If someone likes, offer it without delay

He may be a workplace colleague, a resident of the same neighborhood or someone familiar with the journey to Nehatai. He is who he is, the thing is you like him. Not that he dislikes you, but you do not understand how deep he looks in his favor, beyond the limits of general choice. But if you want to understand and respond to him, you are ready to move the relationship further. Don’t wait for him to come forward, but the first step is in your direction. Just notice if his gesture or body language is giving you any indication.

Notice his body language no
matter how much I try to hide, the mind can understand a bit through our body language. Notice how he is talking to you, how he is looking, what he is writing in the message. Maybe he is ashamed of making a direct offer. If so, do not hesitate to move on your own.

Is he planning on you all the time?
Does he ever find out the different ways to meet you? Do you occasionally get offers from watching movies, going to restaurants, spending time together? Does he especially not want other friends to attend these meetings? If so, this is a clear indication!

He wants you to be there
all the time to help you ? Even so, he is trying to impress you. In such a situation you can look forward to both legs!

Does he react with your other male friends as you spend time with another male friend? Repeatedly, why the man is not fit for you? He might mean he is the right man for you.

He calls himself single
, talking about his single hood all the time but that’s a big sign. This means he is telling you he is empty and you can make special friendships with him if he wants! Do not delay, get away with the offer!

by Abdullah Sam
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