How to manage your time when you are an entrepreneur

Have you started with your entrepreneurship project and it doesn’t give you life at all?

Peace of mind is a common problem for all entrepreneurs.

Learning to manage time when you are an entrepreneur  can become a nightmare if you are not clear on how to do it.

In this same blog, I have already told you some tips to improve the management of your time  and we have also helped you discover how to start organizing that time and make your personal and professional life compatible .

Today, I want to focus on explaining how to manage your time to be more productive  in your day to day as an entrepreneur.

Shall we start? 😉

What’s happening to me? Why am I not able to manage my time?

This is the question that is repeated endlessly in the head of a lot of entrepreneurs every day.

They cannot avoid comparing themselves with others who do manage to make their work and professional life compatible.

And they do not stop wondering what is the mistake they are making.

After working for years with so many entrepreneurs, we have realized that there are 4 errors that are repeated, regardless of the theme of the project, and that directly affect daily productivity .

The 4 mistakes that are ruining your productivity as an entrepreneur

  • The multitasking . When we start with our entrepreneurship project  we are so excited and we want to contribute so much to the world that we do not stop thinking about new ideas. This leads us to do a lot of things at once, to not focus on any specific task and to not achieve any specific objective.
  • Crippling perfectionism . We have already told you about this many times. It is common that we also want to get our work to a quality of 10 and, if it can be 20, better. But wanting to achieve that perfection often leads to a blockage that is difficult to remove. If we do a job and it never seems good enough to us, we will always postpone its release.
  • Entrepreneurial procrastination . Hand in hand with perfectionism comes procrastination. As we do not stop postponing tasks, we look for excuses for everything with the sole objective of postponing ” the moment of truth ” without end .
  • Analysis paralysis . And the infinite loop takes us around the same topic a thousand times, perfect for never taking action.

I’m sure you’ve been involved in this loop more than once.

The real problem of time management when you are an entrepreneur

In Más y Mejor  we have realized, because we have lived it in our own meats just like you, that the real problem of time management  is not knowing a planning method that really works.

One that, as we have spoken many times, allows us to enjoy our leisure time without feeling guilty and avoids us being slaves to our dream, which in this case is our business.

Having a good time management method improves your FOCUS, your PRODUCTIVITY and ends the feeling of suffocation and stress that you had when everything was out of control @masymejorcom # GestiónDelTiempo # TimeBlocking…


How does poor time management affect the business growth phase I am in?

Obviously and depending on the business phase of your project, poor time management will influence you in different ways.

I will give you a couple of examples.

When you are in the startup phase , for example, you do not yet have a truly profitable business because you have your first customers, but not a sufficient volume of work.

In this phase of growth of your business, your main concern will be to reach your target audience, make yourself known and increase your sales or number of clients.

So you will need to focus on the most important tasks of your business .

If you focus on high schools, you can risk getting frustrated because you will see few results and your main goal will be further away.

If, on the other hand, you are in the consolidation phase , you  may already be feeling that your glass is almost full.

It is likely that you are already in this “it doesn’t give me life neither to work nor to enjoy ” loop .

And all this is because, as your business consolidates, you will have to dedicate more time to it and, if you are not managing it well first, right now it will continue to drown every day.

Here the important thing is to implement a plan that allows you better time management , invest in tools that help you to this end and start to think that delegating is a solution.

Theirs is that the consolidation phase of your business does not suffocate you, but that you enjoy it and the best way to achieve it is to organize your time well  to dedicate it to the tasks that lead you directly to achieve results.

As you can see, knowing how to manage time when you are an entrepreneur  is essential, regardless of the growth phase of your business .

The sooner you learn to manage your time, your productivity will be greater and the feeling of freedom will grow @masymejorcom # GestiónDelTiempo #TimeBlocking #Emprendedores #ControlaTuCalendario


The keys to improving time management

I will quickly tell you what are the keys to improving time management as an entrepreneur :

  • Measure how long it takes to do each task . With this technique you will have greater control over the hours and minutes you use each day. You can help yourself with tools like Toggl or KanbanFlow, which we are fans of.
  • Take your calendar and book it all . This is perfect to be aware of what you spend your time on and detect where you are wasting it. Plus, it’s great for marking an unmovable date for each task.
  • Set deadlines . They are the magic words to stop postponing tasks. This is one of the secrets of the High Performance Entrepreneurs  that will help you to reduce the errors that I have told you about before.
  • Delete the “Other People Agenda” (AOP) and notifications from your mobile . Don’t let others impose their agenda on you and prioritize yours above all else. Forget the mobile, put your phone in airplane mode and do not be distracted by the notifications. It is the only way to move forward each day without wasting time.
  • Don’t forget to manage your energy well  to perform 100% every day.

This is the best way to improve time management as an entrepreneur

If you ask me what is the best way to manage time when undertaking , I have it clear: Time Blocking .

Before I told you that the solution to all the mess you have on a daily basis is to implement a planning method that really works and, from your own experience, the best one is this.

The reason is very simple and it is that it solves the mistakes we are making at a stroke and helps us save time that is worth gold weekly.

We check it every day.

If you saw our calendar, you would freak out. We have everything organized with this technique and, not only do we have time for everything, but we also have hours of leisure to spend with family and friends.

If you really want to stop feeling like you are choking on every task, that you don’t make progress and that you don’t get to have free hours to go to the movies, work and be with your family at the same time, it may help you to discover how to improve your time management  in Our area Control your Calendar .

And now the most important thing … Tell me how you organize your time when you are in that loop that does not let you sleep!


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