Male Body Language;10 Secrets You Must Know

Male Body Language is different in many ways depending on the cultural and social backgrounds. Being a girl, do you find it difficult to know what he wants? What’s going on the mind of man? How can we understand his aspirations and goals? What’s going on in his head when he is silent?.You must know, Men can not show their feelings to the woman for various reasons: someone is afraid of being rejected, someone is afraid of appearing ridiculous, while others are worried that they might hurt her feelings.

Here are some gestures which you must pay attention when you try to understand the intentions and Feelings of Male language

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Shy Eye Contact:

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The Eye is the mirror of the soul. Most men tend to be shy about making eye contact with the woman who they are strongly impressed. If you find a man looking at you when you’re not watching it, and quickly look the other way when you view it, indicating that he likes (may not be love, but it will certainly attract).

A warm smile


When a man is secretly in love, he unlikely shows”flirty” behavior.Most of them show a warm smile to show their respect, adoration and admiration for you. If you feel sympathy and respect in his smile, it is an indication that you are beautiful in his sight (instead of lust).

He collaborates with you

If you meet a man who tries to be helpful at work, helping, or giving more importance to other people, it is indicative of their interest in you. Men tend to be very conservative to offer help, especially at work, and do so only if they are interested in certain person. He can offer to help you in many ways, for example: completing assignments in University, try to help repair or fix things, accompanies you to your home or looking to be near you in studying together.

The Male Body Language Reveals The Truth What They Think.

Jealous when Other Men Approached:

Men, who has truly fallen in love with someone, will not be able to control the feeling of dislike or disgust when he saw a woman he liked talking to another man. This is natural feelings and indicates he does not want to leave his lover. Generally, these kinds of men would frown when there are other men who approach their lovers. The sign itself can be seen so clearly that he does have the interest to you and really wants attention from you.

 He worries about his physical appearance

When a man is in love he tries to take better care of their appearance.  You can see an obvious change in his dress or notes a new haircut; it could indicate that you have had a positive impact on him. Most men are not naturally good dressing, so if you see a man who makes a conscious effort to look good, it means he is trying to impress a girl and that girl could be you.

Talk About His Lover More And More.

Psychology says” The more you talk about other person, the more you are falling in love with person” Some men want to talk about more and more about the person they have been attracted. This is again an unconscious behavior by men and is made in order to impress and to prove that he is the true lover of her.

 He smiles Fake

There is a great risk that this guy is just looking for a virgin. Fake smiles means that one side of his face tells a different story, and there is a risk that he is not sincere towards you.

He raises an eyebrow


When a guy sees someone he likes; he automatically raises eyebrows on the forehead, so look out for eyebrows soar if you want to know if he likes you!


A man who likes a woman has very attentive style of speech. When he speak with a woman he likes, he will speak with courtesy and gentleness. This is done to attract attention from you.

Notice Signs of nervousness


You must note these signs when he is in front of you. Signs such as laughing with nervous, shivering hands, sweating, panting breath, and feeling like mad, or embarrassed, when you realize he’s looking at you, it could be a sign of interest. From these signs he wanted to draw your attention, it means that he is trying hard.

Note The Praise He Give


If you ever dressed up differently and men are aware of it, then this is a good sign that he likes you. Usually men will never pay attention to the appearance of a woman if she does not like it, or if realizing he would not say anything. Plus, if he throws a compliment to you as “you look very beautiful today”, “I like your dress”. This is the strongest sign of love and compassion for you.

Note Is He often appears in the Places You Are


You must see, He often appears certain time in a place that you always go where you do not expect to see him, then it’s possible that he had desired to meet with you. When something like this happens often, then this is not a coincidence, but his strong desire to meet you.

Signs that lie

signs that flirt

There is no guarantee that every male body language signs are positive for you. Some people have a dynamic experience of acting. Some men cannot use this lying art. Some people blink their eyes quickly when they lie, and this is because their minds are running while they tried to think of a good story

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