Make your child aware of good touch, bad touch

Loving or touching a child is a natural and natural behavior. But some unusual and unwanted touches of childhood or adolescence have a profound effect on the child’s human development. Which was able to exert terrifying influence in his later life. In the modern age, it is our family and social duty to make children aware of bad touch . As a result, the child can prevent himself if he is suddenly exposed to unwanted touch.

How to teach

The victims of sexual abuse can be children of the upper, middle and lower classes and all ages. Not only girls and boys, but also children, are being subjected to sexual abuse . Give your child an idea of ​​every organ in his body and teach him the name of the organ. Imagine the boundaries of his body and his private limbs. Also teach that his body is personal and his right over it. He reserves the right to say no unwanted touch to a known or a stranger.

At what age will you learn

Many people think that children should be taught these things at any age. However, from this age on, the child can understand and talk about it only then give the child an idea about it. The parent and child’s own awareness is the biggest deterrent to preventing sexual abuse. First of all, you must develop a parent-friendly relationship with the child. Otherwise, the child will not want to reveal or hide any of his secret or touching things. Give importance to children without hesitation, complaints and secrets. If you are complaining about a known nearest person , do not believe it. Make sure your baby is the safest and safest place. Child sexual abuse has many serious and long-term physical and psychological effects, such as mistrust and negative attitudes toward people, lack of confidence, problems with marriage and sex, and various mental problems.

Children cannot be excluded from sports or social contact because of fear of sexual abuse. Because sports and social interaction are so important in full mental development. Therefore, every parent should teach his child the importance of touching good and evil.

by Abdullah Sam
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