Female Body Language:13 Facts You Must Know

Female Body language can tell a lot. Nature has endowed women with a body language much more expressive than men. Women are very sensitive and observant; they can easily feel when you pretending good or real behavior. Would you like to know to understand what goes through the head of the women? I’m sure that at least once in your life you thought “how I wish I could read minds”. Maybe a woman behaved so controversial that you could not understand what she is really.

Did you know that 93% of communication is non-verbal, while the remaining 7% is what you say? The language of the female body is therefore a great source of information.

As psychological studies show, when you first meet someone, the first impression about you depends on

  • 55% – of the appearance and body language;
  • 38% – from the manner of speaking, tone of voice;
  • 7% – because what you’re saying.

Below are various signs of female body language that will help you better understanding of women behavior and thinking. That’s why it is important to grasp the details.

Take an Object and How to Use it Barrier

crossed arms

If a woman makes a barrier while talking with you it means that she does not like something. There’s something wrong. The barriers can be made with different things like crossed arms, sitting behind the chair, not looking at you while you are standing in front of her, pretending as she is going to do some important work.

Crossed Arms

Female Body Language:13 Facts You Must Know

The famous crossed arms are nothing but a form of barrier made using our own body. In fact, when we feel cold, one of the first things we do is to fold their arms. It follows that you’re talking to a girl who has her arms crossed, unless you feel cold, she is communicating something that does not like interaction with you.

How to understand the secrets of the female body language?

Strengthen Arms Crossed

Similar to the previous signal, but stronger. This signal communicates a strong discomfort or disturb. If you see that kind of girl in front of you, there is something big wrong in her mind.

Single Arm Crossed Behind the Back

Besides the classic arms crossed, the woman in front of you could meet one arm behind his back. Typically this gesture is a slight discomfort and that she is hiding something (could also be that same desire to hide the discomfort.

Legs and Arms Crossed

Legs and Arms Crossed

When a woman is sitting and could make a shield joining the arms to the legs (example in the figure).This position represents an attitude of closure. She loves to talk with someone and interested in communication.

Far from Foot Slip Shoe

It may happen that the woman you’re talking face slide off the foot in the shoe. To understand what this signal means you do have a question: when did you take off your shoes? The answer is simple, when you’re very at ease. It means that the woman is comfortable with you In short; this is a signal of strong interest, compassion, and beautiful feeling.

Show the Wrist

show the wrist

Show the wrist indicates sincerity and is also a signal of interest. This is very strong signal. The case in which you’ll easily notice it is when a woman is smiling it’s really easy to expose the wrist while looking at you.

Eyes Look down

Female Body Language:13 Facts You Must Know

When she will lower her eyes while talking to you, this is a clear sign of respect for yourself. When this happens it is best to let her know that you are not stupid, and you have understood her message.

Having the Head Sustained by Hand

having head sad

If she holds her head as if it were too heavy-handed or using a fist instead of the open hand, then the signal is boredom. She has some serious disappointment. And you do not want to bore you, right? Then ask her efficiently what’s wrong?

Having the Head resting on the Backs of the hands

head back neck

If instead of having his head resting on the palm of a hand, and showing the feature of smiling, then you are in front of a positive sign. She would like to listen to you. She will be happy for your gathering. This is the natural feeling she feels with this beautiful signal.

Touching the Hair

touching hairs body language

If she is touching and smoothing hair, it is an indicator of interest. This gesture is a trick, so be careful. If she plays with her hair while looking at you, smiles at you or gives you other positive signs, then it is yet another signal of interest.

Touching the Ear

touching ears

When a woman touches her ear while talking is telling you to stop talking and do something else. You must realize she has lack of concern about your talking.

Passing the language on the Lips

passing the lips language

The lips of a woman represent many things. Remember that, Lips are not just for kissing. The sign of her lips represents sensuality and willingness for something. It is true the women speak more through outlook and lip is the one of the best organ where she can show you the positive desire and emotion. There is the role of lipstick too. Researchers show that: Red lipstick plays a significant role of human sexual interactions.


If you want to make a difference in your life and work, the nonverbal communication is necessary knowledge for you.it has great advantage to be a winner. Knowing Body Language will allow you to find out if a woman is interested or not, but will also allow you to develop your own abilities how to satisfy her. You must learn how to read emotions of others through his bodily expression.

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