Fix;WhatsApp Web does not work on my PC

WhatsApp among one of its many tools has that we can not only use the App from an Android phone or iPhone or download it on a tablet, but we can use it on a laptop or computer and we do not necessarily have to download the application in its version of desk. Now we can use WhatsApp in its Web version. This is quite simple and very comfortable for all people who, for example, work or study using it.

In addition to being more comfortable to use, many people find it easier to type on a computer keyboard than a mobile phone. WhatsApp Web is practically the same as using it on the phone , you can write to your contacts, send voice audios, images, send files and documents, create groups and view and respond to the status of your contacts.

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  1. How to know if my browser is compatible with WhatsApp Web
  2. What is the correct way to enter WhatsApp Web?
    1. Go to
    2. Scan the QR on the screen with the phone
  3. Possible causes why WhatsApp Web does not work
    1. There is no Internet conection
    2. The phone is off
    3. Problems with the QR
    4. WhatsApp is under maintenance
  4. Is it possible to use WhatsApp Web from a mobile device?
  5. Solution WhatsApp Web does not open in my browser

How to know if my browser is compatible with WhatsApp Web

The Web version of our favorite instant messaging application does not impose many requirements to be able to use it from our computer at home or work. Therefore, WhatsApp does not place a restriction on the type of computer or its system; rather, it restricts the use to the most used browsers.

This means that not all browsers are compatible with this web version; where it can only be used is by entering through the following: Google Chrome, Safari, Mozilla Firefox, Opera and Microsoft Edge. Therefore, as a user you will only be able to access with the aforementioned browsers, otherwise it will be impossible to use it.

What is the correct way to enter WhatsApp Web?

Accessing WhatsApp Web turns out to be so easy that we can summarize it in two simple steps for you. But you need to have your mobile device with the app open and verify that you are going to open it from one of the five browsers compatible with this version of the platform.

Go to

As a first step you need to enter your browser, either Chrome, Mozilla, Safari, etc; In the URL bar you put the following address ‘’ as is and click on search. There the official site will load and you will see a QR code and a type of welcome to use this new version of the app.

Scan the QR on the screen with the phone

Now, to be able to log in to WhatsApp Web , you just have to scan a QR code that appears on the main WhatsApp screen on the computer, when this is done, it will show your WhatsApp right there. This is quite simple to do, so there are no complications, and WhatsApp Web is safe .

To correctly scan the QR code you must do the following: first open WhatsApp on your mobile, then go to where the settings are (three vertical dots on the right hand side of the screen); here you will look for WhatsApp Web and press it ; later the camera will be activated to be able to scan, you place the phone in front of the PC, scan and voila, your WhatsApp will be opened systematically on the computer.

Possible causes why WhatsApp Web does not work

Like many applications, no matter how good they are, we always find a fault, even if it is very small. Several users have filed the complaint that WhatsApp web does not load, does not open or does not work  and this can become very frustrating and more when we need to swear to open our WhatsApp on the Web.

We know how stressful it is when an application does not want to load or work and more when we have to use it urgently. That is why we have more options so that you can solve your problems if none of the past options have worked for you.

This does not have to worry us, there may be several factors that make the application not work at the moment. Here we will explain some solutions to this annoying problem.

There is a possibility that WhatsApp Web does not want to work on some PCs or computers , since it does not allow its connection. Many times we try to access the platform from a computer that is in our school, university or work, etc.

There is no Internet conection

A very common fault in users when using the web version of WhatsApp is that there is no internet connection established on the pc or mobile; This means that you cannot open it or that it does not update you. In order to solve the problem, you must verify if the network that supplies the internet is working; so you have to open another web page to see if it loads.

You should also observe that your cell phone has a WI-FI or mobile data signal; in case it is not either of the two, you can restart the router and internet modem , as well as the pc to make sure it connects and; If the fault still persists, call your internet technician to supervise the connection.

The phone is off

Another possible option for which you cannot enter WhatsApp, may be because your mobile is turned off, out of service, without network connection or in airplane mode. Therefore, verify that your cell phone is active when you are going to use or are using WhatsApp Web; otherwise it will be closed, messages will not send or update notifications.

Problems with the QR

It is possible that the QR has problems to be able to access WhatsApp Web; This may be due to the fact that the code is wrong from the PC or that the mobile cannot read it clearly. In order to solve the problem, we suggest that you update the browser; change the browser you are using; check that the mobile is connected to the internet and your camera works normally or; delete the cookies that are stored in the browser.

WhatsApp is under maintenance

It is very common that the problem also occurs because ‘WhatsApp is under maintenance’; This usually occurs when they are performing maintenance on the platform or their connection has dropped on all devices or some problem with the servers and they are trying to solve it. Here you must wait a prudent time since you cannot do anything because it is a problem directly from the WhatsApp system.

One of the very common reasons for these problems and which are never aware is that is down the server of WhatsApp Web This problem usually happen and we must wait for the server to work again. We can check from the computer if the server is down.

The best way to know if the WhatsApp Web platform is  down  is to do it from incognito mode in Google Chrome, this can help you not only to solve the current problem with WhatsApp Web. But for when you want to browse privately, that way your browsing data will not be saved.

Once the WhatsApp Web platform is open in incognito mode, you will see if it proceeds to open, if the web opens it is likely a problem with the browser cache. To solve this problem you must go to where it says settings, look for the history and select ” delete browsing history ” and select the cache to proceed to delete it.

Is it possible to use WhatsApp Web from a mobile device?

As WhatsApp Web is a version compatible with some specific browsers, it can be used both on computers and on any mobile or tablet . To do this, enter the browser of another phone and put it in desktop mode (so that it looks like a PC); Then you go to the WhatsApp Web page, scan the QR code with your cell phone and that’s it, that’s how easy you can see your WhatsApp in the browser of another phone.

Solution WhatsApp Web does not open in my browser

These are the simplest steps to follow to solve your problem with WhatsApp Web. We also remind you that you should check if you have an internet connection on both your computer and your mobile phone at that time since without internet on either device the platform will not load or open.

If you see that the application does not seem to react, does not load and does not show anything on the screen, it is most likely that the platform is blocked by a Firewall. The most advisable thing in these cases is to use a VPN to be able to unblock the network and thus in this way we will be able to use it and we will have free access to the page.

We all know that there are a lot of VPNs, and knowing which are the best VPN extensions will help you solve your problem quickly , the best thing is that using this is completely safe.

If your problem has not been solved and you know that it has to do with the internet connection, you should contact your internet provider company and solve your failure.

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