Hour man is the calculation of estimate of the amount of human effort that an average worker can perform in an activity, process or project for one hour

Any activity, process or work project requires human effort to be carried out. Then, it is possible to determine by certain calculation, how much person time will be required on each occasion.

The man hour or person hour, as it is also known, is a unit of measure that refers to an average worker. Therefore, this measure becomes a common or standard measure of any activity, process or project.

The process of calculating the man time considers the interruptions that may occur in the work. For example, they do not include lunch time, rest time, time to meet personal needs, etc. That is, the man hour is referred only and exclusively to an hour of uninterrupted work .

Importance of man time in the development of activities, processes or projects

The estimation of this measure is of vital importance in the planning and execution of projects, in administrative processes, in production processes and in any business activity.

As projects generally involve some kind of budget, determining the man time that will be required becomes an instrument of great importance, since the labor component makes up a large part.

Therefore, in any project an estimated calculation of the amount of work or man hour will allow to obtain great precision of the time and the cost of the labor resource. In addition, it allows measuring the efficiency in the performance of any work.

Form for calculating man time

We can use a small formula to determine the person time. This will allow us to determine the man time. So:

Man-hour = number of person in labor x hours of labor

We will take the following case as an example, and thus see the use of our calculation formula for estimating the required hours of men.

If the total hours of work in a company is 8 hours per day. This company has 16 workers in its plant that produces 19,000 units of product in 24 working days, that is, after deducting weekends and holidays.

With this case, then we perform the calculations. We have that man hour will be equal to amount of person in labor x hours of labor. So:

Man-hour = 8 x 16 x 24 = 3072

From this result we can calculate the productivity . This is equal to the units produced divided by the man hour. So:

Productivity = 19000/3072 = o.62

That is, the company is producing 6.18 units per hour and worker. Then, the man hour is 6.18 units.

Also, by it we can determine the total or unit cost. However, we must bear in mind that, for this, we must take into account that the salary is variable according to the function performed.

As we can see, man time is very useful. It is used in a variety of calculations of great importance.

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