20 Male Body Language and Its Secret Meanings

Maybe men were created with a special code where they shouldn’t be as sensitive as a woman. This is because they are accustomed to assuming that sensitive men only make him look weak and not masculinity. So that’s what causes a man to always show their tough side, making it difficult for women to understand. Even though a man seems hard to guess, they are basically the same as a woman who has body language that can often express her feelings and feelings. Want to know the meaning behind a man’s body language?

As women, of course, we often meet and talk with men who just know or are new to discussing something or just pleasantries. And some of them don’t directly express their feelings through words, that’s for sure. But even so, we as women should be able to find out what the man really feels by looking at his body language. Body language that sometimes appears automatic and very likely not realized by the man. That way you can know what to do after understanding the man’s feelings. Of course, according to the circumstances and your desires for the man.

To find out what men think about you, you don’t need to ask directly or guess too much about the guy you are with (whether it’s your boyfriend, husband, friend or guy you just met) Just pay attention to his pose or body language when together. You. Regardless of what a person says, their physical movements can reveal a lot more about true intentions than one thinks.

For that, here we will reveal some male body language and their meanings, which may make it easier for you women to know what a man feels when he is with you. What are some of them?

1.Act like a hero (Superman)

Usually a man will show a stylish style when he is attracted to a woman. So, don’t be surprised if the guy who approaches you suddenly looks pretentious like a bodybuilder. That is one meaning if he wants to captivate someone’s heart.

2. Often Seen to Improve

Not only that, usually men who are interested in a girl will always be busy trying to improve themselves. He would do various things for that example, they would comb their hair with their fingers more than two to three times (often), fix collars, ties and so on. As if he always wanted to look perfect. This is a sign that they are being attracted to someone in front of them. If one day you are faced with a man like that, then be prepared to prepare the answer later.

3. Mirror

Men will usually imitate the woman who is in front of them in a pose or speaking style, sitting and so on. This is actually a sign that he is a caring and attractive person, at the same time, he wants to reduce the pressure of the environment around him. If you are dealing with a situation like this, avoid asking why he did it. Because he is actually in control of the communication situation with you.

4. Foot Direction

Psychologically, a person will point his feet at the person they are interested in without realizing it. It is based on understanding that the body will act with the mind to love the direction you want to go. That’s what Patti Wood, a body language expert, says. If sometimes you come across a guy who is classified as shy, then look at the direction of his feet and you’ll know he actually wants who or which woman he likes. You or others? However, if his legs move frequently and face outwards, it can indicate that he is feeling uncomfortable.

5. Hands

Women should be aware that men usually will not say they are tired outright or overtly. It doesn’t matter if it’s for the purpose of protecting the heart or just feeling embarrassed to declare, for a long time it can break the relationship. If you are with a man or with a partner (boyfriend or husband) then look at his hands. If he often puts his hands in his trouser pockets, it is a sign that he is bored. When your partner acts like that then try to create an interesting situation by doing other activities.

6. Looks a Sincere Smile

When a man smiles or laughs lightly, then you can see it from the expression in his eyes and the size of his smile. If his eyes are narrowed and he shows his teeth when he smiles or laughs, then he is comfortable in your presence.

7. Directing his pelvis

The pelvis or pelvis is a sexual area that often indicates physical attraction. So if a man is seen pointing his hips in front of you it can be interpreted that he is being attracted to you.

8. Sit with your legs wide open

This position exposes his Mr Happy area which is full of sensitive nerves, so it shows the possibility that the man is ready to open himself (emotionally as well as physically) and get to know you more deeply.

9. Touching the Throat

The front of the neck symbolizes communication and vulnerability. This gesture means two very different things: when he rubs his throat while talking, maybe he likes you and wants to make a good impression, or it could mean that he is lying.

10. Touching the Lower Arm While Talking

This is a very clear message to you. If a guy touches his forearm while you are chatting, then he is in the mood for your attention. Maybe he wants to say something important or he makes sure that you are listening to what he has to say.

11.Walking Parallel (Right Next To You)

If he often walks in front of you, this can be a sign that he is more concerned with himself – unless he is helping you get through crowded or scary places. Your gentleman should match his pace with your walking speed, or be right beside you.

12. Her gaze

According to psychologist Arthur Aron, PhD, based on his research at the State University of New York, if a man stares at a woman for one minute without looking away, then he is actually harboring feelings for her. “When you look into someone’s eyes for a long period of time without looking away, the body actually releases oxytocin, which increases feelings of intimacy in the other person.”

13. Her fingers

Pay attention to the way when you hold your hand. If he intertwines his fingers with yours, then he has a great desire for love. However, if he is only holding your hand, it means that he actually doesn’t have that deep feeling with you.

14. The head

Does he incline his head towards you when you speak? If so, congratulations! According to Stephanie Cacioppo, PhD, assistant professor of psychiatry and behavioral neuroscience at the University of Chicago, a man who tilts his head indicates that he is interested in continuing to listen to your story.

15. Crossing your legs

If he crosses his legs so that his body doesn’t face you in the conversation, it could mean that he’s not interested. However, if he crosses his legs with his body still facing you, then he is actually a shy person.

16. Her cheeks

According to Dr. Gerald Stein, psychotherapy blog writer from Chicago, if a man is reluctant to look you in the eye and his cheeks blush a little when he speaks, then he is actually feeling a little insecure about the topic at hand. Immediately shift your conversation to something else.

17. Turning Face But Often Glancing

It means that he is eager to approach you or at least wants to get to know you but is not brave enough. It may be due to a lot of people, the atmosphere is not supportive, or there is another man who he thinks is your lover.

18. Look Out of Focus

When a guy is talking to you and shows body language like scratching his neck, his eyes look up and down right and left, or don’t dare look you in the eye. It means that he is again nervous and uncomfortable because of you. It may be because you are beautiful, cute, or you just fit his taste.

19. Crossing Fingers

If a man is seen crossing his fingers on his hands like a person praying and placing them in front of his mouth. That means he is confused about making a decision.

20. Pay Attention to Blinking Eyes

In psychology it also refers to signals. Logically, the eyes often blink for no reason or just happen (without us knowing it), but did you know that the blink of an eye can be a sign that can show the character of a man. When you and your partner are in a public place that is crowded with visitors, especially many beautiful women, then take the time to pay attention to the wink of his eyes (where his eyes are). If the blink of his eye looks uneasy, aka it’s still everywhere, then you should be questioning it.

To be honest, a person’s body language is generally different for different purposes. However, psychological body language is very difficult to cover up, which is recognized as microexpression. Understanding this body language is very important when dealing with a man to find out whether he is feeling happy, sad, bored, angry or so on. As well as knowing what he is feeling towards us.


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