engineering )

This is how the area of ​​tourism is increasingly developing. Being as a fundamental part for the increase of the economic income of the regions.

Since in the future this career will be increasingly demanded. This is because tourism is an industry that is growing in places where its economic utility was not practiced. In addition, with its good practice, it will contribute to the increase in foreign exchange earnings. As well as the economic activity of the region and the promotion of employment at scale will be favored. (See article Computer Engineering is Difficult )

Hotel and Catering Tourism Business Administration

One of the sectors currently with a high degree of competitiveness refers precisely to the area of ​​the Administration of Hotel and Gastronomic Tourism Companies. Since the global market has become highly competitive in the services they provide at the hotel, tourism and gastronomy level.

This is why the professional is this career is formed so that he becomes a winner in his work area. This is how he develops:

  • The promotion of teamwork in an orderly manner
  • Promotes, organizes and manages organizations nationally and internationally
  • Apply concepts of administration of the areas:
    • Operations
    • Finance
    • Costs
    • Legislation
    • Multilateral agreements

Which serve to stimulate the increase of tourism in the area. Be it from the country or the world. In the same way it does the promotion and the elaboration of projects that are of services for the internal tourism. Like regional or international. What responds to Administration of Tourism and Hotel Companies Definition

As it does

This being through socio-economic events. This is how he makes the commitment to improve. Like growing and competing within the tourism sector. This in order to collaborate with the development of your country. What responds to the concern of What is Tourism and Hotel Business Administration?

Applying their knowledge in areas as important as among others:

  • Marketing
  • International Hotel Management
  • Planning
  • International Management
  • Strategic Direction
  • Environmental Conservation

Work Out of this Professional

The Professional in Hospitality and Gastronomic Tourism Business Administration. It has in its account a varied, wide and recognized exit at work level as among others:

  • Entrepreneurship independently as an Advisor in Gastronomic and Hotel Companies
  • Own gastronomic company

Regarding work relationship with others, it has a field in:

  • Hotels
  • Restaurants
  • Clinics
  • Cruise ships
  • Touristic centres
  • Inns
  • Food service companies

Within what you can work as:

  • Chef
  • Maitre
  • Bartender

Topics Related to Tourism Business Administration

There is a wide and varied range of topics to develop in the area of ​​tourism. This is how within the same related to this industry stand out among others:

  • Administration of travel agencies
  • Marketing of the tourist area
  • Conference and event planning
  • Laws referring to the travel industry
  • Event and convention planning
  • Tourism marketing and promotion
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