Main differences between an iPad and an iPhone

The iPad and iPhone devices are among the most relevant developed by Apple. They represent the portable range of the company, but the differences between an iPad and an iPhone are notorious . Below, we talk in detail about the distinctive aspects of each device and how the two compare.

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  1. What are the differences between an iPad and an iPhone?
    1. H3- Screens
    2. H3- Operating system
    3. H3-Cameras
    4. H3-Calculation power
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  2. Which device is right for you?

What are the differences between an iPad and an iPhone?

Although they are both portable devices, there are certain aspects that differ from the iPad and the iPhone. Before starting, you should know that in general terms there are not too many differences beyond what is visible to the naked eye, but we will talk about this later.

H3- Screens

Undoubtedly the most distinctive section between both devices. The iPhone’s screen is smaller than the iPad’s . It all depends on the models, but most iPhones have screens close to 6 inches, while the screen of the iPad is 10 inches.

The screen resolution is another big difference, for example, the iPad pro 11 has a resolution of 1668×2388 px, while the iPhone 11 has a screen of 828×1792 px. In any case, the definition of both screens is excellent, with a good density of pixels per inch.

H3- Operating system

Regardless of the version you have on your iPad or iPhone , both devices share the same operating system, so there are not many differences in this section. In any case, understanding the physical differences and the use of each device, there are some peculiarities for each one.

In fact, while for the iPhone the operating system is called iOS, on the iPad in the latest versions the name iPadOS is used . The main difference between both versions of the software is the distribution of the elements on the screen, which on the iPads are presented horizontally, while on the iPhone the orientation is vertical.

A similarity of both that should be noted is that it allows these devices to make a backup with the Mac to keep your personal information.

Also on the iPad we find the so-called Splitview, which allows you to divide the screen to run several applications at the same time. The former feature is not yet available on iPhone, but it is clear that the rest of the software differences are basic.


In the past, there were differences between the quality of the iPad and iPhone cameras. In any case, these differences are currently subtle, since both devices offer excellent image quality. In short, both cameras will offer a sharp result, characteristic of the Apple company.

In any case, there is a big difference between the two devices, portability. Certainly the iPad is very portable, but never like a cell phone. In other words, rare is the person who takes his iPad everywhere, something very different from mobile. This makes the cell phone the best camera option , at least for taking pictures while traveling or on the go.

H3-Calculation power

In the vast majority of cases, iPads are substantially faster than iPhones. In fact, this is one of the reasons why Gamers and professionals prefer Apple tablets.

For example, while the iPhone 11, which is one of the best devices that the company has released, has a score of 521,000 points in the antutu test, the iPad 12.9 Pro of the year 2020 scores 712,000 points in this performance test.

In addition to performance, it should be noted that in terms of RAM, the issue is very similar, since there are iPad and iPhone with 4 and 6 GB. On the other hand, in terms of storage, iPads are usually better, with versions up to 1 TB . Of course, things get complicated if you want to expand the storage of both an iPad and an iPhone , since they essentially focus on internal memory.

H3-Available Applications

The applications available for both devices are practically the same , although their use and distribution may be somewhat different. Really, the differences in terms of applications on both devices lie precisely in the fact that we are talking about a mobile phone and a tablet.

Of course, the basic functions that identify Apple are in both devices. For example, you can enable Find Your Device on both iPhone and iPad, as well as other iCloud services that are fully supported on all company mobile devices.

Which device is right for you?

Everything will depend on the use you want to give the device, but in general terms the iPad is better  for viewing multimedia content and for working , since they are usually a little more powerful. On the other hand, mobiles, that is, iPhones are great for everyday use, since you can easily move them and use them anywhere.


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