12 Proven Body Language Tips:Experts View

Body Language Tips By Experts will tell you 12 real secrets. you may also read my others articles about body language of men, and body language for women.Indeed It  is the language of hidden emotion. You must know to understand the facial expressions and gestures, there is need to focus on the person body language.Most often people try to control themselves, but their subconscious movement reveals the truth.For example, a person who knowingly speaks a lie, subconsciously try to cover his mouth. A Successful negotiation is the successful key of any business. Manage body gestures; it is an important tactic in the business, which has been studied for many years.

Be a mirror opponent’s Actions.

12 Proven Body Language Tips:Experts View

Mirroring is when one person adapting his body gestures at another person’s gestures, such as tone of the conversation, behavior, facial expressions. For example, if there is a viewpoint in your talks, you will see that your opponent will follow your gestures, will be something like you in the action. If the negotiations lead to  dead end, that person will bow in his chair, crossing his arms. At this point you have to take under special control negotiations and find a way to return the person to the stage of open communication; I ask him what is wrong.

Nods Head.

12 Proven Body Language Tips:Experts View

I learnt this trick from President Obama, even when he feels disagreement with his opinion or his harsh criticism, he nods and eye contact. I found that if you do the same thing in the negotiations, it is possible to defuse the tension and try to find common ground, even during the highly contested conversations

Pay Attention To Your Hands.

12 Proven Body Language Tips:Experts View

When people are nervous or stressed, their anxiety often appears on their hands. When you negotiate, make sure that your hands show confidence and poise. Shivering hands will show you that you are nervous. Your opponent can take advantage of this. If you want to show the confidence of your position, try to keep your hands just below the chest, fingers must be closed.

The legs should stand on the ground.

12 Proven Body Language Tips:Experts View

Your face, head, hands and other visible parts of the body, should be clearly monitored during negotiations. But how are your legs? Hold them firmly on the earth. These gestures guarantee that you are interested what you are going to negotiate. It will also help you stay confident.

These Body Language Tips Will be Very Helpful For You In Business Communication

Relax your body.

12 Proven Body Language Tips:Experts View

Negotiations can be extreme, so you must be relax in every state. You can add some kind comments and start leave the arguments. This can help you build confidence and lead to more effective negotiations.

Do not forget to smile.

12 Proven Body Language Tips:Experts View

It is imp ortant to know that negotiations cannot be all time calm. It is likely to require long-term relationship for successful communication. That will not happen unless there is a friendly atmosphere. Smile is the only option for you, do not forget to share them with your opponents.

Hide your Nerves.

12 Proven Body Language Tips:Experts View

Do not emotional during negotiations. Any signs of nervousness or anxiety can be a red flag. Do not be sad; do not touch your face. You must appear calm and confident during the negotiations.

Make the stone face.

12 Proven Body Language Tips:Experts View

Stone-face is important. Do homework, prepare well and to come to the talks with a really strong data and facts.

Demonstrate your patience.

12 Proven Body Language Tips:Experts View

When negotiating, imagine that you are sitting with your grandmother. You need to focus because it may indicate sticky. You have to be patiently explained things because the topics that are obvious to you (Face book and mobile applications), may be unfamiliar to her. Make sure that a lot of smiling. Focus on your partner; be sensitive to their needs.

Establish eye contact.

12 Proven Body Language Tips:Experts View

It is said that the eyes are the windows of the soul, which is directly related to the effective communication between people. Failure to maintain effective eye contact shows your concern and lack of confidence. Proper Eye contact makes you a strong negotiator.

 Keep your Hands In front of them:

12 Proven Body Language Tips:Experts View

Always keep your hands in plain sight. Hiding your hands behind your back, you give your opponent a reason to doubt your words. The best solution – keeps your hands on your lap or in a calm and relaxed state.

Raise your Eyebrows

12 Proven Body Language Tips:Experts View

The significance of this gesture depends on how the man raises his eyebrows. Raised eyebrows may indicate surprise or skepticism; this shows that you are very attractive in his eyes.

Some Proven Expert Advices of Body Language

12 Proven Body Language Tips:Experts View

  • If a person leans to you, he is interested in what you say.
  • Observe your own body language and see what messages are sent to people yourself.
  • To become more attentive to the body language and understand it, try every night to watch TV without sound, three weeks in a row. Your attempts to understand what is happening, being available to exclusively non-verbal information, improve your skills to read body language.
  • Pay attention how close a person is in relation to you. If a person is standing right in front of you, chances are you like him, or a man comfortable in your presence.
  • Remember that each person has a unique body language, which is called the “basic behavior”. Pay particular attention to changes in body language.
  • When a person is knocking his fingers on a surface, usually it is a sign of excitement or anticipation.
  • When a person closes his eyes for a longer time than you need to blink, it means that he / she is experiencing stress, anxiety, or despair (it also can mean that a person has dry contact lenses.
  • Note twitching lips and the corners of the mouth; People may even pout. If the other person presses the tongue to the mouth, which means that he is not interested.

 Conclusion and Final Tip

To make an impression, you need to:

  • Smile
  • Eye contact
  • Stop slouching
  • Do not lay down hands in his pockets
  • Be well dressed
  • Not be closed
  • Be calm
  • Stop flickers.

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