Who Is Maitre;What Does He Do In Resturant

Maitre . Person responsible for planning, organizing, developing, controlling and managing the activities carried out in the provision of the service , both in food and beverages , coordinating and supervising the various resources involved in the department to achieve the highest level of quality .


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  • 1 Functions
    • 1 Functions of the head of waiters in restaurants
  • 2 In a hotel
  • 3 American Brigade
  • 4 Difference of the brigades
  • 5 Waiter operational skills and duties
    • 1 Duties of the waiter for their performance
  • 6 Job list functions
  • 7 Operational functions
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In a restaurant, he is in charge of assigning a table to diners and providing everything necessary to make them comfortable. The first responsibility is to check the reservation of the clients. As a general rule, he is the person who offers the menu when everything is ready to serve and who also provides the bill for what is consumed, delegating the rest of the service to a waiter . In some places it is the main waiter or the waiter manager.

Duties of the head of waiters in restaurants

Waiter Chief

First turn

  1. Supervise the setting up of tables throughout the restaurant.
  2. Supervise that the stations are tidy and stocked.
  3. Perform a preventive review of the bathrooms; ladies and gentlemen.
  4. Supervise the railings and stairs of both entrance entrances.
  5. Supervise that the personnel assigned to the attention from the beginning of opening is changed at the appointed time.
  6. Supervise that the reserves are ready, correctly armed and punctual.
  7. Check that all personnel are well uniformed and have their necessary implements.
  8. Check that all the awnings are correctly distributed.
  9. Supervise that the staff have the fortnight buffet(breakfast and lunch) written in commands .
  10. Check what has been done by the cleaning staff of the morning cleaning of the terrace, bathrooms, passageways.
  11. Observe the performance of their classmates regarding their attention.
  12. Communicate deficiencies that exist in the classroom(chairs, tables, furniture.

In a hotel

Types of brigades

European Brigade It is an organization in which the personnel have specific and clearly established tasks. We can distinguish that there is a body of supervisors that guarantees good service. This body is made up of the First, the Second and the Third Maître.

The European brigade is characterized by the performance of each of its members subordinated to others and is recommended primarily for hotel and club establishments.

Brigade structure

  • First Maitre
  • Second Maitre
  • Third Maitre
  • Chef carving
  • Chef Sommelier
  • Rank chef
  • Demi Chef
  • Commis
  • Shattering Commis
  • First Maitre

He is responsible for all the service carried out at the hotel . Their functions are:

  • Distribute, supervise and control the personnel under his charge, within the different dependencies where services are performed.
  • During lunch and dinner services, he is in charge of receiving customers in the dining room.
  • He must be accountable to management and coordinate relations with other departments, particularly with the kitchen.
  • Second Maitre

Its main function is to distribute and organize work in the dining room . During the service, he will assist the First Maître in receiving customers and will be directly responsible for the service in his absence.

  • Third Maitre

He is the person responsible for the service in a certain sector of the dining room. This area generally consists of three ranges. He is in charge of taking orders, helping the First and Second Maître to locate the clients that come to his sector, as well as carving and flambing when necessary. He may at a certain time replace the Second Maître.

  • Chef carving

It is in charge of carving meat, poultry and fish, that is, determining and making the precise cut for each piece. He must supervise and contribute to the formation of Commis de Trinche (Auxiliary), who will help him in minor tasks. It is under the supervision of the First Maître

  • Chef Sommelier

He is in charge of the wines . Its main functions are: Prepare the order of the wines keeping the necessary quantity and variety in the winery; take the command of drinks recommending or guiding diners in choosing them, is responsible for the proper preservation of wines and the provision for service; supervise and contribute to the formation of the Commis Sommelier , who will assist him in minor tasks for the service. It is under the supervision of the First Maître.

  • Chef Range

It is responsible for the service to be carried out in a range, which is made up of a set of five or six tables. Knowledge of carving and preparing special dishes in front of the customer is required. It is your obligation to contribute to the training of the personnel in your charge. He will try to find out about the production and ingredients of the dishes on the menu and the menu; thus being in a position to answer any questions from customers. It is under the supervision of the Third Maître.

  • Demi Chef

Its functions are the same as those of the Chef de Rango , but with a lower number of tables to perform simpler services.

  • Commis

She is the person in charge of collaborating in the table service, moving food from the kitchen to the dining room. Heeds the indications of the Chef of Rank who is his boss in everything related to service. In the opening activities of the dining room (mise en place) he is in charge of the review of the working tools, cleaning and conditioning of the kitchenware, as well as preparing everything necessary for the arrangement of the sideboards, gueridones and service carts.

  • Shattering Commis

He is the person in charge of clearing the sideboard of the used tools taking them to the washing area. Likewise, supply the sideboard again in order to keep them equipped for other services. This position depends on the Commis.

