How to keep your child away from smartphones or tabs

Nowadays we all use low-end WiFi in our home. We can never give our children time properly so they are always on the lookout for smartphones or tabs. But it is not good for that child’s health. As parents, it’s good to know that technology is no longer a necessary but dreadful thing.

How to keep your child away from smartphones or tabs? Let’s know some tips –

Change yourself

Children learn the most by watching older people If you find yourself locked in a laptop or phone all the time, your child will learn the same Rather, read the book in front of the child so he or she can see you

Bring change slowly

During this time your children used electronic gadgets for three to four hours a day You can’t bring it down in 5 minutes in one day Rather, very slowly reduce the time limit

No-Tech Zone

Create a no-tech zone in your home Tell your child that there will be no gadgets in the dining room Do not sit at the table at the dining table Instead, open your life Do not place any TV in your home and child’s home

Spend time together

Spend time with your child, indoors or outdoors Listen to him or hear a story from him Play with him, do the quiz 1

Technology is not a tool to use

Do not hold the phone in front of the child when it is crying, crying or insisting Rather, play with him a game that will help him develop his intelligence


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