The majarete is a kind of gruel thick made with milk from the coconut and corn . Light and easy to prepare, whose main characteristic is its texture and gelatinous consistency. It is not a type of flan , since flans have ” egg ” as the main ingredient and the majarete does not have an egg . The recipe originates from Venezuela , from the coastal area, where coconut groves and cornfields, sources of its main components, proliferate.


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Its origin dates back to the colonial era and its preparation and tasting has passed from generation to generation, becoming a traditional sweet of Venezuelan cuisine. The popularity of this delicious dessert has led to its preparation spreading in various regions of Latin America where some countries mistakenly attribute their origin.


Ingredients for four servings:

  • 4 cups of ground sweet corn
  • 2 cups milk
  • 1/2 cup of grated coconut
  • 200 g of brown sugar
  • 1 cinnamonstick
  • pinch of salt


  • For its preparation, the coconutis grated very finely and the pulp is sweet.
  • The cornis peeled removing the husk and the kernels of the cob are cut. Then it is liquefied together with milk, water, sugar, cloves and cinnamon . Strain so that there are no lumps.
  • In a container, add the liquefied cornshake , the coconut sweet and the pinch of salt . The mixture is mounted on the fire and after achieving the necessary cooking point for a medium consistency, it is poured into molds or containers and left to rest.
  • Once rested, it is sprinkled with cinnamonpowder and refrigerated. Brown or papelón sugar is irreplaceable in this recipe and the use of refined white sugar is excluded, since it completely detracts from the original flavor.


Modernity has incorporated variants to the original recipe, replacing cooked tender corn, difficult and long to prepare, with precooked corn flour or cornstarch, just as it has been incorporated, depending on personal taste, condensed milk and vanilla extract .


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