American brigade

It is a less complex organization than the European one, it adapts more easily to the service of a restaurant , although it is also possible to find it in a hotel establishment .

Brigade structure

  • Maitre D hotel
  • Sommelier
  • captain
  • Hostess
  • Waiter
  • Busboy

The direction of this brigade is under the command of the Manager or Chief of Food and Beverages.

  • Hotel maitre

It is in charge of organizing and directly supervising the service carried out at a certain point of sale. Coordinate the action between the dining room and the kitchen, receive and locate the client . You are responsible to the food and beverage management for all service in your area. The Maître is responsible for the staff and the salon in the Food and Beverage Service Area in restaurants, cafes , bars, catering , hotels and apart-hotels , among other establishments.

  • Sommelier

He performs the same functions as the sommelier chef of the European brigade; Today these functions are assigned to the captain in some restaurants. Captain are equivalent to those of the third Maître, in the European brigade, directing the waiter in the individual service of the tables.

  • Hostess or hotess

She is a lady, with basic knowledge of services, bilingual as much as possible, who helps the Maître in his relationships and deals with different diners. It is responsible for receiving and firing the client. Waiter: He fulfills the functions inherent to the chef de rang of the European brigade, being responsible for the service that is carried out in the rank that has been assigned to him.

  • Busboy

Its main mission is to transport the delicacies from the kitchen to the dining room and supply all the requirements related to the dining room service, supply the car to flambé or the gueridon and break up the tools used from the sideboard, review the material during the arrangement of the dining room and in general with all service. You must worry about learning everything that allows you to perform better and is useful to be promoted to a waiter.

Difference of the brigades

  • European

Complex Organizational Structure It adapts to traditional forms of service There is greater supervision and close dependence to carry out its functions It has more people for the service.

  • American

Simple Organizational Structure It adapts to new forms of service There is less dependency to perform its functions It has fewer people for the service.

Waiter operational skills and duties

They indicate what is expected of each position and how they must perform the processes to meet customer expectations and meet service standards. To define these skills, three stages are structured: Performance and productivity standards (performance standards): They result in condensing in certain aspects what is expected of the position, both in attitude and in response time.

  • Job list: Identify tasks and processes according to a logical sequence of responsibilities (aptitude).

Operational procedures (Job breakdown): Take each process identified in the Job list and establish how to do it.

Duties of the waiter for their performance

  1. Get to work on time every day, neat and alert, in the full, clean and wrinkle-free uniform.
  2. Prepare or Shutdown everything in your work area according to the checklists for preparing and closing a


  1. Continuously attend the station and customers unless you are in your spare time or otherwise instructed by your supervisor.
  2. Maintain safety and sanitary conditions for serving food in accordance with company standards.
  3. Constantly practice suggested sales techniques.
  4. Apply all company and local health and safety standards
  5. Apply the company’s alcoholicbeverage policies .
  6. Ensure customer satisfaction and inform the managerof an unsatisfied customer.
  7. Help your colleagues when necessary.
  8. Keep the unit ready and clean and keep it that way throughout the shift.
  9. Carry out all the additional tasks assigned by your supervisor, these tasks include:
  10. Keep the station, service areas, floors, tables, chairs, lights, wood shelving, and windows in a brilliantly clean condition.
  11. Maintenance and assortment of the counters and service areas with all the condiments, dressings, cutlery and dishes required to serve our customers.
  12. Make sure the restaurant is ready to close at the end of the day, readjust and restock for the next day.
  13. Carry out any other duties assigned by your immediate supervisor.

Job list functions

  • Personal presentation and punctuality
  • Dining room setup
  • Plaza service
  • Production Service (Kitchen)
  • Beverage Service
  • Service to the offices
  • Be kind and respectful

Operational functions

  1. Maintain canteen and counters stocked with appropriate supplies according to company standards
  2. Greet and accommodate our customers in a friendly way, sell and serve food in a courteous and friendly manner.
  3. Keep tables before, during, and after serving a customer, constantly cleared, clean, and ready for the next customer.
  4. Know the food and drink menus. Describe the ingredients and methods of preparing the products.
  5. Apply the company’s commandments in customer service.
  6. Carry out all financial transactions according to the company’s money management procedures
  7. Comply with all company policies
  8. Perform all duties and responsibilities in a timely and effective manner in accordance with the policies established by the company.
  9. Maintain a good working relationship with other company employees at all times that fosters and promotes a climate of cooperation, harmony, effectiveness and productivity.
  10. Maintain at all times a favorable image of the company that promotes its goals and objectives, enhancing acceptance and recognition by our clients.

You can become a waiter good class, even in a business small food, waving and smiling to the customer, providing what you need. If you are not in the habit of smiling, do it out of curiosity; You will see that it gives very good results.


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