How to handle the baby’s extra curiosity

Children’s curiosity does not end easily. Some children are uncomfortable with reading because they talk too much. Moreover, children constantly ask questions to everyone in the neighborhood.

Children do not always know when to speak and when to stop. Children love to ask questions, they also like to talk about what they see around themselves. When there is no new thing to say, his own newly learned songs, rhymes, stories are covered in his own mind. No matter how annoying the adults are, the main symptom of a healthy normal baby is curiosity about the world around him. They can recognize the world by talking to others.

However, everything has a dimension. If this saying becomes overwhelming, you have to think about it. Find out how to handle children.

As the child learns to talk, start teaching him general companionship. Teach him how to speak at school, relatives’ homes, or public places when playing.

Occasionally take them to a library to teach your child to be quiet. You sit there with her and read books for hours.

When you are busy watching and talking fluently with you, understand and want to catch your attention. At that point try to keep him busy with some other task. Let him do any work he likes.

Take the child to a silent, stage show. This will increase his focus.

Play a story-telling game with him. You will listen in silence as he speaks. Again you will tell him to listen quietly while speaking

If the other members of the household talk too much, then naturally the child will learn. In that case we have to change ourselves.

Many parents talk on the phone all the time in front of the baby. It creates a habit of talking too much in the baby. Avoid talking fluently on the phone in front of the baby.

However, remember to be quiet but do not always discourage the baby. He speaks only as he wants to share his thoughts and feelings with others. At times, listen to him too.

by Abdullah Sam
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