10 Functions Of Language In Linguistics

Functions of Language has very important role in every type of communication. Being a linguist student you must aware the role of these functions.Language is a system of speech sounds which is used to communicate by public users. Language itself serves as a means of communication and as a means of sharing ideas and feelings. It is a tool that is often used in day-to-day communication. Through language, humans can transfer variety of messages, either for himself or for another person. Basically, the language has certain functions that are used based on one’s needs. These functions are, may be as a means of self-expression, as a communication tool, as a means of social cultural relation, and as a means of social control.

The function of language in general:

  • The main function of language is a communication for to convey information
  • It ​​has much wider functions are as follows:
  • For practical purposes: establishing relations in daily life.
  • For artistic purposes: human process and use language as beautiful-beautifully to the satisfaction of human aesthetic taste.
  • As the key is to learn other knowledge-
  • Learn manuscripts to investigate the background of human history for culture and customs.

Language as a means of communication:
It serves as a means of communication between members of the public.The function is used in a variety of environments, levels and interests are diverse, for example: scientific communication, business communication, workplace communication, and social communication, and cultural communication.

Language as a means adaptation:

It is the means of adaptation, and people can express their views together. For example: the reliability of the work in an institution, the integrity of the employees in a department, family honor, the integrity of cooperation in the field of business, the integrity of the nation and state.

You Must Know  Secret Behind The Functions Of Language

Language as a means of social control
language is a social control so that people involved in the communication can understand each other. Every gestures and symbols indicates the direction of communication in society. This control language can be realized in the form: rules, statutes, laws – laws and others – others.

 Language as a means to understand oneself
In building the character of a person, he should be able to understand his weakness, strength, talent, intelligence, intellectual ability, willingness and so forth. A person can know himself and other if he understands himself. By understanding of him, someone will be able to build character learn positive image to create new vision.

Language as a means to understand the other person

For effectiveness of communication, one needs to understand another person, such as in understanding him. With the understanding of a person use of language, he can recognize various things include the condition of his own: the potential biological, intellectual, emotional, intelligence, character, paradigms, the underlying thought, motivate the development itself, and others – others.

Language as a means of observing the environment around

language is a tool to observe the problem and give real life solutions. For example what is the background for observation, how solving the problem, identify the object being observed, explain how (method) to observe, what the purpose of observing how the observations, and what conclusions.

Languages as a Tool for Self-Expression

 We use language to express the feelings, emotion and, passion. As adults, we use language, both to express them and to communicate. So, we can write to express ourselves. For example, we may remember when we were happy, we collect our feelings and experiences in a book called diary. As I write something in the diary, we do not think about who the readers. We just loved our hearts and feelings without thinking about whether it’s writing to understand other people or not.

At the time of using language as a tool to express ourselves, we need not consider or care who the listener or reader. We use language only for private purposes. As a means to express self-expression, it tells everything that is hidden in our hearts and minds. With language, humans can learn everything they want it about social and natural science.

(This Article has been written by Linguist Muhammad Abdullah. He is English Lecturer at University of agriculture Faisalabad.He loves Linguistics And The way Language Works.)

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