HIIT method: The star formula to activate your body and boost your productivity

With the beginning of the year come good wills and new purposes.

Let’s admit it, one of the most repeated New Year’s goals, regardless of the sector in which we operate, is to play sports and improve our health.

As I have already told you on some occasion, the vast majority of people who set out these purposes are not capable of fulfilling them.

With the subject of sports, what ends up throwing us back is thinking about spending hours in the gym, is laziness or the law of minimum effort.

But there is a method that pulls all these barriers at once and at a stroke: the HIIT method .

At Más y Mejor we have always attached great importance to healthy habits because they help us, and a lot, to be more productive.

Along with food, sport is a habit that improves our performance, but also our health.

That is why today we have a luxury guest, expert in this sports method and personal trainer for years.

Daniel Sánchez is going to tell you what the HIIT method consists of , he will explain the reasons why you should practice it as an entrepreneur and how you have to implement it.

At the end of the post you have a surprise so … Let’s go for it!

Daniel, take the controls. Our blog is all yours today;).

Did you know that 57% of the people you undertake do so seeking greater independence?

In addition, 28% do so out of necessity and 25% with the intention of increasing their income.

We also know that 2% of people who start a business end up leaving it.

46% of dropouts according to respondents, is because the business was no longer profitable.

These data have been collected by the GEM Spain Report 2017-18, as a result of 25,000 surveys carried out on the population between 18 and 64 years of age, which reflects the main characteristics of the entrepreneurial dynamics of our country.

What is not included in this report are the healthy lifestyle habits of entrepreneurs , something that, unfortunately, is not taken into account and is very relevant.

Much more than you think!

Well you’re in luck, because we are going to talk about this in this article.

In addition, you will discover a method that will activate your body and boost your productivity, even if you have little time and are always busy.

How about? Shall we continue? 😀

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  • Sharpen the saw, get fit
  • The entrepreneur and HIIT
    • What is HIIT?
    • HIIT benefits for entrepreneurs
      • # 1 HIIT is a natural anti-inflammatory
      • # 2 HIIT gets you in shape
      • # 3 HIIT improves your aesthetics
      • # 4 HIIT is productive and effective
    • HIIT express routines for entrepreneurs
    • Important considerations about HIIT

Exercising is essential if you want to be healthy and fit.

We need to give our body a reason to produce more energy, to increase the maximum volume of oxygen, to wake up less tired, to have more resistance on a daily basis, etc.

In short, thanks to exercise, we improve, progress, become stronger and our performance multiplies. In the far distant past, you would have a better chance of surviving.

Does that sound like the law of the strongest to you?

Today there are certain people who, due to their context and work activity, need to do their best to perform 100% with strength, energy, focus and concentration.

We are talking about you, about me, about entrepreneurs.

Yes, coffee is very good, I love it, it activates me and it is a good ergogenic aid (substance or product that improves working capacity).

However, you can not always depend on coffee, and even less when it no longer works and you have to take twice as much to notice something, which would have more disadvantages than advantages.

What’s more, a lot of coffee coupled with a fast and accelerated lifestyle can be a direct way to live with stress , which although it may not be bad by itself, if it is not well managed or controlled, it can lead to anxiety or other more serious conditions.

Therefore, if in addition to achieving results you want to be able to enjoy your work, which you are passionate about and excited about, you will need to pamper yourself, take care of yourself, pay attention to yourself , something that unfortunately does not usually happen.

You may say to me: “I’m doing well and I don’t take care of myself.”

Well, I will tell you that if you took care of yourself, you would do much better and surely dedicate less resources and effort.

You may also say to me, “ I don’t have time! ”, Because you have many things to do, meetings, projects, attending events…

I understand it, I know perfectly the concerns, fears and excuses of the entrepreneurs. However, just because something tends to be a certain way does not mean it is normal or correct.

Let’s talk about saws!

Sharpen the saw, get fit

The entrepreneur is always sharpening the saw and improving in all aspects and areas that will make him grow professionally.

