Mothers should do it when the baby’s sweaty

Children’s skin is soft, supple and sensitive compared to older ones. During the summer, the body temperature rises, but because of the heat sweat, the body temperature is under control. However, the mechanism of this temperature control is not very strong in the body of the children, so it is best not to take them out in the sun without any protection. There is a possibility of heatstroke or sunstroke, the problem of skin rash is very common. Excessive sweating causes bacterial, fungal and viral infections. Today we will talk about the baby’s sweat.

Problems with sweat

It is not possible to avoid the heat in the heat of Bangladesh. Going out in the heat this summer means that the baby is old, everyone is bald. Excessive sweating can cause skin problems. Excessive sweating causes the sweat glands to close and appear as sweat. In medical terminology it is called malaria. This usually happens during the summer. However, even if you put your baby in extra clothes during the winter, it can be like sweating. There are mainly three types of malaria – malaria crystalina, malaria rubra and malaria profunda. Malaria releases small rashes all over the body in Crystalina. When a red rash appeared, he was called a malaria rubra. Sometimes these rashes are too big. In that case he was called malaria profunda. All of this is due to the blockage of the sweat. In the heat, this sweaty gourd blooms all over. If the germ goes into the follicle, If it does then it can cause infection. In that case, the capital may be boiling over the place. 

There is a lot of pain in that part. In the summer, children may have other problems on their skin. Sweat also causes bad odor but also from bacteria. In many cases, the sun can become sunburned. In that case, the burned part of the sun turns red and causes severe irritation. It does not produce any rash. Sunburn problems are mainly seen in dry weather. Malaria is more prevalent in Kolkata over humid weather. In addition, overheating can cause a bacterial infection called impetigo on the skin. It is from Streptococcus bacteria. It is but a fatal disease, which can damage the kidneys and the heart. Often children may have parietal abscesses from skin infections. In this case, the skin and muscle mass is frozen. One thing to remember, these are all skin problems but not just the hands and feet,

What to do if you have a sweat

Feed the baby more water. You must bathe twice daily in the heat. Many baths contain antiseptic liquid in water. There are some types of antiseptic liquid but can create irritation on their own. Some antiseptic may also have contact dermatitis. So do not give antiseptic in the bath water. It is best to give potassium permanganate. One bucket of water is enough for a pinch. Bathing in the bathtub is better than bathing in running water. Use soap whose pH value is equal to the pH value of your baby’s skin. You can consult a doctor about this. Try to keep baby’s skin as dry as possible. It is not possible to always be on AC, So sweat as much as you can. Have the baby wear light cotton clothes. Do not wear tight clothing. The air can play in the body. In addition, it must be clean. This problem is more likely to occur if there is more dust in the air. If you can use an air purifier. If not, close the window as long as you can during the day.

Thousands of powders are matched for hit rash on the market nowadays. Applying all these powders does not reduce the sweat, but the powder itself closes the mouth of the sweat glands, which can be increased. Often applying too much powder can cause swelling of the inside of the skin. In those cases, inflammation may occur in the tissue surrounding the duct. Boric acid or silicone in powder can cause many problems in the body. So the powder is absolutely organic in the face of heat rash. The most effective treatment for heat rash is the addition of 1.5% sodium chloride or saline. If the rash is too high, the doctor may prescribe anti-allergic medicines to reduce it. In the event of an infection on the skin, you can apply antibiotic solution at the doctor’s advice. Aloevara or Mulatani soil is also very good in this regard. If nothing else, put ice in the place. But do not apply any lotion or appointment to the heat rash.

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