Eternal: Dead Man’s Revenge Campaign Cards Overview

An overview of 23 new maps added by the Dead Man’s Revenge campaign


Dragon-worshiper blacksmith

The effectiveness of this creature depends on the number of useful dragons. For such decks, the blacksmith can become a significant accelerator, while seriously strengthening himself. But due to the fact that there are few good cards with dragons, the blacksmith is not popular.


On the one hand, the destruction of enemy items is very useful. On the other hand, Hole is only effective against certain types of decks, which can lead to gathering dust in many matches. Therefore, the usefulness of the card is questionable.


Daraka, the Queen’s Guardian

A very strong card for heavy decks. 7/7 for six mana is already powerful. Add shackle to this, and you have a formidable creature. You can neutralize for a while someone powerful, or weaken the defense of the enemy, making it easier for your creatures to break through to the hero. And even if the shackle did not give the desired effect, you at least have a strong creature with suppression.


Mass cleanups are some of the most useful cards in the game. But the Grad fits very well into the current meta, which has a lot of useful creatures with three health points. This spell is especially effective against aggressive decks. In some way, the Grad can replace Cruel Choice, as it is able to act earlier, which makes it a more flexible spell. One of the best maps in the campaign.

Master Guardian

Of course, if you use the ability of this creature at the very beginning of the game, you can seriously gain a foothold on the table. But there are not so many cards that give the hero the aegis, and you can still get rid of it. Therefore, the master seems to be a contradictory map.


Ikaria, Captain of the Valkyr

It seems that the developers with the help of this card managed to make Valkyr decks more or less relevant. Such creatures have long suffered from lack of characteristics, but Ikaria can fix this situation. However, the whole point is that Ikaria must live up to third mana, otherwise it will simply be useless. Plus, you should have Valkyries in your hand so you don’t lose the bonus. Therefore, the effectiveness of the card will depend on how often Ikaria survives to third mana.

Inquisitor’s blade

A very powerful weapon. Flying and a massive increase in damage can be a fatal move for the enemy. But this weapon can still return to you, and you can use it immediately, getting an instant buff for your creature. Imagine now if this weapon is also strengthened! All in all, one of the best maps in the campaign.


Poison Rider

A very interesting card that can make the enemy nervous. In one case, you can inflict damage on the enemy hero if he does not want to lose someone strong, but if he wants, you can profitably exchange. And if the rider waits for the next turn, then for five mana you, in fact, destroy one of the enemies. The card also has disadvantages. With such health, this creature can die from many cheaper creatures. Also, three points of damage to the enemy is not always a profitable move for fourth mana. And he may not be able to survive until the next move. And you can get rid of enemy creatures in much cheaper ways.

Memory of death

Another time card for quick mana gain. But its disadvantage is that there are cheaper means for this, and strong creatures are usually already taken out for fourth mana. Therefore, the usefulness of memory is highly questionable.

Bury the past

A spell whose cost spoils everything. They get rid of unnecessary cards usually with cheaper means at the beginning of the game. And for six mana, you can not only throw away a cheaper card, which will become an ineffective move, but you will also lose excess mana, risking losing a whole move, after which your opponent will continue to gain a foothold on the table.


City drains

In all fairness, the usefulness of this relic is highly questionable. Night can be invoked with much cheaper and more useful cards. And creatures 1 \ 1, of which there can be three, are unlikely to be useful on the fifth mana. For that price, you can do something more useful.

The ripper

The abilities of this creature are very useful to each other. Having attacked once, the Ripper will pay off, while at the same time it can kill someone significant. Even if he is stopped by an equally weak creature, the battle cry will not go anywhere, which will make this attack still useful. And if the enemy uses silence or removal on the Ripper, then you may save someone more valuable. Therefore, this creature will be effective in many Shadow decks.

Mixed type

Huuru Peacekeeper

This map is a real nightmare for gun lovers. Plus, this creature has good stats. Health is especially pleasing, which protects the peacemaker from some spells. Perhaps the only drawback of this card is the requirements of two elements, which is why the range of used decks is severely limited.

Desert Crusher

An expensive and useless creature. Immunity to combat damage can play into your hands. But the wrecker will die from any magic poke, and also, due to recklessness, he will act outside of your plans. The enemy can miss the damage, and then start attacking you when you lose a protective creature. And after the call, he cannot defend himself. That is, by summoning the destroyer, you create a serious breach in your defense, because of which the use of the creature can turn against you.

Sower of Discord

A creature with great, but difficult to realize potential. In mid-game decks, the Sower can seriously empower and release powerful creatures much earlier, allowing them to outrun their opponents at a pace. But this is hampered by serious disadvantages. Someone with a battle cry is needed and must be summoned before the sower. And if the sower herself receives a battle cry, she must survive until the next turn. Due to the fact that she belongs to two types of cards, the sower is suitable for a limited range of decks. As a result, it turns out to be an extremely slow creature that can use all its power extremely rarely. But, if you can effectively use the advantages of the card, the sower can become useful.

Jaril, Ghost of the Dunes

Another creature with a difficult potential. Jaril must live to the euphoria and a creature with a weapon. Such chains of events can make this card sit in your hand or on the field for a long time, waiting in the wings. But, as practice shows, a skilled player is unlikely to allow this to happen, which is why Jaril is unlikely to find a place for himself anywhere.

Mastermind of the Order

An interesting creature that can speed up the capture of the table, overtaking the opponent in pace. And the theft of life adorns the mastermind. For certain decks, this card might be a good option.

Pok-pok, lover of surprises

Absolutely useless creature, it is not clear why it is necessary at all. The damage is small, health could be used for protection, but recklessness spoils that too. If you’re lucky, you can get one snowball, however, this is unlikely to help you much. I don’t think Pok-pok will be useful anywhere.

Heavenly Wanderer

The abilities of this card are quite strong. You can break through to the enemy hero or get a spell. But the wanderer’s disadvantages are also significant. Low stats for the price, unpopularity of elves, two card types, and the requirement for a large number of creatures on the table for flight to be effective. Therefore, this card is suitable for very few decks.

Two-faced light

Another useless creature. Spectrals are not very popular, besides, while the light is waiting for its euphoria, what will it do on the battlefield with zero attack? Most likely, the fight will already end when this creature can become useful.

Clumsy Demoman

Not a bad creature for aggressive and explosive decks. On the one hand, the creature pays for itself, on the other hand, the abilities may not always be useful. Therefore, the opinion about the Demoman is rather average.


Not a bad spell for decks in which you stretch time and survive until you can use your main cards. And you can get rid of the most nasty creatures. Perhaps the only drawback of the card is that it belongs to two elements, which is why it is not suitable for everyone.

Inflated Explosive Bot

A creature for specific decks that use non-standard fighting methods. If you need to discard enemy or your own cards for tactics, you can try this card.

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