A hosting is the space where a web page is hosted so that it can be viewed by any user through a domain while browsing the Internet.

The hosting is, in short, the use and profit made of those same web servers with all the resources available to them. For our marketing strategy it is essential to have a website hosted in a quality hosting.

These spaces are stored in the so-called web servers.

Hosting Types

These are the most prominent:

  • Shared Hosting It is the most widely used because it is the cheapest when sharing expenses among several users. Several hosts share the same server and all its properties (memory, hard drive …).

It is private. Advanced knowledge is not required; The same user can access the control panel. If more capacity is needed because more resources are consumed, there is no problem.

On the other hand, using a shared hosting entails a series of disadvantages, such as the fact that the web works slower if there is data overload; or have fewer resources due to the low power of the server.

  • Dedicated Hosting It is a power server that is recommended for websites that use a lot of data and have many visits. It makes use of a server just for him and has availability of resources. It does not share space with other hosting and its customer service is much more personalized.

What inconvenience does it entail? It is a more expensive hosting because all the resources are focused on your domain. And it is necessary to have more advanced technical knowledge.

  • Hosting elastic . It is at an intermediate level between shared and dedicated hosting. It is gradually adjusted to the needs of the user according to the performance offered by its website.

It is more powerful than the first, but cheaper than the second. It has its own server, although the user has a shared hosting. Advanced knowledge is not required.

  • VPS (Private Virtual Server). In this case, you work on a virtual server that has been created specifically for a hosting with a number of resources.

As its name implies, being private, it is not shared with any other user. It is as if you had a physical hosting just to meet your needs.

  • Hosting in the cloud. Especially dedicated for websites or applications that use a lot of power, that is, that have many visits.

It adapts to the user’s needs, depending on the resources he uses. It has unlimited resources for any type of web.

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