Work and relationships are very important for you and your business, but something that you have to give priority to if you want to have maximum performance and well-being is your personal life.

Therefore, I encourage you to continue sharpening the saw, but also incorporate physical exercise as part of that ambitious routine that you have to improve.

If you want to enhance your skills and increase your results, you need to work your body too, not just your mind. @masymejorcom #Emprender #HIIT method #HábitosSaludables


You need to physically challenge yourself so that your body responds well to any difficulty. Remember that your results will go as far as you are trained, and for that, you need a healthy vehicle, a fit body.

Being fit will not only help you to live with more energy, be healthy and prevent diseases, but also to be more concentrated, have more and better focus and be much more productive in your day to day.

It is time that you know a physical training method that will boost your productivity and energy, and will help you get in shape, improve your performance and therefore, see more and better results.

The entrepreneur and HIIT

The entrepreneur stands out for being ambitious and wanting the maximum benefits in the shortest time invested possible, we are talking about effectiveness, efficiency and profitability.

The entrepreneur, and more and more people, demands to be fit, to have health and energy, but without trying too hard, nor ” wasting too much time ” exercising.

Yes, our time is worth Kilates because we are entrepreneurs: P.

If you are an entrepreneur, you need to develop your maximum abilities to achieve the results you are looking for.

And among those capabilities is health, energy, vitality.

Well you’re in luck!

The HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) method is a productive, effective, efficient and very beneficial training system, especially for very busy people, with little time to train or, even, for those who are very lazy.

But before continuing, let’s see what HIIT is:

What is HIIT?

HIIT consists of very short, high-intensity interval training that maximizes gains and results in the shortest possible time.

In fact, a HIIT type training usually lasts between 5 and 10 minutes and it is recommended to do it 1-3 times a week at most.

Believe me if I tell you that this is very seductive and attractive for someone as busy as you, who wants the maximum benefits of exercise in the shortest amount of time invested.

Benefits of all kinds and of all colors as you will soon discover.

Furthermore, even if you think that high intensity is dangerous, the reality is that this type of training is very safe, because the constant intervals of recovery and rest regulate the pulsations and save the efforts of the heart.

This security is often not given when practicing “traditional” cardio at moderate intensity, such as typical running, swimming or cycling.

It is very common to see people doing this type of activity without controlling or regulating the intensity of the effort, which leads them to maintain a heart rate well above what they should, without resting or stopping.

Result of this? Suffering, agony, bad feelings and, more short than medium term, abandonment.

And once such bad feelings are generated, it is difficult to give exercise a chance again (laziness and excuses to “protect yourself” are always ahead).

With HIIT this does not happen since there are strategic breaks, it lasts a short time, it is motivating and you can do hundreds of different workouts.

Being a very high intensity training, it is important to let the body rest and recover after the efforts. Hence the advice to do it between 1 and 3 times a week, always on non-consecutive days.

HIIT benefits for entrepreneurs

Well, we are going to discover some of the most interesting benefits when doing this type of high intensity interval training.

I am going to tell you the 4 reasons that I consider most important for you to include HIIT in your life, especially if you are an entrepreneur.

Pay a lot of attention:

# 1 HIIT is a natural anti-inflammatory

HIIT promotes the segregation of cytokines, hormones and neurotransmitters such as epinephrine, catecholamines, dopamine, noreprinefin, epinephrine, myokines, testosterone, growth hormone, etc.

This cocktail, in addition to being anti-inflammatory, is extremely beneficial for your body , helping you fight viruses, bacteria and cardiovascular diseases, obesity, diabetes and metabolic syndrome, among others.

Believe me that if you are your own boss, you are interested in not getting sick or getting sick as little as possible, right?

# 2 HIIT gets you in shape

I can’t think of a type of workout that will get you fitter and faster than HIIT.

In addition to the own caloric expenditure by the effort, it generates a great COPD effect or, what is the same, post-exercise oxygen consumption.

This COPD is much higher in HIIT than in moderate intensity activities, so you can be losing calories for up to 48 hours after training.

