Effective tips on getting dressed in the office

After wearing a very casual dress, you have fallen into shame at the office itself? You do not understand at what point should you set your wardrobe in the office? Here are a few simple tips for you

Saree, salwar kurta are both recognized as formal wire Indian clothing can be worn comfortably when going to the office interview or meeting with top executives. But avoid lehenga skirts or crop tops or any fusion combinations. In that sense you can wear jeans if there is no dress code, but no need to wear low waist or ripped jeans in the office. Wear loose boyfriend jeans or skin tie jeans, but don’t be too brave with a pair of jeans. Pick up shorts, mini skirts for Saturday and Sunday

Blazer: There are a few things to keep in mind before buying a blazer One should first check if the fitting is right near the shoulder Shoulders and armpits should not be swollen at all If you do not buy online, go to the blaze shop and buy it only once with a trial Once worn, the two hands will rotate a few times to see if there is any obstruction to the movement Blazer handbags will hang up to your wrists Should be worn with long blazer trousers and a short blazer skirt.

Trousers: A panty line is visible on the trousers? Next time you need to buy one more size big pants For those whose waist is too thin and the hip is too wide, buy pants that fit the hip, make the waist upside down. The pants will end on your shoe, so that his hemline does not rub on the ground

Skirt: A good fitting formal skirt should not be a disadvantage for walking. The skirt is supposed to start at the bottom of the navel or slightly below

Note: The
gap between the two buttons on the button down shirt should not be seen separately.
Blouse or top neckline should not be too dangerously deep, it is also bad to see the bra coming out.

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