5 things that will make the marriage happy before bed

It is important to spend some time with your partner before going to sleep. Whether it’s a few hours or a few minutes. It is enough to have fun, talk and show love to each other in order to bring happiness into the marriage.

Psychologists have some suggestions for making your bridal life happy

. Keep the phone away

Spending too much time on social media reduces the excretion of the hormone oxytocin, the essential hormone for bonding. Psychotherapist Coral Carey’s suggestion is to turn off your phone immediately after 9pm and keep it out of hand.

  1. Forget the thoughts of the job

Remove the thought of work from the head and eliminate the habit of checking email in bed. It is better to spend some time among yourself, with positive results the next day. Talking in bed, couples grow closer and talk about everyday problems. As a result, you will feel comfortable. At this time, do not say things about work, financial problems or anything else that will frighten your partner.

. Go to bed with your partner at the same time

Many couples do not even have time to look at each other all day because of busyness and go to sleep at different times. According to psychologist Kurt Smith, happy couples brush their teeth together after eating at night and go to sleep at the same time. This strengthened the bond of their marriage and increased their intimacy.

. Adhere to a routine

The habit of sleeping at the same time every day will eliminate the difficulty of your sleep. When following the same routine all the time, your brain will be instructed to sleep and prepare your body for sleep. If you follow this same routine with your partner, the depth of your relationship and trust in each other will grow.

Speak from the heart

Pay attention to each other’s feelings. You don’t have to give advice or find a way to solve the problem. Psychologist Ryan House advises, love each other before going to bed. It will be a happy and happy day between you and the next day. This will bring about a positive change in your lifestyle.

Try to forget what happened all day, and leave all your worries and thoughts outside the bedroom door. When you speak from the heart, it is important to speak very seriously and carefully.

. Avoid arguments and bad behavior

Kurt Smith reminds that quarreling cannot be done before going to bed. A quarrel never shows a way to resolve. When you go to sleep with anger on him, you will not get sleep in your eyes and spend the next day very bad.

. Make the children sleep in separate rooms

According to psychologist Michael Weiner-Davis, if your child is afraid to sleep alone, sleep only if he has nightmares. And other times, keep the bedroom to yourself. We have to give this discount to maintain our love and good relations.

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