Interesting, right?

In addition to COPD, HIIT promotes a great metabolic impact.

This increases the maximum volume of oxygen a lot, so you will have greater cardiovascular endurance and more power, both aerobic and anaerobic.

HIIT also increases strength levels and protein synthesis, favoring a better aesthetic appearance and a better quality of life.

If you train HIIT you will be more fit, which translates into greater performance in all aspects of your life (work, social, personal, sports …).

If you train HIIT you will be more fit, which translates into greater performance in all aspects of your life. @masymejorcom #Emprender #HIIT method #HábitosSaludables


# 3 HIIT improves your aesthetics

HIIT helps you tone the body or, which is the same and more consistent, you lose fat and promote the maintenance and development of muscle mass .

After HIIT, there is a large debt of oxygen, which will make you lose calories in the form of fat, so that your body recovers  from the effort.

In addition, the great hormonal synthesis will make your muscles develop and improve your body composition. Your metabolism will speed up and you will look better in the mirror.

Your skin will also look better.

# 4 HIIT is productive and effective

How many times have you thought about the quality / price ratio to decide which product to buy?

As we talked about before, the entrepreneur is always looking for profitability.

And in this it would not be less.

You are looking for the best relationship between work time / effort / benefits or results.

In this sense, nothing wins HIIT since it will give you the maximum benefits with the least time invested. Remember, 5-20 minutes.

This great productivity and efficiency is one of the best cover letters that HIIT has and, without a doubt, it makes many people interested and opted for this type of training.

Although I am not in favor of choosing and choosing one or the other, but of combining, experimenting and enjoying the more stimuli the better.

HIIT express routines for entrepreneurs

Next, I am going to put some examples of express routines for entrepreneurs without time. Choose the one that suits your level.

How? That you don’t know what level you are on? I tell you quickly:

Beginner:  sedentary parts or you have been exercising for less than 6 months.

Intermediate:  you are somewhat active and / or have been exercising for more than 6 months.

Advanced: you are a very active person and / or have experience with HIIT.

Here I teach you how to do the exercises correctly:

  • Squats
  • Jump jack
  • Climbers
  • Irons
  • Squat jump
  • Push ups
  • Knee ups
  • Plank jack

**  The intervals of exercise that is not rest, we must try to go to a high intensity, that costs work, otherwise we would not be doing a HIIT itself.

* Running on the street is only for advanced riders who have experience with high intensity and strong joints to withstand impact. I recommend dirt on asphalt.

*  Overweight and obese people, I recommend stationary bike or full body routines (without jumps).

Important considerations about HIIT

Watch out. HIIT is not a game, nor a fashion .

Like all physical activity, it can have its disadvantages if it is done poorly.

High intensity is not well tolerated by everyone .

You have to do an optimal preliminary warm-up and know that high intensity is not pleasant, especially if you are a beginner.

HIIT is not a game. It can have its disadvantages if it is done poorly. High intensity is not well tolerated by everyone @masymejorcom #Emprender #HIIT method #HábitosSaludables


There may be dizziness and anguish, something very normal when it comes to the first times doing high intensity intervals, but you have to be careful since it is not a game.

If you prefer activities at moderate intensities, in which you do not have to give your maximum, it is great, but always keep in mind the importance of not keeping the pulsations too high, for too long  or it will be more dangerous than any short interval at maximum intensity .

Control your heart rate with a smart watch or heart rate monitor.

There are people who, just by walking fast, already increase the pulsations, so it is important to quantify the intensity of the effort.

Finally, don’t go for HIIT or any other type of activity . Combine and enjoy the different sensations as it will undoubtedly be what makes you healthier and fitter.

Before we say goodbye! If you are interested in this HIIT, I have a surprise for you that you will like very much 🙂

You can sign up right now to HIITraining, the course to get fit and enjoy a unique experience to improve your health and increase your performance, with videos already recorded, progressions by level and more content that will help you achieve your best version, and achieve
better results in your business.


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