How To Fix ‘Instagram sound does not work’

At first Instagram only allowed to share photos, but today we can upload videos and multimedia content. Perhaps like everything, you may have some errors, such as the sound of Instagram failing you. Today we will talk about some possible solutions for this error .

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  1. Why is the sound not working on Instagram?
  2. How to activate the sound of Instagram
    1. Reload or update Instagram
    2. Try updating the software
    3. Check the hardware
    4. Turn up the volume
  3. What are the causes of videos or stories playing without sound?

Why is the sound not working on Instagram?

All applications can have errors and the Instagram sound failure is one of the most common in the app. Most of the time it is a momentary failure , usually due to a conflict between Instagram and other apps. In any case, the problems may have other causes, and there are different methods to activate the sound on Instagram for each circumstance.

How to activate the sound of Instagram

If you’re having issues with Instagram audio, there are a few things you can try. It is best that you try the following methods one by one, until you find the Instagram sound solution . Without further ado, try the following to resolve the error.

Reload or update Instagram

Most of the time the volume problem with Instagram is temporary, in fact, closing the application usually fixes the issue . In turn, having too old a version of the program will cause it to behave unstable. Given this, make sure to update Instagram from Google Play or App Store constantly and avoid these problems.

Try updating the software

If you have never updated the phone, there is a possibility that the version of the operating system has problems. It is not common, but it can happen that a software bug affects the volume of certain applications, such as Instagram. Given this, constantly update the software of your device.

Check the hardware

Maybe the mobile buttons are not working . Do a quick check by pressing the volume buttons and see if there is any reaction. If nothing happens when you press the volume up button, try increasing the volume from the mobile settings.

It is also possible that the speaker has failed . You can check by connecting headphones, if you can listen with them, but not with the cell phone speaker, the speaker may be damaged. If so, we recommend resorting to warranty or visiting a technician.

Turn up the volume

It is worth checking that the cell phone has volume . Keep in mind that mobiles handle different volumes for each purpose, for example, there is the volume of the call/message tone, the volume of the alarms and the multimedia volume. On Android you can access these options in settings to change and customize the sound of notifications , specifically useful for media volume.

The multimedia volume is the one that interests us in this case, since it is the one that comes into action when we watch videos, listen to music or when we use applications like Instagram. So if you have no sound on Instagram, turn up the volume using the buttons and make sure the media volume is not muted .

If after making the above changes, you feel that the volume is very low or does not work quite well, there is the possibility of increasing the volume of your Android mobile . In fact, we recommend applying this action if you feel that your device simply has the volume too low .

What are the causes of videos or stories playing without sound?

  • Hardware failures:damage to the mobile components can cause the sound to not play on Instagram and on any other app. A faulty speaker or button could be causing the problem.
  • Old versions of Instagram: Instagram is constantly updated and many updates bring improvements and fixes. The lack of sound may be due to an old version of Instagram.
  • Outdated software:The mobile operating system also receives constant updates. These updates bring improvements and fixes, the failure of the volume on Instagram may be due to a software glitch, so updating the cell phone can help.
  • Video has no sound: Anotherreason for Instagram sound not working is that you are watching a video with no sound. It is not something common, but it is a possibility, if you still have doubts, visit the publication from another device and check it.
  • Check that the video is not muted:Remember that Instagram allows you to mute posts and stories , so there is a possibility that you have muted posts. In fact, this is a very possible cause for you to have no sound on Instagram.


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